Thursday, September 22, 2016

I Made it!

I slept on the airplane a little bit, and there was a family that was traveling, the two younger kids and their mom were in the row in front of me so it was fun to listen to their questions and her explanations. I was asleep the first half hour or so, then when they were handing the drinks and cookie out, they startled me awake!

Of course, as Samuel probably told you, I made it. Pretty fun. We ate at iHop and he asked if they do anything special for missionaries going to the MTC, and they took care of the bill! That was very nice!

There are 12 people in my district, 6 sisters and 6 elders. All of the sister will be serving on Temple Square and the Elders will be serving in California. One of the sisters is even from Washington. I've only met two so far.

They have this place functioning like a well-oiled machine! You go here, and then here, then sit down until we get some stuff and see our apartment; I haven't met any of the other sisters yet. I was ahead of all the Elders and Sisters in getting our stuff. I just walked were they directed me, so I was alone on the campus area at one point, "Aren't I not supposed to be alone? Hmm."

Sister Hinkle, I think was her name, was the sister that hosted me, and she reminded me of Annabell Detering, how she sounded and mannerisms. My P-Days are on Fridays.

Peace Out, Email on Friday

Sister Allison Jo Glanzer

Good-bye dad, see you in 18 months!
Saying good-bye to mom at the Spokane airport.

Heading off through Spokane
Airport security.

Cousin Samuel picked Allison up at the Salt Lake Airport
to take her to the Missionary Training Center in Provo.

A stop for breakfast before heading to the MTC
Outside the Missionary Training Center
The welcoming committee at the MTC. Let the adventure begin!

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