Thursday, April 27, 2017

Small World Indeed!

This is a Facebook Post from LaDon Linde:

"About two weeks ago I learned from Facebook that Sister Glanzer is serving as a temple square missionary. Her family lived in my hometown until I was about 12 and they are terrific! Also, I always enjoy seeing the one other sister missionary I know on temple square - Sarah Morales who was about 7 years old when I served in Guajitos Guatemala as a missionary.
"I was hoping to run into Sister Glanzer and imagine my surprise when I ran into both of them a few days ago and they are companions! The only two sisters I know!
"Thank you both for serving. We are grateful and love you!"

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Message to the Seminary Students

Hello Seminary Students...

Let me see if I can name you all first... Conner, Raegan, Cody, Zach, Erica, Missy, Nicole, Michael, Anupam and others, like Abby Donaldson???

The challenges that are seen as a missionary can be a lot one day and none one day. It really boils down at the end of the day of what I did was my best and if it wasn't, what can I do better, because just as God knows your thoughts and heart, Satan knows your purpose. Where God will give you the chances to do better on what you said you would do, Satan is over there making you remember why you couldn't do it yesterday. And honestly the same thing happens in all of life. Believe it or not, but seminary is one of the main things that prepared me for my mission. 

Here is the nitty gritty of some of the challenges that I have faced on a mission:
·       Awkward contacts
·       Forgetting to invite (which is to extended a commitment - that is how people are able to turn to Christ and begin to use repentance)(when our leaders invite you to do something for the better that is how we can repent and turn to Christ)
·       Just not even thinking its worth to mention about Christ
·       Assuming they don't know English
·       Not testifying
·       Silent tours
·       Antis (Anti-Mormon)
·       Sisters not answering their phones or giving lame excuses
·       People who ask too many questions
·       People who just want the history (of Temple Square)
·       Pride
·       Selfishness - (thinking such as these are MY investigators. I don't want to share them with my companion)
·       “Trying” to be on time
·       People who talk forever on teaching center
·       People who never pick up the phone on teaching center
·       Not being sure when you are feeling the Spirit during a contact/tour/phone call or not
·       Wanting to just take a really long nap
·       Falling asleep during personal study (this one doesn't surprise me)
·       Local missionaries that don't contact referrals or cannot solve the problem of how to contact the person themselves

The number one way for help for any of these problems is the most easiest and simplest thing you can do: PRAY! Pray for a love of those people who make you frustrated, pray for those people who didn't answer (the phone during the teaching center calls) that they will be elect for the next missionaries that come around, pray for energy, pray to remember what you need to do. Make that prayer meaningful, make it worth the time you put into it. 

There are other ways to help these problems, such as: setting goals. Remembering the goals is key to helping me improve. To think of everyone as a child of God with that limitless potential that Heavenly Father sees in them. When I fall asleep during personal study, I get up and get some water and that usually wakes me up. Talking about the challenges with my companion is another way. 

I will be honest, I have been out 7 months and there are times where I think that another sister will talk to investigators, another sister will help them find their needs or share the message. Thinking that way is WRONG. Don’t ever think that someone else will pick up the slack for you. As a student, as a missionary, and as a human being, everything God does is for the salvation of mankind. Your hardships = salvation; your sadness = salvation; your needing to overcome some small or big sin = salvation; someone letting you know that you have a flaw = salvation; you sharing what your standards are (GOD'S STANDARDS) = salvation; feelings of guilt = salvation (so you know that you are wrong and need to do better); your friends ask you religion questions = salvation; you helping someone = salvation; being kind = salvation; telling the truth = salvation. Missionary work is salvation for others and the missionary and for those who support the missionary. 

Satan makes salvation hard, like me not wanting to talk with people or just having chit-chat conversations, being angry with other sisters, seeing the flaws in people and holding on to them, not doing those primary answers. That is what makes salvation hard. For a year and a half, I am in the business of salvation, for others and… myself at the same time. 

Seminary is a great precursor to your future whether you are going to serve a mission, going to college, straight to the workforce, or whatever, develop those good salvation habits now so you can continue to try save yourself, share what you know, and everyone will have salvation!

Go forth children, and magnify your callings as students of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You have been enduring to the end since you were 8 years old, except (Aunupam). You are doing great for your desire to endure these months of seminary. 

Cheers my friends, see you in 11 months. :)

Sister Allison Glanzer
Temple Square Missionary
September 2016 – March 2018

Also, if you do serve a mission, when you get an HQ referral, please contact that person as soon as you can, and as often as you can, until the Lord has said you can stop and use your problem solving to figure out who can contact these people, who are the Lord's people, the Lord's investigators. BYE!


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Happy Easter, Jesus Lives!

There had been a lull in crazy/weird/odd people on teaching center, but this week I had a good amount! I will be honest, I am rather find of them! I was thinking that I wouldn't get stories of crazy people on my mission, I am glad I do! 

I am going to talk about a man that called today. He called in and he just went off at me talking about how he was angry and frustrated, and all these other things, that missionaries on the phone mistreated him, and he was doing good and quitting his addiction and no one cared about him. He wanted to cry, and on and on, and kept repeating himself over and over. I was kind, respectful, and let him talk, but I told him that Jesus cared about him. Now this isn't a story of how my missionary powers turned on and I was able to comfort this guy, because he was in a rage. He said, not vulgar or crude things, but basically that Jesus didn't care, that I didn't care, that I wasn't being respectful to him. This man was blinded by his rage and probably having withdrawals from what ever he was quitting. But to be so mad as to blame Christ for his problems that he brought on himself was quite silly.

Yesterday was Easter where we specifically remember Christ's sacrifice for us, which is the whole reason missionaries serve missions. I really came to understand how important He is to everything and everyone in the whole wide universe in the MTC. 

Easter at Temple Square really felt like a regular day. We had district meeting and numbers to report, but our Zone Leaders were able to bring it back to Easter with an activity we did. We chose an egg for our companion, we opened it and inside there was a picture of a person from the scriptures and we had to say why our companions are like that specific person. I thought, in my own little thoughts, that we all have that same desire to " of Christ... rejoice in Christ...preach of Christ... that [the people we meet] may know to what source they may look for a remission of their sins." 2nephi 25:26

I went  on exchanges again because it is that time of the transfer! All of the exchanges where fun! I got to spend Saturday with Sister Nyamdeleg! Then Sunday, I spent with Sister Da Luz! With Sister Da Luz I took a phone call with this crazy person, and I felt like I was able to help them turn to Christ and begin that journey to be better. 

The best thing that happened this week, which is the first time this has ever happened in seven months, was we are allowed to now call the local missionaries. I called the elders of one of the locals that I sent and thought, this guy will totally be baptized. So I go and ask about the man, Wesley, what happened, yada yada. The elder says, "Yeah, he got baptized on March 11th." WAAAAAAAAAA! NO WAY!!! REALLY!?!?!?! The very first person that I, Sister Glanzer, sent to locals that got baptized, Also, he is going to get the Aaronic priesthood soon! That was super cool! He is from Wales. I asked the Elders to email us a picture, but they must have forgotten. Oh well. They told me the whole story about it. I am so glad we are able to call the missionaries!

There's some of the week! A lot of fun stuff happened, but it would be a super duper long email, so here are the best parts, as well as seeing to the May's who were part of the Branch Presidency when I was in the MTC. They are so great, I love to see them. 

Happy Easter, Jesus Lives!
Sister Glanzer! 

Our zone
Sister Morales and I discovered "Our Heritage"
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We visited Brigham's grave 
They PLANT sage brush to be decorative
Our eggs from the zone leaders #districtgoals
My super long hair! can't sit on it yet, but super close
This is the remnants after weekly planning of the dried fruit my family gave me... I love home dried bananas!
On Wednesdays, Kneaders often gives us their leftover bread they can't sell anymore

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Look Who Found Allison!

Look Who Allison Saw!

Steve Robeck and Anupum Mishra visited Allison at Temple Square and were able to go on a tour of the Beehive House with her.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

It is Fun to Call a Different Country

I have late schedule. Which means I wake up at 6:45 everyday! Except Sundays and Thursdays and other early morning meetings we may have. All in all, I don't like early schedule because we lose sleep.  But sister Morales B. (Because there are two sister Morales) is from Guatemala! She is in her 11th transfer, she will be serving 13. She spent the whole of her mission in 12 weeks. She was trained in Guatemala (waiting for her visa), then the mtc for two months to learn English. Then she was trained on Temple Square, had one transfer free, then she trained twice, and then she's FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! She trained Sister Smith who was in my MTC district and Sister Wu, who was my first MTC contacting!

I am having my 2nd transfer in West Gate! So it is going to get busier and busier. A perk to late schedule is that we close West Gate, twice! Yessssssssss! But last Tuesday, when I started the day, I had no idea that I wasn't going to be spending anytime on Square that day. I got to drive Sister Almedia (3rd transfer Zone leader, from Brazil) to get her Wisdom Teeth extracted. I go to spend the whole day with her because her companion was a departing sister and the last Tuesday of the transfer is the day departing sisters go to the temple with President and Sister Risenmay. I love sister Almedia so much! This is her last transfer here and she will be one that I'll really miss. 

Speaking about Zone Leaders, Sister Nyamdeleg is my new Zone Leader with Sister Monzalvo!! That was exciting to see! In my district is Sister Da Luz. I really like my District! There is Sister Morales and me, Sister Da Luz and Roberts (Pullman, WA), and Sister Sneddon (Utah/Germany) and Huang (Taiwan, 1st transfer). Sister Morales was happy to have Sister Roberts and I in her district, because, "I'm not funny and you two are." Sister Sneddon and Huang are our roommates. Saturday night we, Sister Sneddon, Morales, and I, sat on the hallway floor where our bedrooms are and Sister Sneddon and I sang/told the Les Misrables story to Sister Morales.

We got to talk with a man on chat that is from Sweden! It was fun! He said he was interested in meeting with the missionaries, but he didn't want to give us his information because of his wife. So we gave him the link to meetinghouse finder on so he could find the number of the missionaries himself.

He said, "I live 70 meters from the church!"
Us, "Oh! Where is the church?"
Him, "K***(I don't remember)***, Sweden." 

Then later, we talked how we would love to stay in contact with him to talk to him again.

He said "Yeah I would like that."
We asked, "Can we have your number?"
He said, "Sure."

So this was great! Today, I was able to call the Swedish missionaries and let them know everything about him that we knew! He was up at one am in Sweden talking to us because of a medical reason. We are going to call him on Wednesday, and he said he is always available. However, we aren't allowed to text or call before 9am or after 9pm in the person's respective area. We can't just call willy nilly. Times zones make things very interesting and hard to sometimes. But it is fun to call to a different country! 

The weather here as been so finicky, sunny warm, rain, sunny, snow, sunny, Make up your mind! 

I really thought that Easter Sunday was yesterday, until I looked on the calendar Sunday morning. There was even a little girl that called in the call center asking what day Easter was. Good thing it was after I knew, but I would like to share with you all the Easter theme this year. #PrinceofPeace!

I really like these church initiative videos that they do. I will always wish I was more aware when I was pre-mission. Everyone needs to have peace in their life, and even if you aren't religious, the different principles that are shared as companion videos can help any one.

Sister Glanzer

A goose by the reflection pool, it was in it later and people where throwing coins to make it come closer to them
Sister Choazino (choa- zeen-yo) (got that from Sister Samame and Carvahlo)
and me, Sister Glanzer

We stopped at Chinatown again, got some again noodles

Waiting 30 minutes for the other sisters to get out of Walmart.
and there was a bird stuck in Walmart.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Family Visit to Temple Square

Sister Glanzer doing her duties at the West Gate of Temple Square.

Sister Glanzer and her companion Sister Samamé giving a tour of the Beehive House.

The mission office area.

In the mission office area: Sister Glanzer's locker.

In the mission office area:  missionary cafeteria.

Sister missionaries at the teaching center.

Every missionary has a badge with their daily schedule with them all the time.

The mission's Relief Society room.

At the teaching center.

Mission office area.
The Transfer Board.

Visiting with Sister Risenmay.

Sister Glanzer and Sister Samamé heading back to work.

A site to see: Behind the scenes on Temple Square

SALT LAKE CITY — Experience Temple Square like never before. We’ll take you behind the scenes of this fascinating tourist attraction.
Go inside the vast greenhouses where the beautiful flowers are grown and meet the gardeners in charge of keeping the grounds pristine.
Get a look behind the massive Tabernacle Organ, what it takes to outfit the world-class Tabernacle Choir and see how these singers practice for perfection.
Tag along with Chevy the security dog as he sniffs out potential problems on the square. And go inside an area the public never sees — the sister missionaries’ Teaching Center. It’s a tour that will leave you wanting more.

Look Who Found Allison!

Look Who Found Allison!

Uncle Keith and Aunt Donna Glanzer and Samuel and Bri Glanzer!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Look Who Found Allison!

Allison was in Assembly Hall, and she spied the Grimmers! So I guess Allison found them! The Grimmers were in the Oroville Ward for some years. And before that, we knew them in Sunnyside, WA.

General Conference and a Family Tour

So I got confused about when we were going to get told everything, oops! But all I can tell you is that I am not moving! Woot! Finally! I may even stay in the same zone! I won't be training either,  but I am crossing my fingers for a mandarin sister! That means we are gonna work hard the whole summer season, like no studies, no meals, take all the 999 tours. I am ready! But I would do that no matter who my companion is! Helping to bring the gospel to mainland China sounds like fun though!

The build up to conference was actually a bit of a let down. Sisters were saying that it was gonna be packed, that is was going to be crazy! It wasn't. We did walk a lot and some sisters did get a bit sun burned.

On Saturday I talked with a member that had got back from his mission about six months ago, and I asked how conference was. I asked him about his mission, and he said one of the things he tries to keep from his mission is charity. He had told me that he gave a his conference ticket to a man that had been wanting to attend conference for the past 40 years. I was able to help him realize he had been charitable by giving that man his ticket. He said, "Wow. I never thought about it from his perspective, to me it was just a ticket." It was fun to see how it effected him, for good of corse.

Sunday it rained, that kept a lot of people away. But as the sun came out and we were in west gate we were able to see all the different styles of the people out and about.

One wonderful thing all sister missionaries on temple square were so grateful for was members fed us lunch and dinner. It took of worry of, "I am tired and want to sleep, but I don't want to starve tomorrow." And they were glad to feed us! Always a time to be thankful for!

I don't have any big miracles from conference, but I am thankful I was able to attended a session in person and be able to sit at the feet of a prophet and apostle of Heavenly Father. They play conference on Temple Square through speakers, I was able to hear snippets here and there, but we had West Gate for the Priesthood Session, and I really like Elder Bednar's talk.

Temple Square sister missionaries have the privilege of being able to take their close family members on an hour of tour, so today I was able to do that with my parents and my sister Dana and my nephew Henry! They brought with 
them Missy, as well as Brother Robeck from my ward and Anapum, therefore, joined us for the tour at the Beehive House. I love that place, and I took my first tour upstairs with them! Sister Samamé was very surprised that that I didn't shed a tear. 😏  But it is hard to make me cry!

I hope that everyone that watched conference was able to have a question answered, or perhaps if you are doing some soul searching they are always available for anyone to read and watch, forever! No matter what religion you follow. Also, when President Monson announced the temples, it was fun to hear the reactions of 21,000 people! To me, Pocatello is a funny word, so I chuckled when that one was announced!

So long, farewell, (auf wiedersehen), good bye! Next week you get to know comp, zone, assignment!

Sister Glanzer

The legacy theater where we show Meet the Mormons!
Creative ways to get tickets!
I wonder who she stumbled across for Snapchat help.... hmm
People enjoying the sun on Saturday!