Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Back to Beehive House Zone!

The moment that I know at least mom has been waiting for! I have p-day on Tuesday! My Zone is East 1, aka Beehive House zone. My companion is Sister Tripptree, from Tasmanian, Australia! My Zone leaders are Sisters Seol and Steffensen from South Korea and Norway. I am the only American in the District... And I am round four of district leader companion. I like seeing how different sisters take care of their districts. 

This week has been pretty good! Sister Tripptree went to get a snack one day from the vending machine. She put a $20 bill in the machine, and after about 10 minutes of being confused as to why we didn't get any change, she now has an account on a vending machine. That is in the tunnels under the square. 

This was an exciting transfer day too because a group of sisters came back from outbound. This group was the one I had bonded with the most before leaving..... SISTER TUTTLE AND SKOUSON ARE BACK! Those were the two I was most excited for! I am also glad for the other ones too. 

Beginning of the transfer means exchanges! I went with Sister Halvorson from Japan! I got to learn the Japanese characters a bit... It is actually a tad easy! One day I will be able to read Japanese! I wont understand, but I'll read. there is character that is just "mm".
Sister Tripptree took a call for a lady in the south. She was one of the funnest people I have ever listened too! She was sweet but crazy! It took about five minutes for Sister Tripptree to spell her name so the lady, who insisted on being called Queen Mary, could call her the right name. And now Sister Tripptree has the name Miss Green Tripptree! Queen Mary was so sweet, she gave such the sweetest complement and said very nice things. When she gets back home from Florida, she will have the missionaries over for hot chocolate, because we don't drink tea. 😊

Sister Glanzer, from Eastern Washington, far from any town the common person would know.

 Last day in West Gate. How will it go on without us?
The watcher duck will the others rest.
So they had to cover the summer flowers so they wouldn't freeze. Utah has some weird weather. They look like big dishes of rice
This Bryan on a bike or bikin' Bryan. Sometimes his is biking home at the same we walk home, he is funny. He rides ahead and stops so the cars going right won't hit us.
SISTER TUTTLE! She is back from the NY Utica Mission
Rachael sent me a nice package in the mail!
Everyone needs a place to plan for the day!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

I am Just Going Along Sowing Sporadic Seeds

For the new transfer this is what I can tell you: I am moving to a different apartment in Brigham and I am NOT a district Leader and I am NOT training a new sister. That's all I know. So who knows when my next p-day will be. 

We had our service project this week! We went to the Spencer's house! We pulled weeds and planted some plants! Super fun! Then they fed us hotdogs that had been grilled. I was hoping we would have something grilled! So the Spencer's have an apartment in Brigham as well, but they have the home home that is 30 minutes away. So they don't have to travel 30 minutes everyday and are more capable to be on the square. When needed they live in Brigham! But they have a daughter that lives in the basement of their house, and her two children (I think) that were very excited for us to come over too! Their daughter is less active in the church, but a different group of sisters had gone before us to do some other things, and her daughter came home early from school because she knocked her head pretty hard. But she recovered pretty fast and was working alongside the first group of sisters. So when we came, the daughter left school early on Thursday so she could come and work with us and socialize with us. Fun, fun.

On Wednesday I am the one dropping Sister Nyamdeleg off at the airport!  Nooooooooooooo. I don't want her to go home! But every mission must come to an end and each missionary needs to return to their own society. I just wish she wasn't so far away!

I got to skype with my family, that was fun. My brother and his wife are gonna have twins! I am now the only without a child, that's okay, I am just 20... and not married... and on a mission... and I don't want to break the Law of Chastity. It was hard to hear at times because my companion was skyping at the same time and they were quite loud. Which made us be loud. But it was good. 

We have really been focusing on remembering to share the gospel with everyone, on square, on the phone. So people will call in for a prayer, and usually they'll hang up right away. This most recent man didn't. I was able to talk to him for a little bit. I think it is so interesting because he didn't believe in God, but he prayed, and wanted a prayer. So then I am pretty much done sharing the usual, and then you hear the sound that really makes your eye twitch when you are in the middle of a sentence. He hung up. But that is okay. Many people hear the message a lot before they accept. I am just going along sowing sporadic seeds for someone to hopefully come along and harvest!

Bart la (mongolian for good bye! but there is a r sound, like a slight roll but not quiet, in there  but don't know how to show it)

Sister Glanzer 

There are a lot of Book of Mormon Languages. Elders Spencer came up with this cool way of making sure we have them behind the desk. 
"What brought you to Temple Square today?" "The Flowers" "Oh"
Playing Ninjas of destruction
This set of departing sisters has a lot of sister that I am going to miss. Tear.
I pulled the bush stomp/root out of the ground! I am so strong!
We were just beginning the work.
The best picture of all the siblings I have, plus Jason! the one you can't really tell is Dana

Friday, May 12, 2017

We Visited the World Again!

Okay, so I cannot believe that there is only one more week of this transfer! Wowzers! 

No crazy people on TC, nothing super cool happened on the Square. Sunday night, while we were at West Gate after the Missionary Prep Devotional in the Tabernacle, this group of people are had a friend that was "passing out" and "couldn't walk" very well. So we call security (non emergency). While they were waiting, Sister Morales, who had worked in a hospital a bit, was feeling very strongly that the girl was faking. Security came, then and ambulance came, then they all left. One of the friends was just laughing and shaking his head as they left. Security came up to us and said that she was just acting goofy, nothing was really wrong with her in their opinion. It was just funny to watch! 

We had a kind of birthday thing for Sister Nyamdeleg! I love her! Sister Morales and I  made a video together for her. Sister Monzalvo bought the things for me to make a cake for her and like at the beginning of the transfer she asked, will you cook food for my birthday? So I did that too! I think she had a good birthday. It is sad to watch it as she watched it because she is going to go off to Mongolia in a week and a half and be gone from me for a long long long long long long long long long time. If I do get to drive her to the airport I just might cry a little. 

Another fun thing I got to do is MTC contact again this transfer! I don't think I mentioned the first one! Oops! I was with a sister from the Ukraine and she is gonna be a good one. She had her first investigator from her first phone call! It is funny to be with those sisters before shipping them off to their real missions! It is interesting to see the ones who are ready from the very beginning and are going to be running when they get to the field!

We had Zone Conference on Friday. Zone conference is always super good! It was mainly focused, to me it seemed, on connecting with the people. President Risenmay also talked about the priesthood, which is something I am so grateful has been restored back to earth through Joseph Smith! Priesthood, the power and authority to act in God's name, is 100% something I fully believe in and know to make this church the true church of Christ on earth today! Whenever I testify about in tours, I get a warm feeling, only time I ever feel that warm feeling... maybe I should testify of it more often... yeah!

We had District activity today! We went to a Park that had little scenes and such form different countries! So Cool! We visited the world again!

Keep it real everyone! Be true, be you, be righteous.
Sister Glanzer

We ate Lunch on a dock at the International Peace Gardens
It looks like they are completely taking the spire apart on the Bountiful Temple
Sister Prach and me
The Secret Mountain tunnel in "Switzerland"
Decided to go for a "swim" this P-Day
We couldn't figure out this County, the wind wasn't blowing the flag enough
Modeling in South Korea

Friday, May 5, 2017

Look Who Found Allison!

Aunt Wendy (Allison's dad's youngest sister) stopped in and found Allison! She lives in Cedar City, Utah. Glad she could visit Allison and see a little bit of the work she is doing.

Invite Others to Come Unto Christ

In the midst of the week, I took a referral conformation for a bible. I said my usual openings, the man asked a common question, what kind of bible is it? People think the Book of Mormon is the "mormon bible". The King James Version of the Bible. And what church is this? The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

They, like three men, then unleashed themselves on me. They wanted to just sit there and tell me what I "believed." It was so sad to have someone tell me that I do not believe in Christ over and over, and some other things. They weren't listening to me, but I do believe in Christ. So with the suggestion of my companion, I recited the missionary purpose, my purpose. I am here to invite others to come unto Christ, by helping them receive the Restored Gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the holy ghost and enduring to the end. I am sorry that we do not seem to agree, but I am glad Jesus has helped you in your life. I hope you have a good day. 

So my invitation to everyone to day is to be kind and courteous to people of other religions or no religions. I hope that none of you will ever trap anyone and tell them what they "believe," or degrade another religion to other people. It is just plain rude and doesn't say too much about your character to other people. My suggestion, instead of attacking people and telling them what they "believe," ask them what they believe and be understanding. There are many people here at Temple Square who are polite and nicely decline our invitations to learn more. I love those kinds of people. I am not perfect, but these past few days I have pushed to the edge with religion-intolerant people, and I don't want anyone else to be like that.  

We don't do weekly planning on the computers anymore! Which is great! Both teaching centers are freeeeeee! We do it all on our iPads! which is fun when you are with your district. We go to this little room in the back of the Assembly Hall! we all brought some snacks! 

We start the summer schedule today! Which means the square opens at 8 am! Let me tell you! When they say that Mandarin people come that early, they mean it! They really do! Mandarin is Chinese speaking people, but not every one who speaks Mandarin is from China. They can also be from Taiwan. Something that I also learned on my mission is that China isn't open for missionaries. I never knew, so when little kids say, "I want to go to China on my mission" I say "Oooh! You'll be one of the very first!!" I love this mission because I am becoming aware of all these things I never knew in little Tonasket. There are times where I am still a little sad I didn't get to go to a foreign mission, but then I remember that I am serving with 48 other countries, 30 something languages, and contacting almost the whole world. I have friends everywhere! 

Sister Morales and I have so much fun together! We are able to help each other be better. And we are taking some very noticeable sayings from each other... at least i can see it. 

Keep it real, and spread love! 
Sister Glanzer

​​Pioneer picture for announcing. I got a lot of compliments about my announcing last Sunday... I wonder what was different. Hmm
District Shopping! Nothing like P-Day on Temple Square! The Latina companions are not present because they were still taking their time in Walmart.
We went to the Temple, then Kneaders afterwards! It was Sister Huang's B-Day!

The Hearts of All Eleven of Us Were Touched

I was on exchanges with Sister Pincock on Sunday while our companions are preparing a training for Spanish meeting. We took the Flagpole Tour. This tour was a magnificent, spirit filled, guided tour. Everyone was attentive, had good relevant questions that weren't difficult, and when the members shared, sometimes we sisters are a little afraid that members will share something that confuses everyone else, it was perfect and simple and testifying. 

Sister Pincock and I had great balance, and in the end, we passed out two copies of the Book of Mormon, and two people referred. Everyone was involved in that tour. A couple in the tour were originally from Vietnam, and I was able to share about missionary work with the woman. She was just awed that 70,000 young people are around the world doing missionary work. Also, that the LDS church was practically worldwide. I still marvel at this tour that Heavenly Father gifted us with. The hearts of all 11 of us and more were touched. In the Christus, a return missionary stood up and bore his testimony of the Savior to the WHOLE room, which was full of people. That is truly the best place on Temple Square that is available for all to go to. The temple would be number one, but not everyone has prepared yet.

We also were able to have a pretty good, long lesson over the phone with a man that had a good knowledge of the Bible. He said something super funny though. He was talking about how he hadn't been on a date for 21 years. He then told us he is 33 years old. I thought that rather odd, so I did some quick math, he hadn't been on a date since he was 12. I am so glad that our phones have mute, I didn't want him to hear me chuckling. Some people just get so into the stories they tell, maybe he was confused on his numbers.

I had a lot of great laughs with the district and with other sisters. I learned how to say wrong in Spanish (equivocado) and wizard (mago). Maybe if my companions for the rest of my mission are Spanish speaking I'll be able bear my testimony in Spanish! I can say some simple, simple, simple not very grammatically correct things I can follow along. The gift of the understanding of tongues is becoming stronger with this one!

Sister Glanzer

Leatherby's, super good!
This Semi really doesn't want other cars near it... 
Sister Poh......... from Canada. Her name is long and difficult to say.
I was quite fatigued, so I rested my eyes only to find this beauty a few hours later!
The shadow is cool!