Friday, September 23, 2016

First Report from the Missionary Training Center

So! Thursday we got to know how the senior companion is, such divine inspiration! Who’s ever name is the closest to the letter A, Glanzer… Zeller... Hmm. I am the senior companion. My comp is from Massachusetts, and she is the youngest of eight! Whoa.

Of the six sisters, I don't know anyone here, yet. I am excited for when Azure gets here because I will find her and just, I don't know…I get excited thinking about it! Sister Blocker only knows one person here, but that’s still more than me!

Last night when we had light out it was 10:45 and some one had passed gas really loud and I lost it. I am in the top bunk, furthest from the door, but I am just losing it. My body is shaking the bed, the other sisters start to laugh, I snort and they laugh harder and I couldn't stop for such a long time, really, really long time! 

Our District is 34 D, and one of our teachers, Sister Davis, got back from her mission from Russia about a month ago, was role-playing as an investigator from Russia, so we had to teach a lesson to her. My companion prepped 4 different lessons and then when we went in there and talked to her. We forgot to have opening prayer with Catia and then we went off topic from what we had originally planned. It is hard for me to focus in our very small classroom with 10 other in there also talking and planning, so my comp and I went into the hallway, and it as waaaaaaay easier.

Breaking through that barrier of barely knowing each other is slowly wearing down, which is good. Sister Richey and Sister Zeller are hitting it off the best of any of us really, they have similar and compatible personalities. 

Oh my goodness, so many people look like so many people I know back home, it is utterly insane. Some are hard to figure out and some are like, BAM! You look like Sis. Pitts and Casey Duran mixed together! That’s Sister Foote, our training leader. She's cool. It is kind of funny because all of us, going to temple square, did not want to go on a mission, never thought about it, didn't care to, would say no I’m not. But here we all are! Quite interesting. 

The hardest "don't leave your companion thing" will be during meal times, I just want to go investigate everything on my own and she doesn’t eat very much and I have had the perpetually hungry feeling since we ate dinner the first night, so if I do gain weight, it is because I have a ton of juice options! This is great. 

Sister May is the 2nd counselor’s wife, and is a close and personal person. She likes to take you and hold you by your face - AND JUST BE REALLY CLOSE! She came to our room last night to see it and talk to us a bit and when she was winding down, I was closest to her the whole time, but this time she went to say good bye and goodnight and she was just 4 inches away from my face, just not my cup of tea. All of us aren't into that up closeness or touching much. 

On our way back to our room, it was raining and Sister Zeller found one of her besties from college, an Elder. And we talked and then outside their building we stood and they talked and I and his comp. just stood there listening and talking to each other, Elder Greve was his name. We both have G names, such a good connection. But it was raining hard and we were pretty soaked, standing in the rain while they caught up. That was fine, I liked the rain.

I so totally thought I was never going to get to go outside. I thought I was going to be in a gigantic building the whole time, so relieved that it is a campus. But we were on the late side and Sister Zeller is shorter than me, 5'2" to my 5'9ish" so I am fast walking and striding, she tells me to slow down because they take shorter steps and I have to slow my own! I don't like to get stuck behind our pace by a lot when they are just moseying on down they path. On that note of being late, Sis. Jackson, 1st counselors’ wife to the branch president that is over our district, we had met with them and she said she wasn’t used to missionaries being on time! Scoffed in my head at that, missionaries on time, don't get too used to it, especially with my short comp. I am the tallest of the group, finally, to be the tallest again, it has been so long. I enjoy Kasey Sam and Rachel, but I am Alpha in height once again! Winner! 

It is so awesome to be around all these LDS kids because we can compare Girls' Camp, talk about Mormon movies, “Inspired Guns” movie came up in class and it was so awesome to be able to have a common topic with the elders to talk about. Thank you Martins for watching it with me while I babysat!

Another funny thing, on our first night we had "investigators" come in and we talked and asked questions as a big group of 50ish. At the last one, we six where in the back row, chillin’ and so ready to go to bed, and I was messing with my MAGNETIC NAME TAG! and I got it in my mind to tap my filling in my mouth to see if it would stick. I knew it wouldn't but worth a try. Right? I did just that and sister Foote (foot) and Zeller see me ad the thought it was super bizarre and the funniest thing ever and so we were laughing about it he whole entire time of the class, and that happened at the beginning. Both of them wrote home about it.

I am also so glad to be wearing pants and my Tropicana t-shirt today! If it was Thursday it would be my Thursday shirt! It was kind of sad to not have worn it yesterday. The day did feel a little off.

My computer is very difficult, when I try to go back and add something or fix a word or anything, the curser will highlight and will type over whatever I have written an I don't know how to work this DELL very well and the pictures are not appearing, so sorry no pictures. I didn't take too many.

I don't have pockets and I just got a bag. We have this super cool swipe card to let us into building and I would keep it in my chest pocket on my shirt and felt super important taking it out and having it on hand while the other sisters had to rifle through their bags, suckas!  But now we all have this zip thing.. lanyard….a grappling hook, thing on a retractable sting that just clips to you and everyone has one and they are great fun to swing!

Peace out! 
Sister Allison Jo Glanzer.

Also my comp. didn't know the term "Home Skillet". Weird, and the other sister from the east side of Washington hasn’t heard “Blow this popsicle stand." Interesting. 

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