Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Good Week In All

The word around the block is that some sisters on temple square got to meet President Uchtdorf. This is true, about 6-8 of them. My companion has been praying her whole mission to have the opportunity to meet him, but we were at Welfare square that day. Two of those sisters were in my district. 

This week is Zone Conference and I get to go tomorrow! We have heard only good things about it. 

Monday was the slowest day I have had on Welfare Square! Amazing! It seemed so weird to have time to sit for long stretches. It makes me feel like there is something I should be doing. We hardly ever have time like that on our mission, so it can seem foreign when it happens, but nice. 

When I am not on WS, it is like any other day on temple square. We have desk assignments, TC time, scheduled tours, and motor-coaches! We haven't taken as much this transfer, which is very sad. I rather like them. When September hits, there will be no more and the Square will calm down. I am really wishing I would get two summers instead of two winters. Busy all day is better than busy at night with people who just want to look at the pretty lights. 

We did something rather interesting last Saturday. Trio Exchanges. To better help and assess the sisters in the district and how they work as companionship. Sister Leavitt had the results that she wanted and she is doing a stellar job helping them. Our little district is rather fun.

Sister Leavitt and I are a high needs companionship when it comes to physical well being. She has all of these problems (her ear got infected, scabbed over, so I had to put a needle through it to reopen it) and really is best friends with Sister Risenmay, not like super bad, but they pop up here and there... a lot. For me, when I had a problem, I rub some dirt on it and call/hope it's good. I'll just pray everything away! The atonement can help to heal me, as long as I do what I can to help and truly have faith! But my wrist was having this weird swelling, now I have a brace, but it is for a right hand, not left. We can still have fun though. But I have decided, that if your body doesn't start breaking on you, not like major, here a little, there a little, you are not working hard enough in the mission. Most of the best sisters that have left had some type of physical pain that hit them while on their mission. There is a reason our missions are only so long. That is Sister Glanzer chapter 7 verse 21. Temple Square edition. 😉I have no idea if that hold true on other missions, but I could imagine. 

It is hot and dry here, just like Tonasket, but not smokey. I caught a hear of the news in passing, there maybe fires going to catch in Northern Utah, I think, I tried to be consecrated and not pay attention. But then I did watch a clip about a rodeo clown with a barrel racing dog... That dog was fast. 

Sister Leavitt's family came on Tuesday for their one time visit! They are a fun bunch! We went to the Assembly Hall, and the tour really wasn't a tour. They all just pointed at the pretty things or the things that caught their eye. They all have the same short excitement that she has. I started laughing. 

Good week all in all. I can't believe I have been out longer than I have left! I thought this day would never come.

Sister Glanzer

My contribution to District Meeting: The board of communication skills
Waiting to take the mission picture
Zone Activity, Pioneer type activities, milking
Me and my new used right hand brace! Wooooooo! 🙌

     This is what it takes to get Sister Smith out of our room so we can go to bed on time. 😂

Monday, July 24, 2017

47 Days Parade

KSL news took photos of our dear Temple Square sisters at the Days of 47 Parade in Salt Lake City.  Allison is in the photos in the front row.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Look Who Found Allison!

Rick Garcia:   As soon as I stepped on Temple Square grounds I said, "where is Sister Glanzer?!"

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Sidekicks Rule!

Monday, I was at Welfare Square. I am there twice a week from 9-4ish. Then we return to Square for the rest of the day. While I was there, two very interesting things happened. In the morning a South Korean member came into the VC and asked us for some help on a phone call. The car people he was trying to talk to couldn't understand him over the phone so I was the voice piece for him. I thought it would take maybe 5-7 minutes. Well the first call took five minutes. The second call took 20 minutes, plus explaining exactly what a cost would be. All in all, I knew a bit more about cars than I gave myself credit for. Then later a younger man member came in. We asked him what his name was, "Jason." Whenever anyone says their name is Jason, I always light up, and think, "Ah Jason!" No, I haven't told any one, "That's my dog's name!" But I really want to. Sister Leavitt almost started laughing because she thought, "That's her dogs name."

But Jason's, the member, story goes beyond his name. We had a good, slightly awkward, tour. But the highlight of it all was at the tasting table. He tooooooook his time to spread the honey on his bread, by tilting and rotating the bread to make the honey reach all sides of the bread, instead of using his peanut-butter knife. It was only so funny, because there were sisters waiting to restock for a VIP tour coming through after us. We are trying to hurry him, without him realizing it. 😂

This transfer of being District leader's companion has been really fun and very rewarding. Sure it is the 5th transfer in a row, but after the first 12 hours of knowing, I always get excited for it again! We are a team to help with the other missionaries! I tell her what I see and learn, I get to suggest to others some things, and see how others work! I also know that if ever I train, I will be building up my patience to be so muscular, nothing will bother me ever in the world! I am a sidekick, but I enjoy being a sidekick.

My Book of Mormon hero is Sam, 3rd son of Lehi. He was there with Nephi through a lot of stuff, but never was it written that he murmured and complained, that he raised his hand against his brother, or laughed at his father. He did what he should, he is a great sidekick! But sidekicks are heroes too. So as long as we all do what we should, follow Christ, keep the commandments, we can do so much. 

I testify that going to bed on time as a missionary really makes a difference and Heavenly Father will chasten you if you don't. Being extremely tired is something Sister Leavitt and I dealt with a few days this week, because of this one thing, and boy, we could really tell on some tours with some big words we used. 😯 But we are in the repentance process or making a plan. We just have all the important things done before our roommates get home! Still a work in progress, but we will get there! 

Temple Square is pretty hoppin'!
Sister Glanzer!

"Snacks" tasting table
Welfare Square Training!

                                              Called to serve, name tag addition.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Serving at Welfare Square

The big question! What is Welfare Square like? Well, my first day was last Thursday, and only 2 of the 6 sisters there had served before, so it was a bit hectic! We made it though. I haven't been back since that day because our other shift is Monday. Our MLC was on Monday so we couldn't go. It was great to be able to go back to Welfare Square and see again the things that we as a church do.

At Welfare Square, there is also a room that shows a little bit of what the Humanitarian Center does, and that is where we end the tour. Fun Fact… in Elberta, UT the church owns a ranch that has 5,000 head of cattle and it is from there that comes the Deseret Industries Milk and Cheese, plus more, making a total of 18 products produced by those 5,000 cows! As well as when you buy BYU creamery items, funds go back to the Welfare Program to continue the work!

On the 2nd tour we gave of the WS, the youth that came through, whose Stake grows onions that are used in the spaghetti sauce and the salsa the church makes! I won’t tell you everything because there is a lot! The Deseret Industries Brand cannot be bought; it is only used in Bishop's Store Houses (BSH). 

The first tour we gave was to a youth group from the church and a girl told us that thanks to this program her family was able to have food during a very hard time in their life.

There are more than just the Welfare Square Campus in SLC, but other ones around the US, mostly in the Western U.S. Definitely not one in Tonasket, but keep paying your fast offerings! You don't need a BSH to be able to see how it helps people. It is easy to find where your tithes and offers go!

Seeing how the church's Welfare Program operates worldwide is so amazing. We have a huge impact on the world! This is just another thing that confirms to me that this is God's church and I am missionary serving Him, and caring for the poor and needy is a sacred thing, so of course God wants us to do our best to help! 

As for my companion, Sister Leavitt is my first American comp while being on Temple Square. If you recall, I had two in the MTC. We are getting along great! All my companions seem to have some type of medical issue, whether it is small, great, hidden, or mental. Each one. Then I am able to be at their side patting them. She and I get along great! She is very organized and easy to get excited! Definitely a hard working missionary. Yesterday I was on exchanges with Sister Smith A. and I said something in a way that Sister Leavitt would say it; both of us got big eyed….we haven’t even been together a consecutive 7 days yet!

It is so sunny and bright here! The Temple isn't white per say, but it is super close to it, so walking around the Square is blinding and eye-burning when you exit the dim tabernacle or dim south desk of the South Visitor Center. 

Thanks all! Keep up the good Christlike things you are doing and strive to do more!

Sister Glanzer


Sister Smith and Leavitt are excited about a clean apartment. Sister Smith for people who will clean, Sister Leavitt for all her cleaning.

Getting some meat at Rancho market. 

Sister Smith A. and I on exchanges on the Fourth. Almost all the sisters had Red, White and Blue on. Which are also the colors of a lot of other countries. The mission provided lunch for us too.

So technically I serve in 3 Visitor Centers.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Surprise Photo!

The O'Hares, a couple tourists wandering through Temple Square sent this wonderful surprise photo in a text.  They mentioned that they have two missionaries out who are serving in England.  We certainly love receiving photos like this. Thanks to the O'Hares.