Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Saying Goodbye Is Hard

When we got the moving text, in our apartment only Sis. Yang Y. got the text. Which means, either Sis. Leavitt and I will stay together, or Sis. Smith M. will be with one of us. Then we didn't get any texts about any other assignments, so we continued to speculate.  THEN! we thought we could be in a trio and then going to bed on time wouldn't be a problem (wishful thinking)!

Zone: North 1
P-day: Wednesday
District Leader: Sister Leavitt
Zone Leaders: Beltran (Mexico) and Cochain (France)
Assignment: Welfare Square
Companion: Sister Leavitt round 2! She wanted to have a comp for 12 weeks ever since the end of January. (the criteria to be my companion is that the sister needs to be a district leader, just so you know 😉)

So the transfer that just ended was probably the saddest transfer to complete. I had three previous companions go home; Sisters Tripptree, Morales, and Da Luz. Now my companions that are in the mission are my two MTC ones and Sister Leavitt. But also Sister Monzalvo and Herr left. They were my zone leaders last transfer, and Sister Monzalvo was the only one for more that one transfer. That was a hard goodbye. 

That is a sad thing about missions and transfers, every six weeks you say good bye to friends that saw you grow so much. People that you grew pretty close to... And you have no idea if you will ever see each other again. Will I make it to Brazil? Or Mongolia? To Australia or Guatemala? Who knows? There's a maybe for one of the countries. Granted, I will make it to Orem more easily so I have one companion I'll see again! USA companions have their perks.

The unlucky thing about the end of the transfer is that whoever we find and says that we can contact them later, we can't count them as a new investigator unless we have a specific return date. We only have a bunch of potentials. It is great, but tricky because we aren't perfect and they might slip out of sight.

We only have two new sisters in our district, Sis. Fedotova from Ukraine and her trainee (who we called to find out, but she didn't answer). We still have sister Calderon and Trevino.

Sister Glanzer

The last picture of the zone
Sister Herr and Monzalvo are just joining our district, see?
I got to see Rachael and her mom last week! I was able to give them a tour of the square, and then left them to explore the conference center
I left to make departing plans with sister Da Luz, now I have a few gems on my iPad
We just dropped Sister Da Luz off at the airport
Some neat construction

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Family Is A Divine Gift Given From God

I want to start off with two phone calls that I took. The first one was in the evening sometime ago between this an last p-day. This man called in about genealogy. Sweet! Just refer him to a local chapel and the ward Family History person will take it away (I do not know much on how it all works). "What gives your church the reason for doing [family history]?" How he said that question, I knew right then, he was looking for a reason to quarrel with me. The conversation goes on and on. He then brings in nation geographic and their DNA thing they do, which is neat. 

"Which do you think I should do?" 
"Both." Because our Family Search services are free for anyone to use, and knowing the names of ancestors is super cool! 

That caught him off guard. He wasn't really letting me explain or speak very much but that was my chance to let him know my purpose. I was glad I could end on a good note with this man, but being aggressive about my beliefs isn't what I want to do over the phone.

The next phone call was two days ago. Another man calls about wanting a Book of Mormon. I would explain about something, then that would lead to a, "In the bible it says this." Funny thing about that, this lead us back to genealogy. He brought up some scripture some where in Titus about, you should avoid genealogy. (Titus 3:9 if y'all are interested)

The people that were given that counsel were people who were vain and proud in their hearts of their ancestors and used that status to gain, praise and power. Today, the genealogy is going to get you nada, zippo, zillich. My favorite thing is when people take scripture out of context, not thinking about the time or the people it was originally written for. Our church does genealogy for various different reasons, but I know that family is a divine gift given from God, and so we would have a natural inclination towards finding about who I am related to in the 1200's. That is why we have temples, for bringing those family ties, and making them forever connected.

We ended on a good note, and he said yes to missionaries! 😊

As for outbound, no I am not going, but I guessed that. Welfare square, I feel like I haven't been there for ages! There was a Leadership meeting on Monday so we had to find a cover. It feels like whenever there was a holiday or a meeting, it was our shift for Welfare Square. Kind of sad, I rather like it there. BUT! This week is when we discover if we move, if we train, if we become district leader or zone leaders! Or if no text other than the moving one, Sister Leavitt will remain a DL, and I a DLC 🤓. So having Wednesday p-day is very dangerous, because my next p-day could potentially be over a week away. Sad, but that's the way of the Temple Square mission!

'Til next p-day! Which no one knows when, except President, his wife, his assistants, and the office assistants and the Temple Square coordinators. So at least eight people. 

Sister Glanzer

Our service project was to disinfect toys and hard surfaces on a daycare for mothers going through rehab for things. This table is designed for the feeding time of the infants! Sooooooo Cute!
We had a sleepover (went to bed on time) of our roommates again
My oldest sister sent me a box of stuff!
My favorite jar I've had for almost 6 month broke

Happy 24th of July!

Zone conference! It was set up a little differently this time. We were seated at tables so we could write and do things better and it was also more comfortable to be at a table. I hope we do this again. The theme was to have the Book of Mormon be a more open book while on the square and in the teaching center.

We watched a bit of the training for the new mission presidents and their wives by D. Todd Christofferson. Something that was really eye opening was when he said that this dispensation, a period of time where prophets are brought back after a time with none, was the only dispensation to start off with new scriptures. In the past the prophets have written scripture, and so that time ended with what ever was revealed to the prophets of those times. Our day was started with scripture because we needed a witness of Christ that hadn't been translated many different times. As we read the Book of Mormon with the Bible, we cannot mistake who Christ is, and what His purpose is. Same with God as well. Pretty neat, right? I never questioned why the Book of Mormon had to be done before the church was officially organized in April 1830, but that makes so much sense! 

A little less than half of Temple Square sisters are famous on KSL in SLC. KSL reserved the spot for the sisters to sit. We were in the background of almost everything they filmed in front of the Brigham Apts. Maybe they wanted a good cheering crowd. We cheered for everything that passed us. When other nation's flags came past we stood up and cheered hard! They had banners of which floats had won what award that year and people dressed as pioneers were the carriers for those. And some local wards (Mormon congregations) had these really neat floats in the parade! I was more focused on filming the bands though. I love marching bands. Only a few had uniforms, the rest wore t-shirts and similar shorts. ;)

For those of you not familiar with the 24th of July, it is a Utah State holiday, that is celebrated by various other Mormon communities in the US mostly (Sis. Herr from German didn't know what it was, which is understandable) It commemorates a) The first Mormon Pioneers coming to the Salt Lake Valley, and b) to honor all Mormon handcart pioneers. I did not know the first one! But the first year they had been in the valley they did celebrate by showing patriotism to the US. The very government that rejected them, but they knew without the freedom of religion, the Gospel of Jesus Christ wouldn't have been restored here. Members in other nations do not have to show patriotism to the US because they are part of the church, seeing as sisters from other countries didn't really know about it. They also fed us! Some ward fed us Sunday night, and the mission for Pioneer day.

Wrist Update: I got a less bulky, left-handed brace that doesn't do as much, but is more manageable. And my wrist is slightly less swollen.

District Update: I have never worked so much as a district leader companion (DLC) and I love it! If we are a family, the four sisters are the children, and Sis. Leavitt and I are the parents. She is more fathery in her role. She'll describe how she feels about something and how she just wishes they would use what she gives, and I tell her she is knowing just a little about what parents go through and what Heavenly Father must feel about us too! I am more mothery, so she says, making sure we have good district unity, being friends with them all. Look at us working hard for the district! 

Good bye all! God be with you until next p-day!
Sister Glanzer

July 24th Pioneer Parade
Those girls shouted out to us, so we cheered really loud and hard back! 

Every year there is an apostle and this year it was President Uchtdorf! His wife had to direct his attention to us. Thanks Harriet!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Good Week In All

The word around the block is that some sisters on temple square got to meet President Uchtdorf. This is true, about 6-8 of them. My companion has been praying her whole mission to have the opportunity to meet him, but we were at Welfare square that day. Two of those sisters were in my district. 

This week is Zone Conference and I get to go tomorrow! We have heard only good things about it. 

Monday was the slowest day I have had on Welfare Square! Amazing! It seemed so weird to have time to sit for long stretches. It makes me feel like there is something I should be doing. We hardly ever have time like that on our mission, so it can seem foreign when it happens, but nice. 

When I am not on WS, it is like any other day on temple square. We have desk assignments, TC time, scheduled tours, and motor-coaches! We haven't taken as much this transfer, which is very sad. I rather like them. When September hits, there will be no more and the Square will calm down. I am really wishing I would get two summers instead of two winters. Busy all day is better than busy at night with people who just want to look at the pretty lights. 

We did something rather interesting last Saturday. Trio Exchanges. To better help and assess the sisters in the district and how they work as companionship. Sister Leavitt had the results that she wanted and she is doing a stellar job helping them. Our little district is rather fun.

Sister Leavitt and I are a high needs companionship when it comes to physical well being. She has all of these problems (her ear got infected, scabbed over, so I had to put a needle through it to reopen it) and really is best friends with Sister Risenmay, not like super bad, but they pop up here and there... a lot. For me, when I had a problem, I rub some dirt on it and call/hope it's good. I'll just pray everything away! The atonement can help to heal me, as long as I do what I can to help and truly have faith! But my wrist was having this weird swelling, now I have a brace, but it is for a right hand, not left. We can still have fun though. But I have decided, that if your body doesn't start breaking on you, not like major, here a little, there a little, you are not working hard enough in the mission. Most of the best sisters that have left had some type of physical pain that hit them while on their mission. There is a reason our missions are only so long. That is Sister Glanzer chapter 7 verse 21. Temple Square edition. 😉I have no idea if that hold true on other missions, but I could imagine. 

It is hot and dry here, just like Tonasket, but not smokey. I caught a hear of the news in passing, there maybe fires going to catch in Northern Utah, I think, I tried to be consecrated and not pay attention. But then I did watch a clip about a rodeo clown with a barrel racing dog... That dog was fast. 

Sister Leavitt's family came on Tuesday for their one time visit! They are a fun bunch! We went to the Assembly Hall, and the tour really wasn't a tour. They all just pointed at the pretty things or the things that caught their eye. They all have the same short excitement that she has. I started laughing. 

Good week all in all. I can't believe I have been out longer than I have left! I thought this day would never come.

Sister Glanzer

My contribution to District Meeting: The board of communication skills
Waiting to take the mission picture
Zone Activity, Pioneer type activities, milking
Me and my new used right hand brace! Wooooooo! 🙌

     This is what it takes to get Sister Smith out of our room so we can go to bed on time. 😂

Monday, July 24, 2017

47 Days Parade

KSL news took photos of our dear Temple Square sisters at the Days of 47 Parade in Salt Lake City.  Allison is in the photos in the front row.

Thursday, July 20, 2017