Monday, November 13, 2017

Mini Missionaries

Since I serve in two wards again I get to go to both services! We go between 2 buildings on Sundays. I am doing church things and meetings from 7 am to 4 pm! We eat lunch in the car really fast as we drive to the other building. We actually had two investigators, one in each ward. Which was super exciting! 

We found a new investigator, or rather she found her neighbor, a member, who called us! Her name is Becky and she is here getting clean. We have seen her five times this week! The first lesson, part 1 of the plan of salvation, dinner, our family history open house, part 2 of the plan of salvation and Sunday! She is so prepared. Like really open.

Sister Cluff had a family history event organized that was open to the public to learn the basics of Family History, and we missionaries where going to give church tours! Sounds good right? Well, not a lot of people came, but there were small successes. Becky came to that and we gave her the tour (we walk around the building, see the baptismal font and chapel parts). When we were in the baptismal font area she told us se would like to get baptized! YAY!

But here is the catch! She goes back to Tennessee in twoish weeks, so we won't see her baptized here. We will continue to teach her regularly then get her info sent of to those lucky Tennessee missionaries. The Bishop of 3rd ward told us that he would also help when the time comes to get in contact with the Bishop in Tennessee where she lives. All that matters is that she is converted to God and the Gospel and that she has a good support set up in Tennessee! Still sad though, I was hoping I could help teach someone all the way through, from lesson one to baptism. 

It is steadily getting colder down here. 

On Saturday, we did mini missions, where the Priests and Laurels (16 and up kids) come out with us for the day. Sadly, I totally forgot to take a picture with my temporary companion, but we had fun. She is super super quiet.... And I felt like I had almost no idea what I was doing.

There are a lot of trailer parks here, and I got the numbers and address confused, so we tried all of the numbers of both areas we were going to in one area. We think that is why no one answered the doors. We also let some know that their propane tanks were leaking. I think that is my favorite thing, letting random people know there is something wrong. The man was too focused on the tank or us to get into missionary mode and talk gospel with him, but that's okay. Kamysha, the name of my mini missionary, was very nice, I think a bit scared, but we had fun! A good break from the everyday missionary life! 

Now, the investigator that was already being taught when I got here, passed his baptismal interview, and Pres. Lloyd, in the mission presidency, who watches us out here on the East Side, conducted it. He told Sister Cluff, get him baptized as soon as you can, he is ready! YAY! WOOOOO! So, last night we go to set an official date, our hope was the end of November, but as we were setting it with him, he told us that he wants to wait until January. Now this guy bares his testimony in 10 to 20 minute intervals. He know it is true, is 100% converted to the Gospel. We were shocked, but had great poker faces. He wants to wait so that his family can attend. Which, of course, we can't argue that at all. We are all about family unity. We still have no official date with him, but we will be calling him later today to figure it out. Stab in the heart, me just a little, but Sister Cluff a big one. She has seen him progress and grow and turn for the better since the first meeting with him. He is another one of those super prepared people. 

My Companion Sister Cluff would go to lake Tahoe every year for family vacation. She is from Alpine, Utah. She has been out nine months, and she is pretty fun! We get along great! She likes to work hard, missionary focused, and she loves the people here and they love her! 


Zone Leaders: Elder Bridge (MD) Elder Harmon (DE) 
District Leader: Elder Abbot (UT)
His comp: Elder Lee (Michigan)

Elder Slay (TX) and Elder Chesley (OK)
Sister Traning leaders (in the other district): Sister Neely (claims W.Virgina and Alabama) and Sister Christensen (UT)

There you have it!
Sister Glanzer

Weekly planning!
Waiting for mini missionaries
Waiting for mini missionaries
Me, sister Cluff, sister White, and Becky
Sister Cluff and me
We set up the stake center for the church tour, to teach the message of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Two actual tours were taken, and two practice tours with the Elders.

Welcome to Elko!

It has been rainy and cloud here in Elko, Nevada. Not much to look at. My area is actually small enough we could bike it! Now I have a bike. But we are going to have the elders fix it for me today at p-day activities, which I think are just like last transfer. We go to a chapel and play sports. It feels weird to say "play sports"... have gym class? I did something terrible and waited until the last 10 minutes to write my weekly... Oops! 

What are some highlights of Elko? There is a Costa Vida. That is pretty good, but I have never eaten there until I got to Reno. I hope to find one in WA. We cover two wards, and it is super hard to keep everyone straight. like who is in what ward, because the areas are right next to each other and there is no cultural difference between the two wards. BUT! my area is still waaaaaay bigger than temple square! The people are so nice and good, and I can't wait to help them get even more excited for missionary work! 

We have one investigator, Will, who they had to reschedule the baptism for, because of his job. Many, many people work for the mines here, so there is a lot of weird schedules. They have a 30 minute night time sacrament meeting on Sundays for those who have to work on Sundays. That is super neat.
Sister Cluff is like me! Youngest of five kids with a pretty big age gap. Her gap is ten years, and mine is seven years. She loves the people here and loves the work! 

This is definitely very different then a YSA ward. I have two new distractions, pets and children. Especially shorter haired cats. Even these past few days it is crazy how my attitude toward the area fluctuates when there are no lessons. But I am keeping up a good outside, so that it will turn into a better inside.

I am doing the kind of missionary work that I always thought was missionary work. Sister Cluff is amazing with the members, and I think I might be testing her patience a little bit about asking which members can come with us for the few lessons we do have.

There has been a few successes in this short time with trying just LAs! We were walking about one night, and we passed a house with people in the garage, invited them to the family history night that we are really trying to get tons of people to. While talking to them, we found a hidden member! We were inspired to go there!

Also, there is a family where the wife got some anti material 5-10 years ago from one of her in-laws that added to her troubles, and just pushed her over into inactivity. Well, after three days in a row stopping by, we had a 30 min controlled focused lesson, and a return appointment! So good! She also gave us a treat! I think she likes us! 

Sorry, gotta go bye!
Sister Glanzer! 

All that you see was my old area, and what you can't see way behind us! All of sparks and reno!
The lonely road
This place looks like WA
Sister Merrick and a fresh from the MTC sister on the transfer van
Stopped in Winimmuca for a drop off, switch, refuel, and go!
Those v's are actually u's
Look at the bumper sticker!
Last zone morning program. Quincy district excluded
Last lesson with these three, Sis. christensen and I left them behind in Elko!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Look Who Found Allison in Elko Nevada!

Allison is assigned to Elko Nevada where her sister's friend Amy Still lives.  Amy and her children found Allison at church on Sunday.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Why do you need the Savior?

​​I think I have told y'all, but Sister Christensen and Sister Lovstedt have been writing a case study about building an area, and how to use the members and stop finding through our own efforts and go strictly to LARCs. For the past five weeks this was all of our non existent free time. I got to read it a few times, hear the trainings a few times, and listen to it over and over again while I contacted people on the LG Flip! Listening to it was so inspiring. Now, I would have quick thoughts that I would shoo away, "That would be fun to implement that in a new area" or "That would be cool to go apply this in area that needs it." I never prayed for it. I never put too much thought into it, but guess what, I am transferred to Elko, which 4.5 hour away from Reno. Who would have thought? And now I get to help start the case study mission wide. How nerve wracking is that?

My new companion of is Sister Cluff from UT. I hope she knows how to drive in the snow. I don't have a tiwi card. Tiwi is the box that regulates our driving. To let us know if we are driving to fast or if we took a turn too fast. He lets us go seven over the speed limit. that is pretty generous.

The funny thing about this is that Pres. Chesnut told Sis. Christensen on Friday after Sis. Conference. So we told a bunch of elders that Sis. Christensen and Lovstedt dreamt about it. The Assistants thought that was pretty funny.

This is how you know Heavenly Father gives inspiration to mission presidents and the assistants. I have maybe talked with Pres. Chesnut like twice, and once was with Sis. Smith at the beginning of the transfer, and the only thing I remember from that, "I can trust that you will be obedient?"  "Yes, President!" I wonder what my companions were saying about me in their letters to him every week. Thanks Heavenly Father, I'll do my best.

Also, Sis. Christensen, who spent her whole mission on the west side, (Reno/Sparks area) is getting shipped out with me to the east side her very last transfer! Also in spring to summer next year all there will be 162ish missions that will be using smartphones in their proselyting. How crazy is that!?! Man, too bad it wasn't early, while I was still here, I would have loved to help prep everyone on technology!

I am a bit sad to be leaving the Reno YSA because I was really barley getting to know the people better, and there are going to be two more baptisms here next transfer. This is nothing like getting transferred to a new zone every transfer at Temple Square, I still see all the missionaries I kind of made friends with. BUT! Elder Harmon, who is in the YSA ward with us, and Sis. Merrick from the zone are coming with us! So there will be three people I know!

WE WENT TO THE TEMPLE ON TUESDAY! That was amazing! I never thought I would be so excited to see a temple! The Reno temple is pretty small, but I like it! That temple is beautiful! We went as a zone. This was the first time in a long time that I went to the temple and their were more men than women going through. Good boost before I am shipped off!

We had Sisters' Conference, where all the sisters in the mission come to the Prater building right next to the mission office. We have trainings from the STLs, Sister Training Leaders. They were all really good trainings. We had a senior missionary talk to us about the priesthood, about what it is and means to him. That was very spirit filled. We got a copy of it!

I never have talked much about the rough tours on temple square, or the rough over-the-phone lessons. But Sister Lovstedt and I had a legendary lesson with an investigator we had on date. This was the worst lesson ever. We would ask a simple question, he would go off on tangents like nobody's business. Literally, I asked, "Who is Christ to you, how do you feel about him?" I gave him an example, and he goes on to talk about James Bond! Then I asked a simpler question, "Do you know why we need a savior? Yes or no?" That answer was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off! Way off. Then he told us that he learns better from men, so we gave him the Elders. They had a better lesson with him, which we were happy about. After that lesson as soon as I was in the car, we just laughed out heads off. It was ridiculous and funny! While this lesson was going on, the YSA Elders were making funny faces in the classroom window! 😡

My invitation is to study and find out why you need a savior. Who is Christ to you? Not only will you find the answer, but your love for Him will grow, and you will trust Him more.

Last six weeks in Reno Nevada Mission! 😌 It is going to be great!
Sister Glanzer!

P.S. I have a new address: 1140 college ave elko nv 89801 the Zone LEaders didn't give us an apartment number if there is one. We'll find out next week I guess. A member told us there is going to be a snow storm on Friday in Elko! Yay! I got some boots.

Reno has a mission blog!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Reno Mission Photos

Sister Cluff and Sister Glanzer in Elko Nevada

Reno North Zone Temple Trip

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Being a Missionary is so Great!

We had a centipede in our apartment. then another, and then another. Then I found a dead one in the bathroom of the Buena Vista Chapel where the YSA meets. Gross. I am the catcher and the killer of them. Being the tallest companion, you get the hard jobs. It is so gross. I have never seen one before, but the first one we wanted to keep and show to other missionaries, it was an ordeal! We almost lost it in the carpet. So scary. It's body was 2 inches long, but it had 4 antennas and 30 legs. Don't worry, I have a picture!

We just had two baptisms, Kayana Kane and Wyatt Weese. Fun fact, Wyatt's birthday is the 28th of December, my nephew Wyatt's birthday is the 28th of December! Cool! It was so amazing to have been part of someone learning in person, not just teaching the Restoration and watch them walk away wondering what will become of them. My companions had started teaching them before I came, but just barely. Kayana is so good, the YSA elders have already asked her to be a member present in a lesson this week! Wyatt can't wait to get married in the temple, literally, ever since he had the Law of Chastity lesson and temples, he talks about it every time. They are so great! It will be fun to follow them on social media and keep in touch with them. Their testimonies are so strong!

We are busy everyday.

Sundays we go to the Tongan ward at 8:30 am. They sing in Tongan, which so amazing. The older generations speak in Tongan, the youth speak in English. We leave after sacrament meeting and go to the YSA ward, which starts at 10:30. We stay all three hours. Actually, this past Sunday, my companions and I spoke. Since Kayana and Wyatt got confirmed a member and received the Holy Ghost, that only left a short time for us to speak. I was the last speaker and as the time came down, I spoke for like four minutes, which is A-okay with me! Speaking in church is not my favorite. But we all did great.

We do about five hours of planned service each week.

Eating in Tongan homes is odd. Usually we eat and they watch us or are off in the other room, or the head of the house will eat with us, but even then not that much. That is the culture or they just hand us some money. Kind of sad. But for the YSA Chili Cook Off we are dressing in some Tongan attire and being Tongans for Halloween. My companions last transfer got these beautiful matching Tongan dresses a member made for them. There is this skirt chilling in the closet that fits me, so I get to wear that. My hair is just a blond Tongan version, so I am covered there.

There are quite a few less actives that we work with that are making so much progress. There is one that falls asleep a lot during meetings, so the sisters would give him mints. Well, for the baptism he was so persistent of a mint to keep him awake, I gave him like half of my mints. Then we had a "Why Believe Fireside" (devotional) Sunday night, He asked for some more, I just gave him the rest of the container. He was very loud about getting them out of the thing. So funny. The fireside happens at the end of each transfer, each zone puts on their own, and members are invited to come, and a few are asked to share their conversation stories. Kayana shared hers, a less active we work with shared his, and some other member did as well.

Also, this is huge, I guess. So the Bishop of the YSA ward has been a bit standoffish to the missionaries, both us and the elders, because some missionaries awhile back were a little too close with the members. So he hasn't done much with us. But this past transfer, he has texted us a complement and then this last Sunday he wanted to have a meeting with us, the elders, and our ward mission leader. This is HUGE! Really HUGE! He doesn't want any of us to get transferred out next week, which neither he nor us can control, but he appreciates the efforts that we have been putting in. I wasn't as excited as Sisters Lovestedt and Christensen and Elders Harmon and Wegelin, but they were super, super stoked, which made this very note worthy by their reactions.

Man, being a missionary is so great!
Sister Glanzer

Also we ate dinner with this family up in Cold Springs, which is super far away in our area, and their less active friend gave us nicknames. Sister Circumference, Sister Lock n' Load, and Sister Glycerin. Best nicknames ever.

We ate octopus ;)

The Zone


Sunday, October 22, 2017

Just Been Busy as Bees

We've just been busy as bees! We actually had two people have their baptism interviews these past few days! So we have Wyatt. He really, really, really likes dirt bikes and motorcycles, who has had a number of concussions in his day. Sister Christensen is super good at connecting motorcycles to the gospel. The Zone leaders were going to interview him on Friday, and they had to drive 30 minutes to get the chapel at 6:30. We are running a little late ourselves, getting done with dinner at 6:30, and we look at a text we got from Wyatt that he was in Carson with his sister.................................AHHHHHHH! But he is pretty funny. He had his interview on Saturday and he took an hour and 20 minutes... because he talks a lot... about motorcycles.

Sunday was Kayana's interview, and she took like 30 minutes and our district leader did her's. He said it was his very first he has done. She is super! She is in Jacob 4 in the Book of Mormon, and she is solid in the gospel! She is a freshmen at UNR, her friend Brendan is a recent covert that we are also working with to be more solid in the gospel. We teach both of them together.

Okay quick side note about Kayana's interview, we had eight people in the building, two elders, three sisters, one ward mission leader, and Kayana, and Brendan... I was taller than all of them! WOOT!

Their baptisms are next Saturday! I am excited for them!

There is a Tongan family that we teach Family Home Evening (FHE) to on Mondays, and I am always really excited for that! In the past they haven't been too involved in the FHE, like pulling teeth to get them to respond, but last Monday we taught the Word of Wisdom lesson and I got them more open! Today we are talking about temples, my element! We teach FHE to them because they live with the grandparents, and there is a bit of a language barrier between them.

We had exchanges with the Peavine sisters, aka Sister Smith A. and Sister Roush! Sister Smith joined Sister Christensen and I! That was so much fun to have her around for the day! We had just exchanged and our appointments fell through, so we were driving down Rock (a main street) and we see this kid just walking down the middle of the road not caring if he got hit by cars, so we flip around and go talk to him. Walked all the way to his home with him, He had a rough football game. Turns out he lives right next to the assistants to the President! We saw them later that night and told them to follow up in a few days. He also reads the book of Mormon every couple of months just to read it. This kid is prepared, if not now, but definitely in the future!

Hmm. It is getting colder and colder here...

Well have a great week everyone!
Sister Glanzer

This is our desk arrangement
A typical P-day we spend at the King's Row Chapel, running around the gym! Pretty fun!
My stellar companions putting the finishing touches on their case study!
The Sienna Elders saw our car parked and gave us some sardines... we passed them on to the YSA Elders
Taking a brain break
I was brushing my teeth and as I spit out the toothpaste foam my hair does a suicide jump and collides with the stream of spit
The end of the exchange!
Jacki Fisher was a super awesome member that moved to Logan. We were so crushed, she always came out with us to lessons