Sunday, May 6, 2018

The Official End of an 18 Month Adventure, But Life Still Goes On!

I waited a little bit to write the last one. I wanted to see how different life would be.
I still read the Book of Mormon everyday! Some days are more studious than others. I think I missed one day, but I didn't let that crumble the steel wall. I still pray every day, formally and in my head through the day.

All I could talk about was seeing my dog. The whole last transfer, just him.
He is black with tan. He is little. He is cute when he sleeps. I love my dog. My dog's name is Jason He is a wiener dog. He is flippen cute.

The last Tuesday we went to the Temple, there was a point where Pres. Fisher came up to us and pointed at his top choices on who will get married first. Sis. Palmer and Sis. Smith M. were his candidates. (My thought, I'll be last!) we took some pictures and we went to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building for our banquet. We each bore our testimonies and then we were back to the square by about 2:30.

Wednesday, I was the last one to leave the square for my flight home. I felt like I was there for forever. You make sacrifices to come on a mission, but once you love it, it can be really hard to leave. Temple Square was a home. D&C 88:119 has a whole new meaning. That was a family, a community that I had never been in, surrounded by LDS women, my friend group was all Mormon! Crazy to think.

Being released wasn't scary. it wasn't long. It wasn't really much. I talked a bit with Pres. Walker. then he handed me this envelope and said there you go.

That's it?
Just like that.
Yes, just like that.

I changed into pants and I chucked my mission shoes in the trash a the church. They were broken and worn! So good.

There are haven't been too many occasions that I wanted to run back to Temple Square and be surrounded by all of my friends and having the spirit around me, through them and by the holy buildings on square. I think of this time last year on my mission, I think of the beautiful flowers, the sisters not having to wear heavy coats so they can be just as bright, colorful and gorgeous as the flowers.

I was with one of my friends from home (remember my friend group pre-mission was all non-members) and there was something off, something weird. Here a person I love, enjoy being around, have had so many fun adventures with, why does it feel odd to be with her?

She didn't have the companionship of the Holy Ghost. I was just amazed that I could feel the lack of the spirit. Not saying she is bad or evil, but I could recognize something vital as the Holy Ghost wasn't with both of us. And I will always be aware of that (as long as I am worthy of the Holy Ghost)

When I came home i didn't feel different right off the bat, but there was a moment were i just didn't understand exactly what I was feeling, why i felt weird, something was lacking. When you are a missionary the whole church is praying for you. almost hourly, even multiple times in consecutive hours saints are constantly praying for missionaries and the work they do. In the temples across the globe, parents teaching their young children, family members and friends praying for their missionaries, current and old companions, mission leaders. Whether it is for a specific missionary or all of us in general. And then a 10 to 15 minute conversation strips you of those prayers. I wasn't part of that any more, I don't qualify for that spiritual boost that we have for missionary work.

One time during the summer of my mission I was at EF desk talking to a return missionary (RM) couple. I said something like, "yeah while you are missionary everyone loves you and cares for you!" And maybe a downer thought after that.
The guy said even when your not a missionary we still love you.
That comment took me by surprise. But it is true. RMs have a responsibility to take their experiences, to their spiritual growth and use it, no matter how little it may seem to be. Such as those going home to countries that are just beginning to grow in the Gospel. One sister from Thailand said that when she goes home she'll probably be a seminary teach because she gained all this spiritual knowledge that a good portion don't have, she seemed weighed down by the responsibility. But her ward, her stake, her country will continue to love her for her service she did, but as well as the new callings she will receive.
The group of people that "care" about and "pray" for me may have shrunk, but that doesn't change my worth in the eyes of my Father in Heaven. I still have a work to do. I don't know exactly what it may be now, but I do know that as I stay worthy of the companionship of the Holy Ghost, I will be lead and directed as Heavenly Father sees fit. I am grateful to be in a University where the vast majority of us are LDS, class starts with a prayer, temporal and spiritual are mixing together to make us all Intelligent Disciples of Christ.

My mission was the best thing for my life. I wouldn't pray, read the scriptures, rely on Heavenly Father or the Atonement of Christ, or take church services seriously as I do now. I am beginning to understand so much more better what it means to have faith.

10 out of 10, highly recommend a mission. It's good for the soul.

I am a dyed in the wool; true blue, through and through disciple of Christ. I plan on being one until the day I die, and then some. 😉

It's been seven weeks, one adventure is over, but another one has begun!  Catch ya later!

Allison Jo Glanzer

Washington... State
Eastern Washington
North Central Washington
Nowhere near Seattle
Two hours north of Wenattchee
Twenty minutes from the Canadian Border
In the desert, yes it gets over 100 degrees, yes it snows.

The Fishers and I outside the Salt Lake Temple

Top: me, S. Palmer: South Africa, S. Sturzenegger: GA, S. Wagner CA/Mexico
S. Zeller, MA: S. Smith A., AZ: S. Coleman, TX: S. Richey, WA: S. Sneddon Germany
S. Roberts, WA: S. Tse, Hong Kong: S. Franco, Columbia: Pres. Fisher.
S. Shumway, HI: Sis. Fisher: S. Smith M., AZ

My whole family! The children being held were born on my mission.

Gus, Mom, me, Dad. Fresh off the plane! 4 hours until I am home

I literally chased a rainbow 
Hanging with my long lost friends, glad they still like me!

Heading out to BYUI
Just before they left me for good.

My Beloved Pup, Jason
He loves me, put his own paw on my leg.

Monday, March 5, 2018


The only sad thing about Wednesday p-day is that I have a whole week that you might not get to hear about! That would be sad! This is my last p-day, so we celebrated it along with Sister Su's birthday, by going to the aquarium! It was awesome! Really cool! It is fun to go to a place with fish with four Asian sisters.

"Do you eat this in Japan too?"
"What do you call it in Chinese?" 
"These all look so tasty!" 
"I want to eat them." 

My last week, the departing sisters will stand at the front of RS and sing Called to Serve. Then we will work hard! Friday, we have departing interviews and work hard. Saturday, we have meeting with President Bateman (I don't remember Sister Samame having this, granted that was year ago) and go work! Sunday, we sing a song in sacrament meeting, then we go to Music and the Spoken Word. We will stand and be recognized at the end of it. (that isn't broadcasted) Monday is a meeting at 7:30am............. I thought I was going to be done with these, but I was WRONG! It is about our devices and stuff. Tuesday, we go to the temple and have a fancy lunch. Wednesday we fly home. 

THAT IS SO CRAZY! I am just like, nah, I'm not going home! I will be here longer! I will have new companion, assignment, zone. But I guess not. Time for new soldiers in the Lord's army to have their turn.... My new companion will be my dog, Jason. I surely have missed him. 

Our investigator that we found on chat had a baptismal date for the 10th! But she changed it because she thought she would be rushing into it, and she wanted to build better relationships with the people in the YSA ward. I told her, "We don't push people into the water." She was glad to know that. 😂 She is such a golden pineapple in the desert. Some people are just so prepared, it is crazy! 

We had a day where every chat, except one, were all kids under 15 years old. The one that wasn't a kid, tried to tell us he was the equivalent of Jesus Christ, and he low-key threatened us. Silly guy, Jesus doesn't threaten people. He is just bold in calling people to repent! The times of the last days are upon us! False prophets are everywhere, but as the scriptures say, "by their fruit ye shall know them." What do their actions portray? How do you feel as you are around people proclaiming to have truth? Always pray and ask Heavenly Father! I know that as I have been worth of the spirit, I have been guided for good! 
I just laughed at the chat and told him that he didn't have any authority from God. The spirit will enlighten and inspire people! 

We took another Spanish God's Plan for His Family with elders and their people. We didn't really understand what was happening, but what little Spanish I knew, I "translated" for Sister Su. The Ward Mission Leader was with them, and he was watching us try to figure out what was going on. They always say they will translate, but they don't. 

Get this! There will be a full on deaf sister coming to Temple Square in April! That is going to be just amazing for this mission! 

Service Project! We went and put together the hygiene kits in the Humanitarian center!

Also! They are sending two Brazilian sisters to the Nevada Reno Mission! Sister Nascimento and Sister Carrazzoni! Sister Smith A. and I were trained by Brazilians! There is one Brazilian there right now! I don't know if Sister Kitchen had any Brazilian connections, but man that is sweet! I bet they will go there and create the first Portuguese branch! 

Sister Glanzer

Fun at the aquarium!
I marked the wrong spot on like 15 boxes
Fun at the aquarium!

Fun at the aquarium!

Fun at the aquarium!
Sister Su at the Dentist... on her birthday
                            S.Su's surprise party!

Killer Icicles on the Lion House

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Look Who Found Allison!

This is Andrew Vejnar.  He didn't even know Allison, but they got to talking about missions and he connected Allison with the Oroville Ward.  Elder Kevin Bouck served in Oroville as a missionary and Elder Vejnar was his trainer when Elder Bouck first came out on his mission. Small world!

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Fishers of Men

Hmmmm. What happened. I think because I didn’t write in journal at all this week I didn't remember much. That is bad. And some funny things happened too! 

We had a bunch of language meetings! Cantonese and Mandarin meeting. I got to try some interesting foods. Hotpot! You have boiling water and you stick stuff in it and then you take the stuff out and eat it. Beef tripe..... I think it is gross. But I like one type of fish ball. There was also these rice cake things.... not like the rice cake things that are crunchy and you feed to children as snacks. They are like.... gummy? Tasty though. 

I gave my departing Talk in sacrament meeting. I guess it was really good. Short and powerful, is what the critics say. I talked about keeping the commandments that God lovingly asks us to keep. Pretty good. I was the last speaker, and I took maybe five minutes to speak. We were told six mins and a sister definitely took six minutes. 

But really it is a commonly asked thing of us in the Bible and Book of Mormon, to "keep the commandments." Commandments are meant to keep us safe and happy! And one of my favorite things that I coined from my mission, “Just as the pioneers had to gain faith, that polygamy was a commandment of God, through prayer and living it. Heavenly Father wants us to do the same with the commandments of this day.” (Polygamy is not a commandment any more and we don't follow it) Pretty simple, in order for us to be the happiest we can!

We got to take a motor coach! That was great! I was definitely rusty on taking motor coaches. My companion and the contacts never had anyone tell them how to take one! (Made me fell so old in the mission). There wasn’t anything special about the motor coach, just that is will probably be my very last one. Soul crushing. 

It snowed here! Sunday morning during church, President told us that it would snow. My companion and I didn’t prepare for the snow that came. It snowed three days straight. 

We went to the great Salt Lake! There was a bunch of dead birds and the ground was think and squishy of dead brine shrimp. The water is really salty. 

Zone conference! Wow. I cant forget about my last zone conference! I gave a departing testimony. My last departing testimony! No more! And Elder Spencer talked about budgeting, which was great! I am going to have to be better at that right here soon. President Bateman talk about being fishers of men. He brought a fly fishing pole and compared that the Book of Mormon is our fishing pole to bring people to Christ! If you would only open and read you can know.

Sister Glanzer, Washington State

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Life is so fun and interesting as a missionary

ZONE CONFERENCE WEEK! WOOT! Ours is on Friday. There are so many cool things that are happening with President Fisher, it makes me wish that I could serve a lot longer than I am. The nine year extension doesn't sound too bad right now. #65transfersleft :)

Two Wednesdays ago we walked up to a Chinese couple and took them to the Tabernacle and explained the building. Last Thursday, they asked us to give a translation tour of the Conference center. Behold, lo it was the Chinese couple! They were pretty excited to see us. This time we got their contact info for WeChat. While they are still here in the US we can teach them! They were super nice too! They are definitely people that when China is open to proselyting they will get baptized. Sister Nasimento from Brazil made a joke to Sister Su that when China is open it will be the highest baptizing country, replacing Brazil! Ha!

WE HAD TWO TOURS IN ONE DAY AT THE HUMANITARIAN CENTER! One was sisters in training coming for explore tour, and the other was a couple from Scotland who had come 20 years ago. They were so touched by the center that they went home and started doing things with what they had seen. They had firesides and worked with other religious groups. Their stories were so neat. They had their hearts open as they came to these church sites,  and they prepared themselves to receive and act on the promptings of the Holy Ghost. That is what we want as missionaries, to be tools so the spirit can inspire members of the church. Also, they were talking about having another fireside too! So amazing. 

We took a chat and it was a YSA girl. Her story is so cool! But simple. Just an average person who has as many problems as the next person, but she has the influence of a best friend who is a member of the church. She came on asking how she can have confirmation of testimony. She reads the Book of Mormon every night. She talked about how she loves the peace she feels when she is around her friend and her family and their member friends. She loves the dinner thoughts the missionaries share whenever all of them are over for dinner at her friend's home. She loves church when she goes with them. I asked her, "What if you could feel that way all the time? Would you want that?" 
She said yes! So we encouraged her to meet with the missionaries and talk with her friend. Iff she learns and has the desire, she will have the gift of the Holy Ghost always as she is righteous. She would always have that peace and calm feelings. She talked about how before she didn't really care about learning more, but now she is ready. Heavenly Father knows when people are ready, and the more good encounters people have with Christ's restored church, they become one step closer to finding that peace and happiness. I know with all my heart that seed-planting is such an important part of missionary work. 

Some people are so prepared. Definitely it helped that her friend is being an awesome member missionary! It make me hopeful that I can be like her friend, being so open and willing to share about the gospel when I am not a full time missionary any more. 

Sister Ranieri was with us on Sunday so she could be free from sitting in her apartment. We had the Organ Tour, meaning once the organ recital is done we offer a tour for people that are inside. That was a great tour, I haven't given a tour like that since I was with Sister Leavitt! All three of us thought it was great! 

Back to Zone Conference week. Typically Mondays, the Temple Square Coordinators put up cover sheets so we non-pday and ZC sisters can sign up to cover desks and such. Well they forgot. I really, really, really, wanted to cover Westgate. This would be my last chance for the rest of my time to be there. At the end of the day we stop by their apartments and let them know that we will be covering WG tomorrow. Sweet! Mission accomplished. Tuesday Morning, Sister Ranieri comes to our apartment and tells us, since sister Rachata is sick and Sister Tang have been sick, Sister Ranieri and Sister Nasimento have been taking turns being home with them and the Zone Leaders. I told them that if they needed us to stay as well we would be willing. Staying home as a missionary is not as fun as you think it is. 

Tuesday, they finally asked Sister Su and I to help out with this situation. Sister Su would go with us to WFS with Sister Nasimento, Sister Tang was well enough to go to square for a while, so Sister Glanzer would stay home with Sister Rachata. My heart dropped so low. I willingly sacrificed my desire to be at Westgate that day. 

2 hours later.

Sister Tang has no strength because she has been lying down for the past week so guess who gets to go to Westgate for three hours!!!!!! This sister missionary! Aw yeah! 12-3. It was great. Westgate is where you text out for tours and covers and all that good stuff. Heavenly Father loves me. This was a manifestation of His love. Yeah. So golden. 

Life is so fun and interesting as a missionary. 


Got to announce on Sunday! Typically they ask you a few days before, they asked my right before sacrament meeting.

             Cantonese Training tour 

I collected all the lost water bottles, and with my dark trench coat, "hey, kid, you wanna by a water bottle?"
At the planetarium
These is the Chinese couple we met

For zone activity we played in the gym. I miss going to the gym on pdays

For one activity we played in the gym. I miss going to the gym on pdays

Sister Blocker, Sister He, Sister Su and I went to the planetarium

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Being Busy and Staying Busy

We have been fortunate enough to have been at the Humanitarian Center four times this transfer! Each time we had a tour! So blessed! They also give us lunch too, so that is a perk! When there is some down time and we have done our studies and other missionary work, we can go help with quilting. Sister Su has never quilted before, so she was pretty excited! 

We gave our first English tour together! It was a member and his friend who is going to be baptized on Sunday! How cool! As we were walking up the ramp at the Christus, I thought, "I am going to miss walking people up here." I am too strong for tears, but it did help the spirit to be there more for me in that last part. 

Something so neat that I had only experienced once in my mission, (which was outbound in the YSA ward) is having a few investigators on date that are attending church and are progressing! It so neat! To have people to plan for! Sister Su and I set a goal of four people to be baptized this transfer, and we have four people on date! It doesn't mean they will, but I have that abiding trust (hope) in Heavenly Father that they will. Prayer and doing our best to support them. Two are from Fiji! 

Funny story about the Fijians! So we sent the referral to the elders there, who then  gave it to the correct elders. We called them and got the scoop on the investigators. They are such golden pineapples on the island of Fiji. (I don't know if pineapples are actually grown there) We thought that we were in contact with the son via Facebook, but we were very wrong. There are a ton of people with his same name in Fiji in his same area, so we are hoping that the elders are getting him to find us on Facebook. 

When we talked with the Elders the last time, they asked, " Did you watch the Superbowl?" 
"No, we are missionaries."
"Oh, good."
"We aren't even in family wards so we haven't heard anything either." 

Then when I was spelling my name for them to find me on Facebook. BAHAHA Alice Joe Blander is my name. 

We called them off of regular phones in the Humanitarian Center. The first time for Sister Su doing that. She had a big smile on her face the whole time!

Today we went to the planetarium with Sister Blocker and Sister He. That was fun! Cool place. I think I wasted some p-days by not doing anything fun like that. Shopping is BORING! 

I had exchanges this week! I was Sister Ranieri from Italy who is my district leader, and then when Sister Su went with her yesterday, and I got to be with sister Fedotova, Zone Leader, because Sister Tang was sick. I love sister Fedotova! I am glad I got that exchange with her! 

Good bye my dear friends! Until next week!
Sister Glanzer, WA state. #65tranfersleft

there might be more pictures there might not be! who knows!

Taking a video for sister Fedotova to send
Japanese meeting: basement of the Assembly hall!

Saturday, February 3, 2018

No matter who you are, the Gospel will change you!

I may have talked about this before, but before my mission I never knew that China was closed to proselyting missionaries. I totally thought that it was like other countries that had missionaries. I don't know the exact details, but Sister Su explained a bit that there was a religious group that was there and then they did some crazy things that closed China to a lot of different religions from proselyting. There are roughly 30,000 members in China. There are a lot of branches around and Sister Su meets in an apartment building for Sunday services. She lives about a 30 min bus ride away. They only have youth activities once a month and once a year they have this country wide Youth Conference. Cool! She said there is a week or so were it is super humid, 110% humidity, and there is dew collecting in their homes! Crazy! I just love her so much!

Our assignment is Humanitarian center and typically they have said that last transfer there were almost no tours. Well, I have been working on the Christlike attribute of hope, an abiding trust in God. I pray fervently that we will have at least one tour during our shift. Our day is Friday and we cover on Tuesdays as well. We had a tour both days! Prayers answered! The Humanitarian Center is a pretty neat place. It is actually part of the Welfare department because it has the same program that is in the Deseret Industries. We get to show people what kind Humanitarian efforts this church does, which is a lot considering the smaller size it is compared to more well known churches.

Now lets get down to the people!

A lady named Lynn from............ RENO!!!!!!! What? I know! So Sister Su’s last comp went outbound and we got all of her people. Some of the people she just sent the information to and told us to follow up if they received it. Well, we text Lynn and she is at a very low point in her life. We ask if we can call her a little later, we had to go to Tabernacle. While we were there I was praying so hard that she she would be interested in learning more. Now, I realized that was partly because I wanted to be able to call the Local Missionaries in Reno. I was looking at the possibilities on who could be her missionaries, I was so hoping to send some to YSA ward. But I realized that is the wrong reason to want to send some one. My job is to teach her and prepare a golden pineapple in the high deserts of Nevada for whoever the missionaries are. So, I switched my prayers to help me to want to teach her because she is a child of God. She is definitely at a point where the gospel will help her. We have another appointment on Thursday! She is not YSA aged, which is good, I think. I don’t know the missionaries in the family ward that she belongs too. But I still cant wait to see the transformation the gospel will have on her and her family. I know that no matter who you are, the gospel will change you as you are willing to submit to Heavenly Father, relying on Him and Christ.

Sister Su has quite a few golden people the are so ready for baptism, they just have Word of Wisdom struggles, but they are willing to work at them!

There was the Finish Strong Meeting for us in our last leg of the mission. Always super good. The last time I went to that was with Sister Samamé back a year ago almost. Crazy. Still the same, but just more meaning behind it. Darn the time really does fly and I feel like I could go for another six months, really. I don’t have the falling apartness that a lot of sisters get, which I am glad for.

We watched a Sister Missionary Premiere of one of the newest Meet the Mormons, “The Craftsmen” It is about this regular guy from Bountiful, Utah that built two airplanes. But it is very family focused and about their trial of their daughter having cancer. They were there while we watched it. So go to your nearest LDS Visitor Center and watch it! So good. If I wasn’t so against crying I would have shed some tears, the spirit was strong. I hope Sister Su and I get to play it for folks.

Also! Super funny but kind of cool, the Fishers asked us to be aware of our breath and take mints periodically throughout the day. I can eat all the grape and cinnamon mints I want on square! YES!

Wan an (wa (as in water) on) Goodnight in Chinese!
Sister Glanzer, the Evergreen State and in a state that is ever green for serving the Lord! #greenymywholemisssion

The perfect shopping cart for Sister He (kind of like you are breathing out (huuuh)
The new Meet the Mormons family
Mastering my fan skills at Chinatown market for when I take Mandarin and Cantonese tours
Waiting to watch the premiere of the new Meet the Mormons
Waiting for what felt like a long time
I made these tasty potato rolls
Sister Su made us some pho