Thursday, December 21, 2017

Look Who Found Allison

While Allison had the God's Plan assignment, Guess who was waiting for her? Michayla Hassing! That was super cool! She was there with a group of friends, they had traveled up from Provo! 

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Back to the Square


Wanted to let everyone that I have made it back!

Zone N2
Zone Leaders: Sneddon and Moss M.
District Leader: Gemio
Assignment: Welfare Square round 3!
DA 201
P-day Wednesday
Comp: Sister Bablitz from Kentucky....... I AM NOT A DISTRICT LEADER COMPANION! YAAAAAAAAAAAEEEEEEH! Wow! That is so sweet! Just a regular missionary! Woot!

And no, we don't all have our own smartphones yet, it is just one per companionship.
It feels so weird to be back. I am not super excited to be back, but I know once I am used to everything again I will love it. The more sisters I see the happier I become. Sister Leavitt was still here when I got back! Do you remember Dan from three months ago? He got baptized! I knew he would! Oh man that is so exciting! He still needs to send sister Leavitt the pictures though. 

Spending the night at the mission home in Reno was such a fun experience. We ate dinner with all the Sr. couples, Pres. and Sis. Chesnut, and the assistants. We then had this mini testimony meeting, and after we just hung out until it was time to go to bed! Sister Smith and I got to listen to the missionaries going home ask questions pertaining to what they should do or how to react to things. Like, "What do I do when they want to watch movies?" Ha! 
Everyone in that mission is so amazing. But as Sister Smith A. and I were coming home, instead of "home means NV, home means the hills" "home means the Square, home means the light, home is the Choir, and sing smile find!" 

We did see Sisters Silva and Kitchen as they come off the plane to NV Reno Mission! That was super cool, and we caught up and told them they were going to looooooove it there. One of them gets to be comps with sister Lovstedt in the Reno YSA ward! 

Catch yall next week! 
Sister Glanzer, WA state
ps. I have to baptize my FB... aka hide everything from the world. 

At the mission home in NV

Monday, December 11, 2017

I am glad I will never run out of things to learn

Hello. This is my last full day out here. I am going to miss is so much! Working with the same people over an extended period of time was so much fun. I am so grateful they let us have this experience. I have talked a lot about building an area, these past months, and Sister Cluff and I did just that. We have found so many people for the 2nd and 3rd wards. 

Serving around elders was pretty fun too! They have a pretty good humor, and all of these elders work hard. 

Funny story from this morning. We were scraping our car, and this little bird hit the car and flew under it, right next to me, not even a foot away from me, because there was hawk chasing it. Almost got hit by two birds!

Anywho, this week we had the 2nd ward Christmas party! There were some less active families that came! We also gained a family of investigators from 4th ward because they moved into our ward, and we are having a 2nd lesson with them tonight. They seem very golden and receptive to the gospel. 

We got transfer calls last night and of course I don't get to know anything, but Sister Cluff is training a brand new missionary! I jokingly asked Elder Bridge if he knew anything about what I was doing. 

We had a lesson with a LA part member family. The son did not want to come into the church, he refused, but his friend that was with him that day was all for it! We watched the 20 min restoration video. The mom and son said it made them feel good, but the friend, who is 12, said, "It gives purpose to life." ðŸ˜± He said he was a member or at least his mom was. We took down all his info, and found out he was in the zone leaders' area, and sent him to them! He was just beaming by the end of the lesson! It was so amazing to see!
We finally met a referral that was given to us at the beginning of Sister Cluff being here. Jerry on Spruse. Needless to say, Jerry was interesting and had a lot of WOW issues and just contradicted himself in what he was saying about religion. It was a rather fun and funny experience! He took the Book of Mormon and Restoration pamphlet and we went on our way. The only thing we could say was, "That's Jerry." He was nice.

There was a "Why I Believe" fireside on Sunday, those are just so cool. There were two or three recent converts that spoke and a few returning less actives. We had a less active who came and watched. He is a super nice guy, he was the one that gave us the strawberries. The spirit was so very strong, only six weeks more and more people will attend! 

I love so much missionary work! I love how when I let myself be wrapped up in it I get more and more excited for it, especially the traditional work. It will be fun to be a member missionary and know what I can do better to help missionaries wherever I live. I know that Heaven Father let me grow out here in the High Desert of NV, and I will keep progressing in my faith and discipleship for always. I love the Gospel so much. I am glad I'll never run out of things to learn. 

Catch y'all in a bit,
Sister Glanzer

We had zone activity last p-day, we did Elko Iron Chef, ie made food for the ZLs to eat. My district got 2nd place. Go us. 
Our gifts all wrapped up for 3rd ward white elephant party
There was mounted mouse head. Fun. 
For morning program we got to avoid running into tables. 

We did Elko half zone caroling!

Light the World!

It finally snowed here! Honestly, as missionary I despise all weather unless it is good weather. It was yesterday when snowed. There is an elder from Texas who called it a blizzard..... BAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA. I have seen worse snow in Tonasket, and that isn't even a blizzard. Also, the Spanish elders, the one that is driving companion is from Florida. We don't think he has driven in the snow before. His companion is from Cananda, we don't know if he is able to drive here, but he isn't the assigned driver so he gets to sit back and try not to die! There isn't that much snow.

Yesterday, Sunday, was the Christmas devotional, super good and highly recommend it. The cool part was what happened afterward. Cool for us! It was played at the stake center in Elko and there where like five sets of missionaries there. The STLs call us over to sit in font of them because there is a guy behind them who is a less active member who said he is in one of our wards! We talked to him afterwards. He literally just got moved into our ward because of the boundary changes! He had been inactive for 30 years and his daughter married a less active return missionary and they are all interested in coming back! So cool!   

I also am sick. Wednesday I got face-wash up my nose, that was gross, but it weakened me enough for the illness to attack and take hold. I has been a fun couple of days with that. Six hours of fast Sunday church was a blast. Sister Bates is a member in 2nd ward, and has a son recently on a mission in Georgia Atlanta North mission, she is the best! She has come out with us a few times, and she supplied me with vitamin C and this Zicam stuff! And she is a great person to take out to lessons! 

Oh hey! So here they have late night sacrament meeting for those who work at the mines and such so they can still renew their baptismal covenants! We got to go to it with our investigator, Will! It was pretty small, but very good. What a great thing they have for these people here. 

So I will blame the illness, but I don't remember much of what happened this week.

OH! Tiffani!

So we have a couple people that we are teaching because of Welfare, so we had a return appt with one that we set up in person with her. She told us to text her that day before hand. She didn't reply. We get there and we are parked outside waiting for a member to join us. These two pit bulls come out, that we have never seen before (we have been to her house twice before) and one just hops over the fence and sniffs and marks territory. We are just shocked. Then a guy comes out and gets in his car, we rush over to let him know the dog is loose and he says they aren't his, but the people know. Our member gets there, then another guy comes out we tell him where the dog went. He gets in the car with the other guy and they drive off. We go to the door, some lady answers door. Tiffani isn't there, and the lady leaves and in these HIGH heels, and three bags of stuff, and the other pit bull on a leash. We three are super confused. Every time we go to Tiffani's house there is always different people. So, moral of the story, we need to have better coordination with our Bishop on what they want us to exactly do with Welfare referrals. It was pretty great.

Thursday is weekly planning day, where we prep for all the lessons we will teach and set up and focus on the people we are teaching and how to best help them as they are learning about the gospel and how to keep them involve din the ward. We also had four lessons. We texted to remind all but one. Those three all fell through. So we thought, if we don't contact the last one, it won’t cancel! We get there with the YW president for the lesson........ it cancelled. We were talking with Sister Strong, and she had said she talked earlier that day with the mom, and said she was going to be coming over with us that night. I thought it was a pretty funny situation! 

A few of the less active sisters had babies and we have met a few of the new ones that were effected by the boundary change!

I hope everyone is doing well and accepting the #LightTheWorld Challenge again this year! Seriously, the First Presidency approved it again this year. That is so cool! That means it is even more important for us to participate! 

Sister Cluff and I were able to do day one without realizing it in the moment. A member gave us two things of strawberries. We saw the 1st ward elders and gave them one! Simple and easy. The service ideas are so neat, tomorrow is talk to your parents, but I get to do that one today! I honestly would love to hear how you all are Lighting The World!

We have Zone Activity today! Pretty exciting! Tell you about it next week!

This week there was something called Créche, which is a display of a ton of different nativities, our church puts it on, but different faiths come too. I'll include some pictures of my favs.

Sister Glanzer

There was this house that had tons of pigeons around it feeding. "The Birds" is what we thought.
We caught a spider, then fed it a fly
That stuff is is by some apartments in our area

          The tolls nativity reminded me of Camille!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

I Love Jesus So Much!

Sister Cluff fractured her finger! Three Mondays ago, she hurt it trying to catch a football thrown really hard by some elder. She was crying. We told Sister Bellamy, the mission nurse, and she said to massage it and pull on it to see if we could unjam it. So we did. The next day it was huge. She saw the finger at zone conference the next Friday and said, yeah, massage it. Then last Monday we get a call, she told us to go in to urgent care. She wanted us to go right then, but we called to see what the wait was, pretty long, so we went on Thrusday. She has a spiral fracture! And now she has a dandy brace! We go back on the 7th to see how it has healed! 

We had exchanges and I was with Sister Christensen! Working in the YSA. It was so fun to be back with her for the day! We had lots of fun and actually taught an LA woman from Michigan who is down here for work. She had a very sad story as to why she and her husband are less active. So we had to pass her on to different missionaries because she isn't YSA and not in my area. The elders that have her though will do so good with her. 

Thanksgiving was so great! We played flag football as missionaries. I didn't really care for that part, but then we went to the chapel and played board games or sporty games. We went to two different homes and ate food! The Bates, who have a son who just started his mission a few months ago in Georgia Atlanta North mission, and the Paynes. We got to go out of boundaries for that dinner! Sister Payne's brother lives in Osino, which is the zone leader's area, and her whole family was there! It was really fun!

We also spent two hours with a less active family. The mom and return missionary son, talking about his mission and really getting to know them better. It was super good! From the start of the transfer to now, she has warmed up so much to us and was excited to see us (Our guidelines for the ways to strengthen relationships with investigators, members and less actives). We pretty much know all his problems now, and we didn't even have to ask, he just talked and they all came out! But it was really fun to hear about his mission in Montana. He went out just before 9-11. Every time we tell members that we are visiting their family, they are all amazed a bit and have little tidbits of info to give us each time! We are slowly piecing together the story. One day they will be remember the love they have for the Savior, and how much they really do need the gospel in their lives. I don't think while Sister Cluff is here, but I know it will happen. 

The rest of the week we taught and visited people. We were visiting some of the new families to the ward from the boundary changes and we were in the Sandle's. Just as we were leaving, we see two men walk up the steps of the member's that live across the road where we were going next. They were Jehovah's Witnesses. We rush back in the Sandle's and watch the Garvin's. They sent them away pretty fast. We leave materials with Sister Sandle's and skidattle on over to the Garvin's. Brother Garvin made the joke, "we should have kept them here and when you came you could have talked." (loosely what he said) "Nooooo." 

While we were there, they came back up the street to the Sandle's. Sister Sandle gave them the invitation to the interfaith Creche thing this weekend and we think the light the world pass along card. It was pretty great to watch!

LIGHT THE WORLD IS HERE FOR A SECOND YEAR! WOOOOOOOOOOO Everyone gets a chance to do it again! I am so excited! If you are looking for a way to bring Christ back into Christmas for you and your family, it is such an amazing way! Oh man. I love it so much! Just go here, it is right there! It is for people of all faiths, not just Mormons! There were like 82.5 million views and such, and 32,000 referrals from last year! I love Jesus so much! The church is true. This is so great!

Our ward mission leader served his mission in Brazil. I have an automatic response to say "Oi!" to people I am familiar with, and he is the only one who has said Oi! back while I have been out bound other than sister Smith A., but she is five hours away in Reno. #trainedbyagreat
brasileira #euseiqueéverdade

I gave a talk on Sunday in 2nd ward. I have given better talks than that one by far, but this will be my most memorable. There is a sister in the ward who has health problems. I was speaking, scanned over to where my comp was sitting and I see her rush up and to the sister with health problems and she was having SEIZURE! And I just faded out of talking, I had no idea what to say after that. Turns out she has them often and they called an ambulance too. The bishop told me to keep going once they got it managed. All I need now is some crazy story for my departing talk back at TS!

There was a baptism in the YSA Branch! And our investigator Will went to it! He is getting baptized in January. Sister Cluff started teaching him with Sister Thomsen. He is still pretty solid though. A great guy. 

Work is going, building is going, and I love being out here and being a missionary!

Sister Glanzer!

There was this family that set up the gym for a nerf war they have every Thanksgiving
Perfect picture time

Games at the 5th street building
They played mom's favorite game. I didn't, I played VB and Phase 10 cards

The Work is Slow, But the Work is Good

This is the most important thing, what I am about to say. Pre mission I have only met about two people named Jason. During my Temple Square time I have met I think 4-5 people, that is about 12 months. But in nine weeks of being in the Nevada Reno Mission I have meet three elders (two are companions), and two members, and have two less active members on the lists. What? That's like 6 people! That is super cool... My dog's name is Jason, and all of them know it. And you know what? No one here has given me a funny look or mean comment about my dog's name, or makes fun of it. 

Tuesday, we had zone training meeting with "How to Build an Area." Every time I hear it, I learn something new, which I am glad for because it would get very boring after the first week. 

Sister Cluff and I biked in the rain on Thursday because we wanted to! Super good!

We had zone conference. I love Zone conference, they officially gave the case study to everyone! I had to give a departing testimony.... I am not even going home home. But President Chesnut told everyone that Sister Christensen co-wrote the case study and I helped a bit too and that we were here to get it rolling ðŸ˜¶ Way to throw us under the bus! I have no idea what I am doing out here, don't tell them I do!

Also! They are doing #LightTheWorld again this year! Super cool! I get to listen that song again for a month! It is so good, the 24th it will be world available! 

At zone conference we got flu shots. Our 3rd ward mission leader is a pharmacist and he gave us all shots that needed them. Then we did this change a tire on a bike thing, and the bike we were working at kept getting worse! So, we split into two groups, one person had to take off the tire replace it and put it back on, while telling us all what to do. 

1. Put the back tire tread on backwards
2. Sister Christensen pulled a goat head out of the front tire causing a hole, so we had to change that
3. While the front was getting fixed, the elder, one of the Jasons, was pumping the tire up so much that it popped! It sound like a gun shoot! It freaked everyone out! He seemed very shaken up.

That bike got two brand new tubes that it didn't even need! Funny.

This was stake conference weekend for Elko West Stake. Sister Cluff and I decide to text all the less active members about it. This took at least two hours to do. We had a few responses, mainly people telling us that the number is not that of the person we think, but our favorite was John Beck from Jackpot NV, who is a traveling musician with his wife, and they are currently in North Dakota. And them some called us a cult. Good times.

But now, for exciting news! They redid the ward boundaries, and only 2nd and 3rd wards got bigger and new people. All of the English Elko missionaries have to give us lists of the people we gained. Super fun! Sister Cluff and I are excited! 

The work is slow, but the work is good, and if it doesn't take off while I am here, it definitely will next transfer! 

Sister Glanzer

P.S. I cut my hair, just in case I forgot to mention it. It feels really short, but I guess it is still the typical long length for girls. \_(' ' )_/ Who knows? 

Monday, November 13, 2017

Mini Missionaries

Since I serve in two wards again I get to go to both services! We go between 2 buildings on Sundays. I am doing church things and meetings from 7 am to 4 pm! We eat lunch in the car really fast as we drive to the other building. We actually had two investigators, one in each ward. Which was super exciting! 

We found a new investigator, or rather she found her neighbor, a member, who called us! Her name is Becky and she is here getting clean. We have seen her five times this week! The first lesson, part 1 of the plan of salvation, dinner, our family history open house, part 2 of the plan of salvation and Sunday! She is so prepared. Like really open.

Sister Cluff had a family history event organized that was open to the public to learn the basics of Family History, and we missionaries where going to give church tours! Sounds good right? Well, not a lot of people came, but there were small successes. Becky came to that and we gave her the tour (we walk around the building, see the baptismal font and chapel parts). When we were in the baptismal font area she told us se would like to get baptized! YAY!

But here is the catch! She goes back to Tennessee in twoish weeks, so we won't see her baptized here. We will continue to teach her regularly then get her info sent of to those lucky Tennessee missionaries. The Bishop of 3rd ward told us that he would also help when the time comes to get in contact with the Bishop in Tennessee where she lives. All that matters is that she is converted to God and the Gospel and that she has a good support set up in Tennessee! Still sad though, I was hoping I could help teach someone all the way through, from lesson one to baptism. 

It is steadily getting colder down here. 

On Saturday, we did mini missions, where the Priests and Laurels (16 and up kids) come out with us for the day. Sadly, I totally forgot to take a picture with my temporary companion, but we had fun. She is super super quiet.... And I felt like I had almost no idea what I was doing.

There are a lot of trailer parks here, and I got the numbers and address confused, so we tried all of the numbers of both areas we were going to in one area. We think that is why no one answered the doors. We also let some know that their propane tanks were leaking. I think that is my favorite thing, letting random people know there is something wrong. The man was too focused on the tank or us to get into missionary mode and talk gospel with him, but that's okay. Kamysha, the name of my mini missionary, was very nice, I think a bit scared, but we had fun! A good break from the everyday missionary life! 

Now, the investigator that was already being taught when I got here, passed his baptismal interview, and Pres. Lloyd, in the mission presidency, who watches us out here on the East Side, conducted it. He told Sister Cluff, get him baptized as soon as you can, he is ready! YAY! WOOOOO! So, last night we go to set an official date, our hope was the end of November, but as we were setting it with him, he told us that he wants to wait until January. Now this guy bares his testimony in 10 to 20 minute intervals. He know it is true, is 100% converted to the Gospel. We were shocked, but had great poker faces. He wants to wait so that his family can attend. Which, of course, we can't argue that at all. We are all about family unity. We still have no official date with him, but we will be calling him later today to figure it out. Stab in the heart, me just a little, but Sister Cluff a big one. She has seen him progress and grow and turn for the better since the first meeting with him. He is another one of those super prepared people. 

My Companion Sister Cluff would go to lake Tahoe every year for family vacation. She is from Alpine, Utah. She has been out nine months, and she is pretty fun! We get along great! She likes to work hard, missionary focused, and she loves the people here and they love her! 


Zone Leaders: Elder Bridge (MD) Elder Harmon (DE) 
District Leader: Elder Abbot (UT)
His comp: Elder Lee (Michigan)

Elder Slay (TX) and Elder Chesley (OK)
Sister Traning leaders (in the other district): Sister Neely (claims W.Virgina and Alabama) and Sister Christensen (UT)

There you have it!
Sister Glanzer

Weekly planning!
Waiting for mini missionaries
Waiting for mini missionaries
Me, sister Cluff, sister White, and Becky
Sister Cluff and me
We set up the stake center for the church tour, to teach the message of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Two actual tours were taken, and two practice tours with the Elders.

Welcome to Elko!

It has been rainy and cloud here in Elko, Nevada. Not much to look at. My area is actually small enough we could bike it! Now I have a bike. But we are going to have the elders fix it for me today at p-day activities, which I think are just like last transfer. We go to a chapel and play sports. It feels weird to say "play sports"... have gym class? I did something terrible and waited until the last 10 minutes to write my weekly... Oops! 

What are some highlights of Elko? There is a Costa Vida. That is pretty good, but I have never eaten there until I got to Reno. I hope to find one in WA. We cover two wards, and it is super hard to keep everyone straight. like who is in what ward, because the areas are right next to each other and there is no cultural difference between the two wards. BUT! my area is still waaaaaay bigger than temple square! The people are so nice and good, and I can't wait to help them get even more excited for missionary work! 

We have one investigator, Will, who they had to reschedule the baptism for, because of his job. Many, many people work for the mines here, so there is a lot of weird schedules. They have a 30 minute night time sacrament meeting on Sundays for those who have to work on Sundays. That is super neat.
Sister Cluff is like me! Youngest of five kids with a pretty big age gap. Her gap is ten years, and mine is seven years. She loves the people here and loves the work! 

This is definitely very different then a YSA ward. I have two new distractions, pets and children. Especially shorter haired cats. Even these past few days it is crazy how my attitude toward the area fluctuates when there are no lessons. But I am keeping up a good outside, so that it will turn into a better inside.

I am doing the kind of missionary work that I always thought was missionary work. Sister Cluff is amazing with the members, and I think I might be testing her patience a little bit about asking which members can come with us for the few lessons we do have.

There has been a few successes in this short time with trying just LAs! We were walking about one night, and we passed a house with people in the garage, invited them to the family history night that we are really trying to get tons of people to. While talking to them, we found a hidden member! We were inspired to go there!

Also, there is a family where the wife got some anti material 5-10 years ago from one of her in-laws that added to her troubles, and just pushed her over into inactivity. Well, after three days in a row stopping by, we had a 30 min controlled focused lesson, and a return appointment! So good! She also gave us a treat! I think she likes us! 

Sorry, gotta go bye!
Sister Glanzer! 

All that you see was my old area, and what you can't see way behind us! All of sparks and reno!
The lonely road
This place looks like WA
Sister Merrick and a fresh from the MTC sister on the transfer van
Stopped in Winimmuca for a drop off, switch, refuel, and go!
Those v's are actually u's
Look at the bumper sticker!
Last zone morning program. Quincy district excluded
Last lesson with these three, Sis. christensen and I left them behind in Elko!