Friday, September 15, 2017

SO MUCH EXCITEMENT! And I Am Leaving It All. ;)

It is very long! 😇😎😋
This week has definitely been pretty WHOA! WOW! WHOA! REALLY? NO WAY! GET THIS! WHOA!

Thursday I got to go to Welfare Square again! Yeah! It was pretty slow. Sister Leavitt did her last exchange for the transfer on Friday, so I got to go to WFS again with Sisters Trevino and Calderon! Now since they speak Spanish, they were asked to join the Spanish VIP tour, they were giving but they were there... and so was I! I only knew what was happening because WFS tours don't really differ. I was just in the back quietly trying to see how much Spanish I knew.

Saturday was Gary's baptism. That was so neat, Sister Leavitt was just smiling the whole time! It was rather interesting to hear elders share The Restoration lesson (they did that while Gary and Bro. Porter were changing) because every meeting, every tour, every companionship study I pass by is always sisters. I don't know how I am going to survive teaching just The Restoration lesson in 45 minutes😵 That is gonna be rough. 

Sunday we went to a local ward to speak! We went with three other sisters who sang and gave three minutes little talks. Sister Leavitt and I were to share The Restoration lesson together in five minutes (which what we are aces at). The chorister for the congregation was louder than everybody else. When he started we all almost had a laughing attack! Way to go him, get those people to sing!

Monday... Let me set up everything for you. Typically, they will send out a text the second to last Thursday of the transfer for sisters going outbound. Weeeeell, the Risenmay's went somewhere and weren't going to get back until Monday... 😓 All of us anticipating outbound.

SOOOOO Sunday night, Sister Tuttle wanted to be with us until I got the text, and then Sister Smith S. from New Zealand and Mazza (when I was w/Sis. Tripptree (AKA Jess)) were locked out so they joined us. We had hot chocolate, then the text came! They left.
Sister Smith M. came home, super excited so we ran around telling everyone what was going on!
Now Monday, 10 of us are going. We are all lined up to get the new assignment!

RENO NEVADA MISSION! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The boundaries are huge! I go from the smallest mission to one of the bigger ones in the US. Trading Desert for desert.  Sister Smith A. and I are going there! 

This is the link to where it is! 

Now, a funny thought about outbounds, I always thought it would be funny if I got assigned to Peter's mission while he was still out. Now he is barely home, but they are sending three sisters there! Ha! Fun!
For out bound (three months), I can only bring one 50 lb suitcase, a carry on and a bag. Now, there are things I will need when I get back to TS, so I get to leave my other suitcase and a big box of stuff for when I get back! YAY! 

Tuesday, we had a great flap pole tour. There were three older couples from, the USA, Australia, and NE England. Fun group. 

Wednesday, today. A week ago I sent a lady from the UK to the locals. Called her today, she is on date for baptism for 9-22-17😱. That is super amazing! Heavenly Father is just blessing us left and right these past few weeks! And I am leaving it all behind, but for something just as good, to be there in person to teach! 

We actually have three investigators in Florida, so we hare praying super hard for them. As far as we know they're okay. Dan is one of them, and he is super cool. He is 62 and still working hard. I grabbed his chat from the que and he was asking about the Humanitarian Aid we as a church were providing for Huston. Which lead to me asking if he want to keep in touch so we could teach him the reason why we are so effective (The Restoration). When we finally called, this is how it ended. 

Sis. Leavitt: Dan, when you find these things to be true, will you follow the example of Chirst, and be baptized by someone who holds the proper priesthood of God?
Dan: Yeah, I want to learn more though. Is there someone here I can talk to? Something I can read?
Me: YEAH! There are local missionaries and the Book of Mormon and......
So Dan is pretty golden.
That's the week!
Sister Glanzer from WA State!
PS. So as I have made cookies here I was having trouble getting them to  be like the cookies I made at home. I had a hard time thinking that elevation was the effect. AND I WAS RIGHT TO JUDGE THAT AS WRONG! I have been using baking POWDER instead of baking SODA this whole time. Eleven months, it took me 11 months to figure that out. They were kind of bready. 

PPS. Sis. Smith M. - Blond sister from Gilbert AZ and was in my MTC district, has been my roommate the last three months.

Sis. Smith A. - Brunette sister from Gilbert AZ, was in the MTC district next door, was in my district last transfer, going to Reno with me.

Sis. Smith S. - She is from New Zealand, Maori (pronounced  moe-T), visa waited in her country. 

All the Brazilians!
Gary is the bald man, and these are the missionaries who taught him (except me, I just jumped in)
Got our Texts
8 of 10 sister going out, front to back. Sis. Blocker TX, Coleman TX, Boutille (boo-twah) France, Smith M. AZ, Shin Myanmar (Burma), Me! Zeller MA, Smith A. AZ. Not pictured Richey WA (She told everyone she didn't get a text-She lied to us)  Gemio Bolivia/ VI.
The district plus the Elders giving us the tour!
We were chewing gum and I was too lazy to take it off
The long awaited text

Seriously, the busy season is practically gone, and I can almost sit on my hair!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Miracles and Blessings!

Okay okay okay.

So life is going by so fast sometimes that I don't even remember what has happened. Oops. Maybe this is a great time to repent and write in my journal more often. 

Now I haven't been to Welfare Square for the longest time, so I don't have any fun stories from there. Sad, I know. This transfer we only go on Thursdays, so, so far I have missed two days because of zone conference and interviews and the potential to have the last Thursday of the transfer be our service project. So it really is like Square is my assignment, not Welfare Square. 

Zone Conference was amazing, as always. The thing that stood out to me the most was a training given by the Zone Leaders of the East 2 Zone. They took snippets from the movie "Ephraim's Rescue" (which is one of the three movies we are approved to watch). There was a phrase that he said, "A desire that was planted in my heart." There are callings I would have like to have had or served in, but I didn't desire it. It was never planted in my heart, perhaps my head for a time. And that is fine. There are some sisters that want to have certain callings soooooooo bad, that when they get or don't get texts it is a very dramatic response. That has a lasting effect for quite some time after.

Now lets talk about miracles and blessings!

These past few days we have found some very open and golden folks online. Really, we have! Super exciting! Sister Leavitt says that I will be leaving her with a huge teaching pool if I go outbound (We don't know yet). We can see that there are quite a few people around the US that are on date for baptism (5) and we are actually going to a baptism this Saturday! 

This was the event I am going to tell is HUGE! So sister Leavitt and I got done taking a GP of a big Polynesian family. Then a man came asking of it in Spanish, so we went searching for Spanish sisters. We found him again telling him they were on their way. Now, as we sent them in with the sisters, two men come up to us. One was a member I have talked with a few times as he has brought people to the Square, and the other is a man that Sister Leavitt taught her 2nd and 3rd transfer, Gary. Now right then and there we learned that Gary will be getting baptized this Saturday! Gary is like in his 60's, and was homeless when she started teaching him, but know, she says, he looks a lot better. He has also been meeting with local missionaries for the last 3 months and has finally found these things to be true! It was so amazing. 

This transfer has been a pretty interesting transfer. Most of it I have asked to keep confidential, but it has been CRAZY CRAZY at times. So we view these people as blessings from Heavenly Father for our diligence, and I think more for Sister Leavitt than for me, being a district leader isn't easy. I know, all but one of my companions has been one! But then even later she became one. 

I forgot to say! So a few weeks ago, when ever it was transfer time for the Yakima mission, there was quite a few fresh returned missionaries roaming The Square with their families, like fresh off the plan. One of them was Elder Dalton! Granted he was only in Oroville/Tonasket for a couple weeks before I left, but that was still neat to see him. Then, later on there was sister just kind of like, "oh look sister missionaries!" She too had returned home from Yakima, I don't remember her name, but she had served in the Ephrata area for a time Spanish speaking. 

The Mormon community for some people is SUPER small. There was a sister that served 12 years ago who came by herself to see the basement. She was very emotional as she walked around, remembering her mission, but her mission president is friends with the Risenmays. Go figure. Part of me wants to live in super Mormon place so I can have things like that happen, then the other part is.... that is too many people, how will my children know what the world is like.... maybe a mild Mormon place, Like the Ephrata ratio! That seems pretty good. But they have to have the joy of early morning seminary like me and many that came before them. 😉

Good day all!
Sister Glanzer

Sister Leavitt drying her shirt in the bathroom
This is the usual Welfare Square Thursday Shift, minus three of us. Sister Colemen form TX, Sister Jeong from South Korea and Sister Jansen from Brazil
Our zone activity was last P-day, but I thought I need to make up for the lack of pics last week
Zone activity
Zone activity
The only squirrel I have seen here in Utah
We celebrated Sister Smith A's Bday as well. She is now 20. The other sister is Sister Newlin from North Carolina
Our distrct activity, we went to the Central Bishop Store House. IT WAS HUGE! So I took a few pictures, and sister Calderon had the rest.
Bishop's Storehouse
Bishop's Storehouse
Bishop's Storehouse

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Look Who Found Allison!

Kyle Adrus found Allison!

"It was very odd kind of how it happened. I was on a temporary exchange with Sister Jansen from Brazil and Sister Leavitt comes into the TC saying, your brother's best friend is here. My thought was Kyle? But then she kept talking and said that he had a brown dog with him, so then I thought, Andy is here under disguise with Sammi? So we walked towards the door that are up the steps of the NVC and I totally thought it was Andy because I couldn't see the face, whaaat? No. but then this random lady came up to and said that someone here really want to see me. Random. It was Kyle's mom! That was fun!!  

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Two Things I Didn't Want in My Mission: Use Facebook and Ride a Bike

Something that I really learned this week was that a lot people don't know how the Bible came to be, which I find so surprising. We had a tour of less than happy people I don't even know. They brought about how John says in Revelation that no one should add to his book. We began to explain just a bit about the history of the Bible being collected together in 4th century and boy, they didn't like that. This isn't too missionary like to say, but, "WHAT THE HECK?" That is my thinking after the tour. All but two people in the tour were just "attack, attack, attack."

At one point, the grandfather, there was family of Romanian Christians, raised his hand, "Oh, he has a question." Nope. He got very angry at us. I can see why learning the Gospel in your native language is always the best option. He misunderstood what we said. But it ended well enough, as the Holy Ghost was able to whisper to the grandmother, and she took a Book of Mormon in Romanian. Sadly, we found her restoration pamphlet in the Tabernacle. But we both know she was touched by what she was able to learn. She was also the most interested in what we had to say.

I want you all to know that the funniest part of the day is when we go home and are there when Sister Smith M. and Yoshida come home. We just share the most random things that happened that day. We all get really into the stories too.

WE ARE GOING TO BECOME A FACEBOOK MISSION!!!?????!!!!!?!!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!???!!!!! 😐😮😱😥😫😭
Sister Smith told us (it was announced in Zone Conference). There were two things I did not want to do on my mission, use Facebook and ride a bike. Well, if we are becoming a FB mission, that probably means that when I am outbound, I will ride a bike. I have been praying so hard not to though. I would rather walk everywhere.

I had the best 2nd phone call ever with a lady named Shelda! So good, and we are gonna call her next Monday to see if she prayed and read. We reported to the local missionaries so they can know, but they didn't seem to care that much. Maybe it was just the personality of the Elder, to get over excited about things. Oh well! There are other missionaries that are excited about our supporting the investigator, but those investigators don't respond back. We just can't have both.

Sister Glanzer
PS. Sorry, I ran out of time... Pictures next week!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Random Photos from Visitors to Temple Square

We received two photos of Allison from two different people visiting Temple Square.  We just love getting these random photos from folks we don't know, but who are very kind in sending them to us.  Thank you!

Thank you Tami Hirsch from Highland, Utah for this photo.  Tami was visiting TS with her two youngest children and met these two dear sister missionaries.  :-)

Thank you Stephanie Jacobsen for this photo of six wonderful TS missionaries! Stephanie was at the temple to take photos and saw these dear sisters and took their photo.  Her son is at the Mexico MTC and will be serving in the California Carlsbad Mission.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Heavenly Father Listens To Me, No Matter What Age I Am

What happened this week? A lot! We didn't go to Welfare Square because we had interviews with President. Which are always good! Mine doesn't last too long, I never remember what I want to talk about or ask, and my question don't formulate fast enough for me in the short time. But they are always good! 

Sister Leavitt and I only speak English. She has broken French and I have spotty Spanish. The sisters in out district speak Spanish, French, German, Russian, and Ukrainian. I was able to take a German, Russian/English, and French tour!! And I contacted an Italian Motorcoach (49 people). Very exciting! Exchanges are the only way I get to have a companion from Europe! I haven't had one yet. We finished our exchanges with the sisters in the District. They are all doing well, having their own things to grow and improve upon as missionaries, but they'll make it!

The highlight of my week was possibly the eclipse! See waaaaaay back in 6th grade in the space science text book there was a map foretelling the future eclipses that would occur! I remember thinking, "I WILL BE THERE!" Fast forward eight years later, I had completely forgotten until Thursday morning, President announced that the mission bought glasses for us all to have during the eclipse! I now know it was that determination in 6th grade is why I got called to Temple Square, not to preach the Gospel, but to see a 90% eclipse. 😉 Not really, but I bet Heavenly Father remembered how excited I was for that, and thought He would remind me that He does listen to me, no matter what age I am. 😄
I was also kind of hoping some crazy stuff would go down on Square the day of the eclipse, but nope. It was just a regular day just with weird lighting and crescent shaped shadows from the leaves for a bit.

It was pretty cool. We missed the peak because of a man in our flagpole tour talking and talking just to talk. I asked a question of him about his culture and religion that took a long time to explain. He is a nice guy, and his wife too.

 I have been out for 11 months and 2 days! WOW! 

More exciting news, people that I have sent to locals, more of them are being taught! One was even set on date for baptism! Though most of them forget that I will call and follow up with them, so sadly they don't answer the phone. That's okay, if all I can do is add them to my prayers, I will! 

We went on exchanges with our zone leaders yesterday! That is always a good learning exchange for me! Sister Beltran from Mexico! She was with me when Kasey, Sam and LeighAnne came to so square. She was great to have there and to teach with!
That's all!
Sister Glanzer

Sister Tuttle and I got some good bonding time after a long time of brief chats.
My radical eclipse picture. A man had a set of these glasses taped to his fancy camera so he could get some good shots.
Cute little sister missionary sponsored sign.
The trees on Church property just have Christmas light vines.
Sister Ranieri and I always manage to wear these outfits on the same day, more that once.
Yes, I went on a hike dressed exactly like that! I left the med kit in the car, but I was ready. 
President needed to model the glasses for us.
We look like we are ready for school! Lunch boxes and backpacks!
We need a pic with our cool protective glasses!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Look Who Found Allison!

Some of Allison's really good friends stopped by and saw her! Sam and Kasey Nelson and LeighAnne Barnes. She had a great time being able to see them while on her mission.

"I was on exchanges with Sister Beltran. We were finishing personal study on the Square in the morning, then they asked us to cover the Beehive House until the sisters come. We were there for 10 minutes and then they came, so we went behind the house in front of the COB to finish planning. We walked towards the Square and as we neared the Reflection Pool, "lLook, there are my friends." 


Now what on earth does that word mean? Hello in Greek (I hope). I got to announce again in front of the Conference Center (Music and the Spoken word is there for the summer). While we were waiting for everyone to come out of the building, but before the choir of TSM sisters sang, a man comes up to me and asks if his group of 23 people from Greece could join my tour. This was a super tour! They told us there are about 700 LDS in Greece (I looked it up and they were right, 772). There were two highlights of the tour, 1)  the tour guide told us, "Just the beliefs, they don't care about the history." Jaw drop of joy! 2) At the end, we gave out all of the six copies of the Book of Mormon we could find. Woot! Sister Leavitt said that there was a lady who was crying a bit. Never so much had I left a tour knowing that future members of the church were going to come from this tour, whether it was themselves or someone close to them. Amazing.

Another tour, just yesterday, we had the 6pm Flagpole tour (every hour and half hour we offer free English guided tours of Temple Square and Spanish and Mandarin every hour). We had a group of nine and gave three books. We had a French family and the mom wanted a book. Just she came with Sister Leavitt and I to the desk to get one. We shared a bit more with her and she really loved it. She asked us if we felt peace here, because that is what we were giving to her. She cried a little bit too. She loved what we shared about the family. Sadly she didn't refer, but we know that one day missionaries will meet her and she'll accept the Gospel. 😊

As for Teaching Center. TWO PEOPLE I SENT TO LOCALS ARE STILL MEETING WITH THE MISSIONARIES! Sadly, as always, they don't pick up the phone. I am so thankful that we are allowed to call the local missionaries to know how the individual ladies are doing. I am very excited for them! 

It is that time of transfer again where interviews are the day after P-Day! We are actually doing something a bit different starting this transfer. Before companionships would arrive at a time, one would meet with President (spiritual needs and assessment, guidance, the like, checking that we are staying worthy to our promises with God), the other would meet with Sis. Risenmay (physical and mental health and needs), then swap. But now the district will meet with Sis. Risenmay for two hours role playing lessons that we teach as missionaries, all the while President is meeting with us one at time. This will be new. They said that is what they did when they presided over the Utah Salt Lake City South Mission (We think, there are a lot of SLC missions). Remember a Zone is about 20 sisters, and a District is about 6-8 sisters.

Missionary life is still going good. One of the best ways for young adults to prep for life and to be strong disciples of Christ in the real world. Never would I trade this experience for anything that I could have done for 18 months if I hadn't.

"Until next time, God be with you til we meet again" - Lloyd D. Newell, Music and the Spoken Word announcer

Sister Glanzer
PS. We are going on a hike today

This sister is going to another VC, she was here for MTC contacting... She is Sister Allison, How legit is that?!
When you ask me, what did you learn to say in Chinese? Hai Bian Bao Bao (sounds like: hime yen bow bow) Spongebob. That is what we sing in our apartment. Sister Yang Y. (as Patrick Star) has left the apartment, but her memory lives on. Sister Smith M. as Spongebob. art work by Sister Glanzer A. Face warping curtsy of the church allowing us to have Photo Booth on our iPads.