Saturday, October 1, 2016

I'm Very Glad for this Experience at the MTC

Where to start? It is hard to keep track of days here because we don’t have an actual date calendar, but E. Manly in our district, the youngest of us all, thought for all of his life there were only 29 days in September. This was revealed to us last night.

The first few days with my comp, Sister Zeller was very difficult socially wise, our personalities clashed and we couldn’t hold a conversation. Most everything she did got on my nerves, she would talk to me like a child at times and she told me not to whistle, which was like nuh uh sista, but I tried to respect her request, I wanted us to work well together. On the spiritual level and teaching lessons we did very well, just everything else sucked, terribly. She was also having some personal troubles. She had talked to our Branch president who suggested she see a counselor here, and he asked me to see one as well to maybe learn some ways to help her.... remember this, I will come back to it. 

I enjoyed Sunday, it felt like any other day here, which is good because that means we are constantly on that spiritual high and doing what the Lord wants us to do.

Our teachers, Sister Seegmiller and Sister Davis have us practice giving the Plan of Salvation and the Restoration lessons simple and in a minute which is very extremely hard. The Plan of Salvation is one of my very favorite things about the gospel. We were practicing giving it in a minute. We weren’t with our companions, I was with Sister Blocker and I was able to do it in the minutes, talking super-fast. I crushed it, super excited! Then Sister Blocker was able to as well, talking a mile in a minute, she was able to finish and I was so enthused for her! awesome! I am learning so much here at the MTC!

Tuesday is devotional where a general authority talks to us missionaries. I along with all of my district and over half the MTC was in the choir, they say the biggest Choir ever. Bro. Egget is the choir director and he is so awesome. the song was about baptism and he would pause and tell us stuff and have us ponder questions that he had asked us, which helped give a whole new insight on why we are baptized and why Jesus had to be baptized. 

After the devotional we went back to our districts and talked in our district about what we had learned which “teach and discus” is something I am really enjoying here. Fantastic to see how the spirit affects us differently or similarly when we all hear the same message.

On this night, because our Branch Presidency met with us and lead the discussion, the answer to my prayer of how to adjust to Sister Zeller came. We got a companion switch! I was so thankful. So now I am comps with Sister Richey, from Chimacum, WA. It is way easier for us to hold a conversation and relate. Sister Zeller is with Sister Foote now, who got a letter yesterday from her grandma saying that, "she has a sister that knows a missionary going to the temple square mission and entered the MTC at the same time I did." That sister is Julia Thompson from our ward! That is super cool! 

Now back to the story.... Sister Zeller was stilling going to see the counselor on Wednesday, after we got our companion switch. I wasn't planning on going anymore because I wasn't her companion, but she must have really wanted me too. So I go.............My branch president expressed the inquiry to the counselor to see if I had ADHD.... BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I laughed.  After the visit I laughed. It was just hilarious to me! But then the rest of the day and Thursday I had this paranoia that I just might be! But I don't think I have it and the counselor doesn’t either, that maybe I was just anxious. I haven’t been around people my own age for a long period of time for over a year. I still think about the ADHD thing and chuckle to myself. Sillies. 

Sister Richey warned us that she yells in her sleep and she yelled Tuesday night and Freaked Sisters Foote, Zeller and I out! It went right along with my dream a bit what she yelled. So I was awake for a while, listening to some sister in the other room, sisters leaving to go out into the field, meaning it was after 3 am. I went to the bathroom, in a daze said good bye to the two sisters, went again. In hobbled Sister Brady who had surgery while she was here on her knee on her meniscus so she has to stay another two weeks here. But that meant she was sleeping alone. I thought to ask her, are you alone in your room? I was all nah. I climbed into bed, and thoughts came to me to go see if Sister Brady is alone, go sleep in her room. What if she is in bed and the door is closed, she can’t get out very well to let me in. Go check just in case. I am very sad to say I didn't act upon this prompting. She had left the door open a bit. She slept alone, I had been awake at the time her district left her and I could have stayed with her. I will be trying harder to act on promptings from now on. She is in the district of Sisters that came the same day as me and they are going to temple square also! 

Sister Richey and I got separated fro out district of sister and joined a different district for a service project. We restocked the toilet paper and vacuumed the mail room in 2M! it was funny because the rest of our district went to 17M to clean. I get so turned around referring the to the buildings as 17M or 9M or 13M.

I rather enjoy my district very much, the elders are very fun, and funny, and some of them I can't look at or I’ll just laugh because they'll communicate to each other silently or make funny faces or just something funny will happen, and it is easy for me to laugh and lose focus! Geewhilikers!

I am very glad for this experience here in the MTC. I am slightly envious of the missionaries that get to stay here longer than me, but at the same time I am sometimes ready to be out in the field, it is crazy to think our elders leave in a little over a week, and we sisters leave in about two!

Catch y'all on the flip side!
Sis. Allison Jo Glanzer!

ALSO! Erica Good sent me a little package full of candy and a joke, which I love jokes, and I was just so surprised and glad she did! 

And today when Sister Richey and I went to the temple there was a woman standing outside that asked us to do some names for her! we will have them and are going to talk about it with the rest of the sisters if we want to do an endowment session next week for these names.

From left to right are Sisters Blocker, Foote, Smith, me Richey, Zeller.​
On a Temple walk on Saturday with President and Sister Williams in the middle
My comp, Sister Richey and I trying and failing at taking selfies with regular cameras

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