Wednesday, November 9, 2016

I am Getting the Hang of Things Here on Temple Square, Enjoying a Little More Each Day

After I had left you, our district of six sisters had a "Thanksgiving" dinner in which we made a bunch of random food and ate at our and S. Donald/Kampan's apartment! It was a grand time to spend together! Then we had left overs for dinner on Sunday, Christmas. It was lovely to have a sit down dinner!

Halloween was the best Halloween ever! The meal was lasagna. And I got have a lot of leftover breadsticks! I have a bag chilling in the freezer!

I saw Lindsey Bair before she went into the MTC and hugged Sister Bair, and shook bro. Bair's hand! We were super excited! We went to Desseret Book to get some stamps. I so thought it was Jessica Bair, but then I realized. So awesome! So any future missionary out planning on serving in the next 16 months, come to Temple Square and try to find me! The sisters can't call or text me to tell you, but if you ask enough of them, one of them will be like yeah I just saw her! It would really make my day! 

In order to have sisters on the Square from 9 to 9, we have late schedule and early schedule. I am on late schedule so I am awake from 6:45 to 10:45, were as early schedule is 6:15 to 10:15. Everyone has different schedules. 

This past week in TC (teaching center) while I was cleaning out the many contacts that Sis. Da Luz has, a man named Jeffery called. That was the best experience I have had on the phone! He requested a bible. He wanted it for a bible study class. He was super friendly. Can the missionaries drop it off? Sure, most definitely (Internal screaming, so exciting!)! My comp reminded me to ask if he would like a Book of Mormon. Yeah sure! Do you know much about Mormons? I've got a friend. (I then reassured him that we haven't practiced polygamy since 1890) I explained a bit about it, how it is another testament of Jesus Christ and we use it as a companion to the Bible. He was so into it! I said a prayer with him over the phone and asked him if in about a week (plenty of time for the Elders to get to him) I could call back and talk about his meeting with the missionaries and even read the book with him. He said yes! "You can call me anytime. You really made my day thanks for talking with me."
My young missionary heart burst! "You made my day, and I am really looking forward to talking with you."

Everyday since then, I have been praying that the elders go to him, so when I call it won’t be another, "No, they haven't yet." That is awful when that happens. It is awkward on the phone after that. 
But Jeffery is so golden. 

There have been a few days where all the people we have contacted where mostly or all members, which to me is fine because our purpose is to invite others, meaning anyone and everyone, to come unto Christ. Sometimes Sis. Da Luz will say, "We are talking to too many members." You can never talk about Jesus too much with anyone as a missionary. That day that was all members, near the very end, we played the words of Christ for a student. There were Elders having a lesson, and I was hoping it didn't interrupt them. Perhaps it was what they needed right then.

We saw the elders later at a desk in the South Visitor Center. I asked them about it. The taller Elder said that they were teaching a less active member, and he had gotten to a point where he didn't know what to say next, but I had played the narration, he said, "I let Jesus do the talking now." Sweet! The Lord using his servants to help his other servants! Woot for the spirit guiding us! This was my first interaction with elders since leaving the MTC. Spiritual of course. 

One of the struggles we have are rude members of the church. They don't seem to realize that missionaries can help strengthen their faith as well as convert people. Yes, we will probably ask for a referral because our message is for everyone and we want to share. We are trying to fulfill our purpose! But they seem to forget they are included in the "others" part. Sometimes I just want to be blunt with them. 

Companionship study is getting easier a little bit each day. Role-plays are more focused. 

There is a lady in Brazil that went to church and felt so welcome and loved, she plans on going again! AHH! Exciting!! But then the same Sunday, a man in Brazil got off work early to go to church, saw that everyone was dress in nice clothes, and went home. Sis. Da Luz was very frustrated with the members, "Not one member could be ‘hey your new! you fine how you are, come!’ Bah!" It was rather funny. 

Since it is dark when we go home, we have to travel in groups of at lest three companionships. That walk home always energizes me! Talking with those sister is rather fun! I am also take that time to speak rapidly in my gibberish, such fun. Too bad it isn't a real language. But shhhh, not many know that. ;)

I am able to still talk to some of the sisters from my MTC time, especially sister Allyson Smith. I always locate her to sit next to during dinner and lunch, our comps see how much joy we have being able to talk with each other. They are like Sis. Smith is here, Sis. Glanzer is here. Aww, our “moms.”

Made a steal shopping for food this fine day, big box of pizza rolls for $6. Can't wait to eat them. I am getting the hang of things here on temple square, enjoying a little more each day. Definitely have learned somethings that I’ve never really put much thought too. I can always improve though, always!

Catch y'all on the flip side, and btw I can read emails during the week, so if ya wanna drop one in my inbox, no matter who you are, I just request a picture and a wholesome joke along with it! I'm outtie!

Sister Allison Jo Glanzer

My computer set up at the TC

Sis. Da Luz and I
Ran into Lindsey Bair and her family at Desseret Book!
All my name tags

Our "Thanksgiving" group

This beautiful sight I get to see everyday

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