Thursday, November 17, 2016

I Invited My Very First Person Ever To Be Baptized!

Last Tuesday we had Zone conference. There were three zones, each zone has about three districts and each district has about three companionships. There are about 20 sisters in each zone. So there is a district four because of our lovely Zone Leaders, they need to be in a district! But Zone Conference was AMAZING! We went over some basic reminders of keeping our apartments clean, that’s why I cleaned the lint trap! We saw ways to improve our missionary contacts (tours) to be balanced between the content and the companionship. We got into some deep doctrine. The brethren (prophet and apostles) said that they want all missionaries to understand the nine doctrines much better. Some of it was overview, but there was a lot of eye opening and understanding that happened. We had just gone over only the purpose of the Godhead, or Trinity to ye that are not familiar with the term, but I bet you all could have guessed ;). We also went waaaaaaay super in depth with the plan of salvation. A lot of learning happened there also. Of course it is way too much to tell these people that visit here on the square, but we loved learning it. All of the senior couples, the mission presidency, and the assistants to the president spoke. So good.

Here is the update with Jeffery. The elders in his area can only go to the area where is home is on Saturdays. The sister at the referral desk was so nice to put up with my calls. We had our follow up call with Jeffery and I did it! I invited my very first person ever to be baptized! But we can't count him truly to be on date in our key indicators until the elders talk to him and confirm it. BUT! I still did it! Woot for me! Sister Da Luz set it up for me to ask. Companions are just grand.

Today we have an hour of Teaching Center and I called two people, Ann and Clifford. Ann was pretty great and open to receiving the missionaries in her home, but Clifford… Whoa! This guy. He had been investigating the church for about three years, but he has been familiar with it since '84. He has such a strong desire to be baptized. I haven't met or talked to some like him ever. It was a fantastic conversation over the phone! It was funny, he was driving and talking, he stops and says, "This semi in front of me says, 'Jesus saves.' What are the odds that I talk to a missionary and see this?" He talked about this song, Always and Forever, by Heat Wave. He asked me if I had heard it, of course the only Always and Forever I know is when Kip sings to Lafaunda in Neopolian Dynamite! He sang so it to me over the phone and it made me think of dad! He chuckled about singing to a complete stranger over the phone.

Yesterday I did a split because Sis. Da Luz wants to pass off Spanish so she can take Spanish tours and have language study time for it. So I went on exchanges with Sis. Randsom. She has a very strong testimony and is a good missionary, but I will say I am glad to do tours with Sis. Da Luz. We never really see how much we value our comps until we have an odd experience with another comp. 
For sacrament meeting on Sunday we go to the chapel in the Joseph Smith memorial Building. Everyone of us are sisters, senior couples, and also there are regular people that attend with us from time to time that are investigators of the sisters. But of course, we encourage them to attend their homewards to start building those bonds with the members there.

There was a boy who is going to brazil in December who talked to us. He wasted out precious time to serve the Lord. We talked to him twice the whole day and he probably spent an hour talking to Sis. Da Luz about Portuguese. The mission he is going to Teresina Brazil Mission. She said later that night during planning that he is going to suffer in that mission. His skin is going to get black and he is going to lose pounds. It is a hard mission. Props to him in wanting to learn Portuguese before mission, but he made us very foo-becca. Foo-becca means lazy missionary in Portuguese. I don't know to spell it, but that is how it sounds. We laughed a good laugh about this kid. But it would be odd if I talked to the other three groups at the Christ statue two times while she talked to him. We role played who to stop chit chat conversations the next day in companionship study. That was a giggle in a half as well!

When I am not on the square I am in the teaching center. There are different assignments that come with the Square assignment, such as the tours every hour at the flag pole from 9am to 8pm. We take the 8pm one on Sunday for this transfer. We are also assigned to each desk in each building at one point during the week as well, but then from time to time we get to cover desks for sisters. My favorite desk is the EF desk in the South Visitor center. At night, few people come through at a time so it is easier to talk with everyone that comes through the doors. 

Today we have a zone activity in a chapel close by. We are making pizza and guess who is in charge of the activities? Any guess? Any one? Yes! That's right! Sister Glanzer from Washington! (Every time we stand in a large group we have to say our name and where we are from) Who would have thought? many years of ASB leadership, leadership activities, girls' camp, and Link Crew have paid off! My element! 

We as a district went to the temple, but I don't remember the day. \_( '-')_/ oh well! But now at the temple model, I can testify, that is what the inside looks like! 

Creating food for myself can be fun, but also a stretch to think of easy things to make in 5-10 minutes! This week I microwaved chicken nuggets, but them in a tortilla, put Tapatio on them and that was a glorious meal! 

We were giving our training during Relief society time, for the missionary department last Friday about the church's Christmas initiative! #LightuptheWorld. Twenty-five days to do little things to bring Christ like things into the lives of others. Each day from the 1st to the 25th there is a different way. As well, they talked about the new guest card for the season. They did it so well, I, along with other sisters, didn't realize they were doing a role play. We thought they were just getting us excited! The sneaky guys, they were so good. The told us about 1 million people come to temple square for the lights. November 25th is the 1st day. Gulp. That is a lot of people. 

Tata for now, y'all!
Sister Allison Jo Glanzer, from Washington!

PS. Sis. Tuttle just asked me what is the plastic thing at the end of a shoe lace... aglet... Thought you'd know... What a confirmation of my personality! 
Salt Lake City Temple replica
This is where I get to spend every day!
Sis. Da Luz and I have so much fun
Just being creative with our food
My job in keeping our place cleaner; clean out the lint catcher in the dryer
Enjoying our time
I'm in the pictures on the mission blog. Click on the link:  November 8, 9, and 10, 2016 Zone Conference:   While others went off to feed their bodies, we continued to feed our spirits. we were "feasting on the words of Christ" (2 Nephi 32:3), seeking more understanding from the mission president.

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