Saturday, February 11, 2017

Crazy Cool Things in TC These Past Whiles!

Crazy cool things in TC these past whiles! So I have picked up HQ referrals that have been really elect people from the UK and Australia! We got an email from the one in Australia reading, "I got the Book of Mormon and I plan on reading it this weekend! Please tell me how I can become a Mormon." AHHHHH Okay! We actually talked to him on the phone again! We also taught him about the importance of prayer! But then call dropped... We have no idea why, so when I called back it went straight to voicemail. So the ending of our lesson was my message, the invitation and promised blessings. Great way to end, right? 

The people in the UK are also super prepared. They have done research into the church and sometimes I marvel at the extent that some people go. One of them is from Scotland, I was think, maybe I'll be sending it to Sister Michayla Hassing. I remembered that she is in Ireland! I even sent him to sisters! Super close. 

Today, I called a lady who her and her husband are looking for that community the church provides, they can't seem to find it out there in the east of the US. They are super prepared too because both of them want to meet together! I love to hear to their stories leading up to requesting the missionaries or the Book of Mormon. 

Today for p-day we had a district activity! But first, I dyed sister Nyamdeleg's hair! 😱 I did a good job. It was pretty easy actually. 😎

The mission tour is taking FOREVER to get here! Ahh! But I don't dwell on it too much because then I'd get really antsy. 
I am still loving the Beehive house! I want to stay at least another transfer before I must bid it farewell for a time. We have had some interesting times in the Beehive House, but most frustrating is when members come in and are just... rude. They don't let us do our missionary duty! It is even more annoying when they have friends that aren't members that seem very interested in what we are saying. They don't really understand the difference between history and gospel. They won't see that we are preaching to let the spirit touch their hearts! Alas, there are also really good members that come through, and we just agree with them, "Yes, what he said is true. Yes, that gospel can change your life. Yes, God hears you!" But that doesn't always happen, but when it does, we jump for joy after the tour! 

I am really curious to see where the world is going with the emphasis that we are putting on finding the elect and trusting more and more in the local missionaries with those who aren't as willing to keep in touch with us. As well as the changes that have been made, and many other things that are happening. I can't wait to see the world in a year! God has many things in store for us. Many, many things! Just make sure that you are all doing your best to be your best!

Tah tah for now folks!

Also! The Jeppson's sent me this super cute and cool plan of salvation model thing, and I cant wait to use it in my outbound! 

Sister Glanzer 

Here is my zone, minus Sister Contreras and Sister Evanga
The fire alarm went off one day!
The crew for a bit of last minute emailing!

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