Monday, February 20, 2017

What a Fun Way to Spend Valentine's Day!

Tomorrow! Tomorrow is the Mission Tour! I have been waiting for ages! Transfers are next Wednesday! Can you believe it? I can't, I have really enjoyed this transfer, companion, district, zone, assignment and schedule! I would love to stay in Beehive House, but at the same time I want a new assignment (as long as it isn't Square). Sister Nyamdeleg and I would also love to stay with each other too! But we have 14 sisters going outbound and about seven going home, about 20-27 (I've heard the numbers vary between these two) new sisters.... What if I train? 😱 I have no feeling on what the next transfer will be like, but I don't feel unprepared to train if I am asked... But if I don't, you wont hear me complain! 

I got my wonderful suitcase! It is was so funny, 
"Sister Glanzer, what did your parents send you?" 
"Sister Glanzer, are you going home?" 
"They just sent you a suit case? Was there anything in it?"

It is black, but that's okay! It rolls and that is all that matters! If it were pink, we would have an issue.😉

We took a tour in Beehive consisting of four cousins, two sets of brothers, from Blackfoot Idaho. Three of them return missionaries, and on is engaged. There is a joke that we like to use on the occasion about how the clerks would get to the second level in the Church Office... The clerks used a trampoline! They hardcore believed me! They truly did! And I laughed so hard at them, both Sister Nyamdeleg and I were worried that we had joked too much with them, but at the very end we were able to round it back together and had a good spirit filled mini testimony meeting. It was really good! 

My dear eldest sister, Katie, sent me a box and gave me a "heart attack!" She had chocolate in it of course, but she also had cut out hearts in it with different scriptures and quotes about love and such. So on Valentines Day, I decided to give others a "heart attack!" I just did mostly sisters and I would attack them with one of the hearts! I as I ran out, I thought that some of them would have been good to give to people on the square! And we did, to a couple roaming about. They enjoyed it! Then later in the apartment, Sister Skousen (who is going outbound to San Jose!) and I threw the chocolate, shouting  "HEART ATTACK!" What a fun way to spend Valentines Day, telling people about God's and Jesus' love for them!

Sunday night, we did our daily planning as usual, and have started to be more specific in planning. We planned on one hour of square to find a family from Virginia. So as we left TC the next day, and reviewed our plan. The very first people we talked to, two older men, were from Virginia. We were shocked and I had this huge open mouthed smile on my face, trying so hard not to laugh! No way! Well, the taller one was pretty aggressive in what he believed, going off about things that really had nothing to do with the conversation. Every time I tried to share something, they would cut me off... 😒So i just got silent because I haven't developed the bold and interjecting skill quite yet, the other man was very attentive and had good thoughts, you can tell he was very used to his friend. It was a good contact over all.

I had a moment where I really was able to notice how much I have improved and grown, and how comfortable I am with sharing the Gospel now, and just how easy it was! It was just so nice! I am glad, but contacting by my individual self, still not very fond of it. That one still needs A LOT of improvement.

This is my last P-Day for the transfer as well. Who knows when my next P-Day will be!! Actually like 10 people do, but I'll know everything next Monday!

Sister Glanzer!

Our zone project was quilting at the Humanitarian Center
My suitcase
Our relaxing district activity with pizza!

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