Tuesday, April 11, 2017

It is Fun to Call a Different Country

I have late schedule. Which means I wake up at 6:45 everyday! Except Sundays and Thursdays and other early morning meetings we may have. All in all, I don't like early schedule because we lose sleep.  But sister Morales B. (Because there are two sister Morales) is from Guatemala! She is in her 11th transfer, she will be serving 13. She spent the whole of her mission in 12 weeks. She was trained in Guatemala (waiting for her visa), then the mtc for two months to learn English. Then she was trained on Temple Square, had one transfer free, then she trained twice, and then she's FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! She trained Sister Smith who was in my MTC district and Sister Wu, who was my first MTC contacting!

I am having my 2nd transfer in West Gate! So it is going to get busier and busier. A perk to late schedule is that we close West Gate, twice! Yessssssssss! But last Tuesday, when I started the day, I had no idea that I wasn't going to be spending anytime on Square that day. I got to drive Sister Almedia (3rd transfer Zone leader, from Brazil) to get her Wisdom Teeth extracted. I go to spend the whole day with her because her companion was a departing sister and the last Tuesday of the transfer is the day departing sisters go to the temple with President and Sister Risenmay. I love sister Almedia so much! This is her last transfer here and she will be one that I'll really miss. 

Speaking about Zone Leaders, Sister Nyamdeleg is my new Zone Leader with Sister Monzalvo!! That was exciting to see! In my district is Sister Da Luz. I really like my District! There is Sister Morales and me, Sister Da Luz and Roberts (Pullman, WA), and Sister Sneddon (Utah/Germany) and Huang (Taiwan, 1st transfer). Sister Morales was happy to have Sister Roberts and I in her district, because, "I'm not funny and you two are." Sister Sneddon and Huang are our roommates. Saturday night we, Sister Sneddon, Morales, and I, sat on the hallway floor where our bedrooms are and Sister Sneddon and I sang/told the Les Misrables story to Sister Morales.

We got to talk with a man on chat that is from Sweden! It was fun! He said he was interested in meeting with the missionaries, but he didn't want to give us his information because of his wife. So we gave him the link to meetinghouse finder on mormon.org so he could find the number of the missionaries himself.

He said, "I live 70 meters from the church!"
Us, "Oh! Where is the church?"
Him, "K***(I don't remember)***, Sweden." 

Then later, we talked how we would love to stay in contact with him to talk to him again.

He said "Yeah I would like that."
We asked, "Can we have your number?"
He said, "Sure."

So this was great! Today, I was able to call the Swedish missionaries and let them know everything about him that we knew! He was up at one am in Sweden talking to us because of a medical reason. We are going to call him on Wednesday, and he said he is always available. However, we aren't allowed to text or call before 9am or after 9pm in the person's respective area. We can't just call willy nilly. Times zones make things very interesting and hard to sometimes. But it is fun to call to a different country! 

The weather here as been so finicky, sunny warm, rain, sunny, snow, sunny, Make up your mind! 

I really thought that Easter Sunday was yesterday, until I looked on the calendar Sunday morning. There was even a little girl that called in the call center asking what day Easter was. Good thing it was after I knew, but I would like to share with you all the Easter theme this year. #PrinceofPeace! https://www.mormon.org/

I really like these church initiative videos that they do. I will always wish I was more aware when I was pre-mission. Everyone needs to have peace in their life, and even if you aren't religious, the different principles that are shared as companion videos can help any one.

Sister Glanzer

A goose by the reflection pool, it was in it later and people where throwing coins to make it come closer to them
Sister Choazino (choa- zeen-yo) (got that from Sister Samame and Carvahlo)
and me, Sister Glanzer

We stopped at Chinatown again, got some again noodles

Waiting 30 minutes for the other sisters to get out of Walmart.
and there was a bird stuck in Walmart.

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