Saturday, April 8, 2017

General Conference and a Family Tour

So I got confused about when we were going to get told everything, oops! But all I can tell you is that I am not moving! Woot! Finally! I may even stay in the same zone! I won't be training either,  but I am crossing my fingers for a mandarin sister! That means we are gonna work hard the whole summer season, like no studies, no meals, take all the 999 tours. I am ready! But I would do that no matter who my companion is! Helping to bring the gospel to mainland China sounds like fun though!

The build up to conference was actually a bit of a let down. Sisters were saying that it was gonna be packed, that is was going to be crazy! It wasn't. We did walk a lot and some sisters did get a bit sun burned.

On Saturday I talked with a member that had got back from his mission about six months ago, and I asked how conference was. I asked him about his mission, and he said one of the things he tries to keep from his mission is charity. He had told me that he gave a his conference ticket to a man that had been wanting to attend conference for the past 40 years. I was able to help him realize he had been charitable by giving that man his ticket. He said, "Wow. I never thought about it from his perspective, to me it was just a ticket." It was fun to see how it effected him, for good of corse.

Sunday it rained, that kept a lot of people away. But as the sun came out and we were in west gate we were able to see all the different styles of the people out and about.

One wonderful thing all sister missionaries on temple square were so grateful for was members fed us lunch and dinner. It took of worry of, "I am tired and want to sleep, but I don't want to starve tomorrow." And they were glad to feed us! Always a time to be thankful for!

I don't have any big miracles from conference, but I am thankful I was able to attended a session in person and be able to sit at the feet of a prophet and apostle of Heavenly Father. They play conference on Temple Square through speakers, I was able to hear snippets here and there, but we had West Gate for the Priesthood Session, and I really like Elder Bednar's talk.

Temple Square sister missionaries have the privilege of being able to take their close family members on an hour of tour, so today I was able to do that with my parents and my sister Dana and my nephew Henry! They brought with 
them Missy, as well as Brother Robeck from my ward and Anapum, therefore, joined us for the tour at the Beehive House. I love that place, and I took my first tour upstairs with them! Sister Samamé was very surprised that that I didn't shed a tear. 😏  But it is hard to make me cry!

I hope that everyone that watched conference was able to have a question answered, or perhaps if you are doing some soul searching they are always available for anyone to read and watch, forever! No matter what religion you follow. Also, when President Monson announced the temples, it was fun to hear the reactions of 21,000 people! To me, Pocatello is a funny word, so I chuckled when that one was announced!

So long, farewell, (auf wiedersehen), good bye! Next week you get to know comp, zone, assignment!

Sister Glanzer

The legacy theater where we show Meet the Mormons!
Creative ways to get tickets!
I wonder who she stumbled across for Snapchat help.... hmm
People enjoying the sun on Saturday!

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