Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Happy Easter, Jesus Lives!

There had been a lull in crazy/weird/odd people on teaching center, but this week I had a good amount! I will be honest, I am rather find of them! I was thinking that I wouldn't get stories of crazy people on my mission, I am glad I do! 

I am going to talk about a man that called today. He called in and he just went off at me talking about how he was angry and frustrated, and all these other things, that missionaries on the phone mistreated him, and he was doing good and quitting his addiction and no one cared about him. He wanted to cry, and on and on, and kept repeating himself over and over. I was kind, respectful, and let him talk, but I told him that Jesus cared about him. Now this isn't a story of how my missionary powers turned on and I was able to comfort this guy, because he was in a rage. He said, not vulgar or crude things, but basically that Jesus didn't care, that I didn't care, that I wasn't being respectful to him. This man was blinded by his rage and probably having withdrawals from what ever he was quitting. But to be so mad as to blame Christ for his problems that he brought on himself was quite silly.

Yesterday was Easter where we specifically remember Christ's sacrifice for us, which is the whole reason missionaries serve missions. I really came to understand how important He is to everything and everyone in the whole wide universe in the MTC. 

Easter at Temple Square really felt like a regular day. We had district meeting and numbers to report, but our Zone Leaders were able to bring it back to Easter with an activity we did. We chose an egg for our companion, we opened it and inside there was a picture of a person from the scriptures and we had to say why our companions are like that specific person. I thought, in my own little thoughts, that we all have that same desire to "...talk of Christ... rejoice in Christ...preach of Christ... that [the people we meet] may know to what source they may look for a remission of their sins." 2nephi 25:26

I went  on exchanges again because it is that time of the transfer! All of the exchanges where fun! I got to spend Saturday with Sister Nyamdeleg! Then Sunday, I spent with Sister Da Luz! With Sister Da Luz I took a phone call with this crazy person, and I felt like I was able to help them turn to Christ and begin that journey to be better. 

The best thing that happened this week, which is the first time this has ever happened in seven months, was we are allowed to now call the local missionaries. I called the elders of one of the locals that I sent and thought, this guy will totally be baptized. So I go and ask about the man, Wesley, what happened, yada yada. The elder says, "Yeah, he got baptized on March 11th." WAAAAAAAAAA! NO WAY!!! REALLY!?!?!?! The very first person that I, Sister Glanzer, sent to locals that got baptized, Also, he is going to get the Aaronic priesthood soon! That was super cool! He is from Wales. I asked the Elders to email us a picture, but they must have forgotten. Oh well. They told me the whole story about it. I am so glad we are able to call the missionaries!

There's some of the week! A lot of fun stuff happened, but it would be a super duper long email, so here are the best parts, as well as seeing to the May's who were part of the Branch Presidency when I was in the MTC. They are so great, I love to see them. 

Happy Easter, Jesus Lives!
Sister Glanzer! 

Our zone
Sister Morales and I discovered "Our Heritage"
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We visited Brigham's grave 
They PLANT sage brush to be decorative
Our eggs from the zone leaders #districtgoals
My super long hair! can't sit on it yet, but super close
This is the remnants after weekly planning of the dried fruit my family gave me... I love home dried bananas!
On Wednesdays, Kneaders often gives us their leftover bread they can't sell anymore

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