Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Good Week In All

The word around the block is that some sisters on temple square got to meet President Uchtdorf. This is true, about 6-8 of them. My companion has been praying her whole mission to have the opportunity to meet him, but we were at Welfare square that day. Two of those sisters were in my district. 

This week is Zone Conference and I get to go tomorrow! We have heard only good things about it. 

Monday was the slowest day I have had on Welfare Square! Amazing! It seemed so weird to have time to sit for long stretches. It makes me feel like there is something I should be doing. We hardly ever have time like that on our mission, so it can seem foreign when it happens, but nice. 

When I am not on WS, it is like any other day on temple square. We have desk assignments, TC time, scheduled tours, and motor-coaches! We haven't taken as much this transfer, which is very sad. I rather like them. When September hits, there will be no more and the Square will calm down. I am really wishing I would get two summers instead of two winters. Busy all day is better than busy at night with people who just want to look at the pretty lights. 

We did something rather interesting last Saturday. Trio Exchanges. To better help and assess the sisters in the district and how they work as companionship. Sister Leavitt had the results that she wanted and she is doing a stellar job helping them. Our little district is rather fun.

Sister Leavitt and I are a high needs companionship when it comes to physical well being. She has all of these problems (her ear got infected, scabbed over, so I had to put a needle through it to reopen it) and really is best friends with Sister Risenmay, not like super bad, but they pop up here and there... a lot. For me, when I had a problem, I rub some dirt on it and call/hope it's good. I'll just pray everything away! The atonement can help to heal me, as long as I do what I can to help and truly have faith! But my wrist was having this weird swelling, now I have a brace, but it is for a right hand, not left. We can still have fun though. But I have decided, that if your body doesn't start breaking on you, not like major, here a little, there a little, you are not working hard enough in the mission. Most of the best sisters that have left had some type of physical pain that hit them while on their mission. There is a reason our missions are only so long. That is Sister Glanzer chapter 7 verse 21. Temple Square edition. 😉I have no idea if that hold true on other missions, but I could imagine. 

It is hot and dry here, just like Tonasket, but not smokey. I caught a hear of the news in passing, there maybe fires going to catch in Northern Utah, I think, I tried to be consecrated and not pay attention. But then I did watch a clip about a rodeo clown with a barrel racing dog... That dog was fast. 

Sister Leavitt's family came on Tuesday for their one time visit! They are a fun bunch! We went to the Assembly Hall, and the tour really wasn't a tour. They all just pointed at the pretty things or the things that caught their eye. They all have the same short excitement that she has. I started laughing. 

Good week all in all. I can't believe I have been out longer than I have left! I thought this day would never come.

Sister Glanzer

My contribution to District Meeting: The board of communication skills
Waiting to take the mission picture
Zone Activity, Pioneer type activities, milking
Me and my new used right hand brace! Wooooooo! 🙌

     This is what it takes to get Sister Smith out of our room so we can go to bed on time. 😂

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