Sunday, July 9, 2017

Serving at Welfare Square

The big question! What is Welfare Square like? Well, my first day was last Thursday, and only 2 of the 6 sisters there had served before, so it was a bit hectic! We made it though. I haven't been back since that day because our other shift is Monday. Our MLC was on Monday so we couldn't go. It was great to be able to go back to Welfare Square and see again the things that we as a church do.

At Welfare Square, there is also a room that shows a little bit of what the Humanitarian Center does, and that is where we end the tour. Fun Fact… in Elberta, UT the church owns a ranch that has 5,000 head of cattle and it is from there that comes the Deseret Industries Milk and Cheese, plus more, making a total of 18 products produced by those 5,000 cows! As well as when you buy BYU creamery items, funds go back to the Welfare Program to continue the work!

On the 2nd tour we gave of the WS, the youth that came through, whose Stake grows onions that are used in the spaghetti sauce and the salsa the church makes! I won’t tell you everything because there is a lot! The Deseret Industries Brand cannot be bought; it is only used in Bishop's Store Houses (BSH). 

The first tour we gave was to a youth group from the church and a girl told us that thanks to this program her family was able to have food during a very hard time in their life.

There are more than just the Welfare Square Campus in SLC, but other ones around the US, mostly in the Western U.S. Definitely not one in Tonasket, but keep paying your fast offerings! You don't need a BSH to be able to see how it helps people. It is easy to find where your tithes and offers go!

Seeing how the church's Welfare Program operates worldwide is so amazing. We have a huge impact on the world! This is just another thing that confirms to me that this is God's church and I am missionary serving Him, and caring for the poor and needy is a sacred thing, so of course God wants us to do our best to help! 

As for my companion, Sister Leavitt is my first American comp while being on Temple Square. If you recall, I had two in the MTC. We are getting along great! All my companions seem to have some type of medical issue, whether it is small, great, hidden, or mental. Each one. Then I am able to be at their side patting them. She and I get along great! She is very organized and easy to get excited! Definitely a hard working missionary. Yesterday I was on exchanges with Sister Smith A. and I said something in a way that Sister Leavitt would say it; both of us got big eyed….we haven’t even been together a consecutive 7 days yet!

It is so sunny and bright here! The Temple isn't white per say, but it is super close to it, so walking around the Square is blinding and eye-burning when you exit the dim tabernacle or dim south desk of the South Visitor Center. 

Thanks all! Keep up the good Christlike things you are doing and strive to do more!

Sister Glanzer


Sister Smith and Leavitt are excited about a clean apartment. Sister Smith for people who will clean, Sister Leavitt for all her cleaning.

Getting some meat at Rancho market. 

Sister Smith A. and I on exchanges on the Fourth. Almost all the sisters had Red, White and Blue on. Which are also the colors of a lot of other countries. The mission provided lunch for us too.

So technically I serve in 3 Visitor Centers.

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