Thursday, July 13, 2017

Sidekicks Rule!

Monday, I was at Welfare Square. I am there twice a week from 9-4ish. Then we return to Square for the rest of the day. While I was there, two very interesting things happened. In the morning a South Korean member came into the VC and asked us for some help on a phone call. The car people he was trying to talk to couldn't understand him over the phone so I was the voice piece for him. I thought it would take maybe 5-7 minutes. Well the first call took five minutes. The second call took 20 minutes, plus explaining exactly what a cost would be. All in all, I knew a bit more about cars than I gave myself credit for. Then later a younger man member came in. We asked him what his name was, "Jason." Whenever anyone says their name is Jason, I always light up, and think, "Ah Jason!" No, I haven't told any one, "That's my dog's name!" But I really want to. Sister Leavitt almost started laughing because she thought, "That's her dogs name."

But Jason's, the member, story goes beyond his name. We had a good, slightly awkward, tour. But the highlight of it all was at the tasting table. He tooooooook his time to spread the honey on his bread, by tilting and rotating the bread to make the honey reach all sides of the bread, instead of using his peanut-butter knife. It was only so funny, because there were sisters waiting to restock for a VIP tour coming through after us. We are trying to hurry him, without him realizing it. 😂

This transfer of being District leader's companion has been really fun and very rewarding. Sure it is the 5th transfer in a row, but after the first 12 hours of knowing, I always get excited for it again! We are a team to help with the other missionaries! I tell her what I see and learn, I get to suggest to others some things, and see how others work! I also know that if ever I train, I will be building up my patience to be so muscular, nothing will bother me ever in the world! I am a sidekick, but I enjoy being a sidekick.

My Book of Mormon hero is Sam, 3rd son of Lehi. He was there with Nephi through a lot of stuff, but never was it written that he murmured and complained, that he raised his hand against his brother, or laughed at his father. He did what he should, he is a great sidekick! But sidekicks are heroes too. So as long as we all do what we should, follow Christ, keep the commandments, we can do so much. 

I testify that going to bed on time as a missionary really makes a difference and Heavenly Father will chasten you if you don't. Being extremely tired is something Sister Leavitt and I dealt with a few days this week, because of this one thing, and boy, we could really tell on some tours with some big words we used. 😯 But we are in the repentance process or making a plan. We just have all the important things done before our roommates get home! Still a work in progress, but we will get there! 

Temple Square is pretty hoppin'!
Sister Glanzer!

"Snacks" tasting table
Welfare Square Training!

                                              Called to serve, name tag addition.

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