Wednesday, December 14, 2016

I get to drive mission vehicles!

I get to drive mission vehicles! Woot! So today I am driving my companion and I to Walmart! The only qualm is my slowing down to stop process, which most people who have ridden with me have experienced. But hey, with the Lord on my side, and exact obedience, that sin too shall be conquered!

I remember in the MTC when we had infield training (I think that is what it is called), we were saying how we shouldn't let our referrals pile up. I had thought, "Contacting them wouldn't be that hard would it?" It is, and keeping track, and not losing them. We had 14 un-contacted member referrals. Some of them we don't even know who they are anymore because it has been quite some time. We got that number down to nine this week, but we always have to ask for referrals, so now we are back at 13, in one day. But I am thankful for the members wanting to share with their friends and family, and Sister Da Luz for gathering in those who can be part of our little flock. Sister Da Luz and I are brainstorming a new system on how to keep them all straight and organized.

I got to exchange with Sister Coleman! On Thursday, there was the Christmas concert. Some sisters got to go, so Sister Coleman and I signed up to cover Beehive and gave a tour to a very interesting member who was all over the place. I really enjoyed the exchange, getting to really catch up with her since the MTC. We still see each other, but we actually got to talk! Sister Meneghini was on the same shift with us, so all three of us got to bond. They were companions in the MTC. We also got to go to all the tunnels under the square, except one, which we speculate goes over to the conference center. We didn't spend much time, maybe 20 minutes, but that was still fun!

Usually we don't know very often if the local missionaries have made contact with the people we send to them, and often times they don't answer their phones or text us back, so we just pray for the best and let it go. A man named Walter, who I had the best referral confirmation ever of my time here so far, who requested the bible, also accepted the Book of Mormon. I shared the Restoration, and he accepted the missionaries. I promised him blessings, and he accepted to have a return call, but called us! He called us because the elders HAD contacted him, in less than a week, to say that he wasn't going to be home at the time they had set up to meet because he was working late, and he had forgotten their number. So we helped him find it in his phone and it just filled me with so much hope that Walter is taking this seriously. He letting them know and setting up another time to meet with them. When we find golden people like him, we walk away from TC saying, "He will be baptized!" or "So golden."

It hasn't been too cold here during the day, but the night gets colder. There is no snow. None. It is all melted and gone. We see the President and Sister Risenmay at least a few times a week in passing. Our mission home is the basement of the south visitor center, where every sister goes everyday at least four or five times. Wednesday is the day that we get to have our transfer interviews. So Wednesday will be my official eight-week day mark, but I've been saying eight weeks for like two weeks.

I know I am here doing the Lord's work, helping to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man! Planting those first seeds and supporting what the local missionaries are teaching, talking up the local missionaries, and referring to the local missionaries. And remember, if you read The Book of Mormon with a sincere heart and pray to know about what you read, your faith, knowledge, and testimony of Jesus Christ will grow!

Sister Glanzer.
Yes it IS cold in Washington. No, I am not "warm", cold is still cold.

Tree and lights,with Sister Fehlmann

In the back room of the North Visitor Center
The awaited drive test!
Preach My Gospel, such a good book
That isn't actually all that we haven't contacted, sister Da Luz like to lug them around, but some of them we need to. 🤗
Thuggin under temple square
'See all nations flow, unto it, our lovely temple square!'

Sister Da Luz

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