Thursday, December 22, 2016

So many people in such a busy little place!

I knew that teaching center could have emotional turmoil. For examples, people swearing at you over the phone, wasting your time by going on and on about their sad life (only because they aren't heeding the advice of their bishop and your missionary help), people hanging up on you, telling you that your are going to hell, that you are (choice word) psycho (or the bishop, I’m not to sure who she said it about, she was just rambling on), and other such things. But it is so creepy when over the phone older men hit on you. It was the second call with this man. Sister Da Luz was with me. She would repeat what she said a few times, and then I would have to say it. He asked questions like, ‘Are you married?’ and ‘Do you have fb messenger so we can video chat?’ Also, ‘When will you vacation to (his home is in the big city) so we can meet?’ Never. I am glad that it is elders who are teaching him. But before we call on Friday, I want to call the mission home to know if they actually will continue teaching him. I told Sister Da Luz not to call me Sister Glanzer so he doesn't have both names. This happens to us a fair amount of times. He was my first encounter of probably many. Yikes! It was really funny though.

We had our theater five assignment, playing #LighttheWorld, and a group of four came in. Two of them worked in Brewster the last summer, so they knew were Tonasket is! They worked for Gebbers. They gave us a referral. 

Last Tuesday, we had a super fun zone activity! We had two families representing Lehi's family. I was Laman. I got to be dragged from one apartment to another. We all also eat raw sausage on bread (we were blind folded) which they eat in Germany. We had a crazy amount of fun! But also were spiritually uplifted by helping build as a team. Also, really fun. 

There are still sisters here that I don't know. I saw a sister the other day that I have never seen before, but she says that she was here last transfer! So many people in such a busy little place! 

We were going to be a trio with Sister Hammer, our zone leader from Germany, yesterday. However, she and sister Herr, who is also from Germany, got called to do an important translating assignment from President Uchtdorf... For two hours they translated the labels on film roles from German to English. The people in the office couldn’t read the hand writing or German so they asked for some sisters, but they didn't know that until they got there. They got all nervous for nothing! So very funny! But we got to enjoy sister Zeller in our companionship. We gave two tours in beehive together. The first one was rough, a lot of confusion and repeating, but the man still referred! But the second one was way better, and she took a Book of Mormon!

I know that we have a prophet today called of God, and that God will never stop His patterns of old in these days now! From Joseph Smith all the way to Thomas S. Monson. Each prophet giving us the teachings we need for our day to help us better ourselves, our families and our communities... and the world!  

Until next week!

Sister Glanzer

My lovely zone
The kid who lost this Donald seems pretty creative
The game we played was to show there was very good food in the promise land, but the family still squabbled over it. It was very intense, but Family 2 won!
I told sister da Luz I might wear this hat all day everyday.
You know you are at an LDS church building when....

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