Thursday, December 29, 2016

Merry Christmas, A Tad Late

Last week we had dinner in a member's home. It was kind of weird and awkward, but fun all the same. They had this beet salad, which the wife forgot to take the cinnamon out of it, and Sister Smith choked down the chunks of cinnamon! 

We had zone conference. I love zone conference. We watched this video called the Blue Vase, pretty corny, but excellent in applying it to us as missionaries and what we do. We also were told how Jesus is able to speak on behalf of Heavenly Father (God) because He was given all of God's power when He said that He would sacrifice himself for us, as well as some other reasons, but I don't have my notebook with me. I would give y'all some more deets, but I don't want to remember wrong and tell false doctrine! But any time that we learn more about our life before earth, I am always excited to learn. 

Christmas Eve and Christmas day we had our Beehive House assignment, and the people who run the Lion house left music on, so, as we had no one to take on tours we got to enjoy beautiful Christmas music.

Christmas Day was the highlight. A lot of us when to the North Visitor Center to call home. It was odd, and nice to be in the building without any other people. We got to really enjoy the building. Some of us even laid on the floor of the Christus to look up at the ceiling. A 2.5 month dream finally fulfilled! We had snow too, and looking out from the windows at the different sisters playing in the snow was so fun! The Square was closed until 4pm. We weren't just letting the people roam free without us caring. 

But every year the members from the area and surrounding donate items for sisters to have a Christmas present type thing, especially nice for the sisters for other countries. But one of the Sister's mom from Georgia organized even more items for us! It was so amazing. Everyone got the same thing basically, but it was still different and unique. Sister Da Luz, who loves to brush her teeth (she really actually does), got two new toothbrushes! One for home, for the square, and for Beehive House! But the generosity and thoughtfulness of the members was outstanding. We had a Christmas Devotional at 2 pm, we heard a few miracle Christmas stories then Elder Spencer and several sisters produced the nativity for us! We read 'The Living Christ" and President Risenmay shared a couple things with us. 

I saw Sarah Green! That was very exciting to see her after two years. Snapchat brought us closer that last month or so before I left on my mission, and she said that she was going come see me one day! That was a grand surprise!

There was a day that a 14 year old boy came to the square, seeking advice. He just got called as a Teachers' Quorum President, and he came to Temple Square! We uplifted him and his faith in himself to magnify his calling. That was the best part of my week.

To invite others to come unto Christ has its challenges, but I am glad we aren't limited to people who aren't members of the LDS church and those who have become less active and inactive. Even the most active, strongest member can be uplifted even more. That is my favorite part of the Missionary Purpose, "invite others." Everyone can do better than they already are, everyone can be happier, everyone. 

Auf Wiedersehen (goodbye in German, btw)

Sister Glanzer

You can never have too many pictures of the temple!
Went out in the snow barefoot.
Sister "star gazing"
Elder Lip and the deer jerky my brother in law Brian sent me
Sisters getting to play! I think a lot of them went out to take pictures with the nativity.
Chilling in the North Visitor's Center

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