Thursday, January 5, 2017


Last p-day, we got a call that we had to move apartments, which was an ordeal! We all have so much stuff! And I may have to do it every six weeks. Oh my! We didn't even unpack everything because in a short time we may pack it all up! Luckily, it was just to the next apartment down. But on top of that there was an emergency exchange and Sisters Fehlman and Günther got a new companion, Sister Richins from AZ. She is a sign language sister. I can introduce myself as a missionary in ASL now! Our district had a kick out of that. Sister Günther gets to finish her training. That was last week’s crazy p-day, which seems fitting because a relaxed p-day at Temple Square is too good to be true. We didn't have to go back to square because we had to move everything! 

We are back to the regular temple square p-day schedule where we don't go back to square at 7, but p-day starts at 1pm! As we were doing our teaching center time, I always like to click on one sent to locals to see who is being taught who isn't interested, and rarely so rarely we see that some one got BAPTIZED!!! Some guy who requested a Bible back in November that I only texted. It said that he got baptized!!!!  What is this?? So we call and I introduced myself. He hung up. We texted him and he never replied back. So sad. We can't report it until we know when he was baptized and when he was confirmed. 

But what I like about missionaries who update the status of people that we have referred, is that it saves us the embarrassment and disappointment when they don't pick up. Also, the verbal abuse that can come when we call back, especially if we have a member on the phone with us, blessed members. So great. 

I got to see the Timms, as mother put on the blog, but they brought with them gifts from the Oroville youth! Now that the Christmas excitement is over, I now have four brand new tooth brushes! Two of them are purple! But that was so fun! Love all of you! So sweet and kind. 

Well the hustle and bustle of people are over. The last day of the lights was yesterday or either today. YES! WHO HAS TWO THUMBS AND IS READY FOR THE SLOW SEASON? THIS SISTER MISSIONARY! But now, we live by the phone, to take tours or people through "God's Plan for His Family." I am on top of that. The phone is rarely from my hand. The Sisters at Westgate, who send out the texts, laugh when I call so fast...WE CAN TAKE THE 3 GP! Sister Da Luz and Glanzer. Usually I would ask people, "Is this the first time you've come to see the lights this season?" Yesterday I asked this year, meaning 2017, and the people and I would chuckle together over the pun! ehehehe.

Beehive is funny, some days we have many people, some days we have none! But we took a tour through beehive that was half members and half non-members. That was the most interesting, on edge, spiritless tour that I have given in Beehive. When we got to the part about polygamy, they were just attacking us with, “Where is it said in the Bible?” or “Where does it say that we are spirit children of God?” We don't remember right off the fly! The member woman new about where polygamy was in the Bible, thank you! We tried to keep it moving, but they were insistent. We were glad for the members being there to help us. Missionaries don't know everything! 

But as transfer day comes closer, I am hoping I don't move apartments, and that my assignment stays Beehive. I really enjoy Beehive Tours. Oh hey! I talked to a return missionary from the Washington Kennewick Mission, who served a transfer in the Ephrata 1st Ward! Sister Alison Brand! That was neat! We know some of the same people! I also talked to some people that are from Cedar City that know Aunt Wendy! 

On New Years Eve, they had several kind of famous musical members preform in the Tabernacle. Bless4 is one that has a "Meet the Mormons" video, but they preformed at 10:15 pm and we all had to go home then, so a flock of sisters waited outside the window to see them. They all got so excited to, vocally, when they came on stage. It was hilarious!

Even though the Light the World Challenge was dated for December, we can still strive every day to be like Jesus. You can always light the world in January! Light the World again! 
As 3rd Nephi 12:16 reads, "Therefore let your light so shine before this people, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven." 

That's all there is(echo)
There ain't no more(echo)
This is the end(echo)
The end the end(echo)

‘Til next I type, with some more exciting news!!

Sister Glanzer

Our messy full room
This kid was so cute, standing in front while 'The Words of Christ' played

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