Friday, January 20, 2017

The more I profess it the stronger I know it!

I love my new companion! Sister Nyamdeleg. Pretty easy actually. But as I said she is from Mongolia, which is between Russia and China. She is the youngest in her family also, and all of her older siblings served missions in Mongolia. But as I said, I love her so much. It is very easy to get along with her! Also, with how our new schedule is set up, we go home at 6:45, have dinner and companionship study in the evening. So we get to enjoy our apartment more! In the Brigham Apartments, they have two bathrooms! One all to ourselves! 

Sister Nyamdeleg has never served in the Beehive House before so I guess in some way I am training her! It is kind of scary, as I have to make sure I am accurate with my facts, because she may not have gotten that far in the site guide yet!

Sister Fouti-Makaya has a bum knee, so she has been using a wheelchair, and today she got a cane, but in Walmart she got to use one of those carts! We went with her and Sister Skouson to Walmart and CHINATOWN! Finally! Any who, it has been kind of take care of her, I felt like a bit of chauffeur with the van today, pulling up the curb to get her or dropping her off. She is a good sport with it all. And with my long golden hair, we sang the Flower song from the movie Tangled to help heal her. 

Something fun this transfer is that our district is just four sisters and we are all in the same apartment! District Activity every day!

So since there is still not too many people on the Square, we roam, pre-planned, from building to building to find people to talk to. The morning it is especially hard to find people and everyone has been talked to by at least two other companionships, so they can get kind of snippy at us. Oh well! They say it takes seven times before someone accepts! They get their seven times in one hour! 

In Teaching Center, Sister Nyamdeleg was texting someone who lives in SLC, but they speak Mongolian, whose husband got baptized! Very exciting! I had a really good new investigator from the phone.

Speaking of good finds, if you remember back to Clifford, well it turns out that a referral for him was put in the system twice, so two separate sisters here at Temple Square sent him to Sister Nyamdeleg and her companion, and it turns out he wasn't too committed with them, as he was with us separate sisters here! Crazy.

Fun Fact: On Brigham Young's Property there was an orchard. The protector of the orchard was an eagle! Clarissa, his daughter that kept a really good journal, called him Baldy. What a practical name for an eagle!

My new zone is 17 sisters, so we get to serve in Beehive House five times a week! Twice in one day! That is the day the other Beehive Zone has p-day! An excellent time to learn more Church History! Maybe try to read The Book of Mormon in a different language! The paragraph that gives the overview of 1st Nephi, I can tell you what it says!

For sacrament meeting we meet at 7:30 am in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. That is all we do church wise for Sunday because the Square opens at 9 am! The brethren that bless and pass the sacrament are three elders that serve here on Temple Square and the others are from the surrounding areas.

I ALMOST FORGOT! Sunday Quintin L. Cook attended our sacrament meeting! He and his wife attended because their schedule for the day didn’t allow them to attend their ward or a later time, how special is that! The new sisters thought we get an apostle every Sunday! Sillies.

As well as on our way from the DA garage, we saw Elder Russell M. Nelson turn right up the hill we just came down from, as we waited to cross! Like right there! That was pretty cool too! We wave to each other.

That's all folks!

Since I can't stand from the top of the temple and shout it (maybe next time I do the pin drop in the Tabernacle...), I'll just type here for all the internet to see! 
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is Christ true church here on earth again! The more I profess it the stronger I know it!

Sister Glanzer! 
Sister Nyamdeleg saying some things.

Introducing myself in Mongolian.
Our official Comp photo! Sister Nyamdeleg from Mongolia and I.
Clean our ORANGE shower this morning
"How to Begin Teaching" in action

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