Friday, January 27, 2017

This Just In

This week, this week, this week... It snowed every day. But we don't have a ton of snow as it has melted bits here and there, so we don't have mountains of snow in the valley. Most of the few people we talked to are going to the Sun Dance Film Festival and or skiing. It must be a bid deal, because people from New Zealand and London know about it.

I will say that in Teaching Center, we've had a lot of success, making up for the lack of people on Square. But today, I find that some of the interesting TC stories happen on p-day, but this woman called wanting to know why the missionaries didn't come to her part of town anymore. After about seven minutes, I knew. She talked, without taking any stops for breath for me to be able to cut in and get to the point and give her the information to help her. This went on for 40 minutes. Actually, 35 minutes. I got a total of 5 minutes. I just didn't know how to get her to stop! Even when I said, "I really have to go now” (I really did!), she kept going! But, "Mormons are always polite, thank you for your time to listen." 

I went to the dentist twice this week! I drove on two different occasions. That was the most exciting thing that happened this week. 

Sad news, yet happy news! We don't have zone conference this transfer, but we do have a mission tour! This is when a general authority comes and speaks to us! I don't really know how it all works, but I'll find out!

During Relief Society, we were talking about some of the Historical events that led up to The Restoration. They asked for an American sister to explain the American Revolution, I love microphones and all the others weren't going for it. Once I got done, I asked, "Does that seem right? Is that good?" not to mention I happened to be patriotically dress that day, granted red, white and blue stands for a number of us sisters.

Instead of saying that we are dropping someone, we say that we are returning them to the Lord. I like that. Sounds a lot nicer. Our wonderful zone leaders, Sister O'Neil and Almedia, said that President Risenmay is stressing that we spend our time only with the elect, those who are truly progressing and are really committed. It was a fantastic zone meeting that day, inspiring and a call of repentance on our attention to square time. Some sisters are finding it harder to get those contacts. But no matter what, we should be talking to the people no matter how many other sisters have talked to them! 

I learned there is a second part to the story of Naaman! That the servant of Elisha was kind of greedy, and wanted Elisha to get paid for having rid the man of leprosy. So, even after Elisha said no to payment, he went and in some way was able to collect something for Naaman. And because of the servant’s greed, Elisha cursed him with the leprosy that Naaman had! Poor guy, but men of God, one should do well to follow their examples.

That's all for this week!

Sister Glanzer

Sister O'Neil (short, Blonde, Washingtonian) and Sister Almedia (Tall, dark, Brazilian) Wonderful Zone Leaders
Joseph looks like he is caring something important.
This family came, all decked out in winter gear, this girl just goes out on her own in the snow, and then her brother, who had a snow shovel was shoveling all over temple square. so funny!

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