Tuesday, January 10, 2017


The moment that brings such excitement and to the sisters of Temple Square! Transfers!
I moved to Brigham Apartments. Packing ALL your stuff to move is awful. And then it is CRAZY to move everything, luckily I was in the very first moving group, and we where way ahead of time! My apartment in Brigham is like all twisty and turny in no mans land! And I still have all of my food left to move! I have so much stuff!

Zone: East 2

Assignment: Beehive House! Yes! I love serving in Beehive!

Zone Leaders: Sister O'Neil (Moses Lake, WA) and Sister Almeda (Brazil)

District Leader: Sister nee-ah-mm-da-leg(leg where E says as in enter) (Mongolia).... I don't know how to spell it. 

Companion: Sister Nee-ah-mm-da-leg! She is coming back from out bound! Actually, if you all remember Clifford, she was one of the sisters who I sent him to from the Teaching Center(TC)! Pretty cool! 

P-Day: Wednesday! So I have tomorrow P-day as well! Which is good so Sister N. Can get some food from Walmart!

Sister Da Luz's new companion is Sister Zeller, she was my very first companion ever. I think they'll make a good match. 

Our Goal as a mission for baptisms is 1700 in 2017. Last years was 1016 in 2016 and we accomplished 1300ish! Now this is people we helped to be baptized, we don't do the actual teaching, but 2015 was about 900 or so. The meeting we had for that was so good. Every single one of us sisters needs to change to be more consecrated to the Lord in order to achieve this goal.

But this last Saturday Sister Da Luz and I did MTC contacting! This was the new group of sisters coming in. I realized that I am so not ready to be the Sr. Companion! Being it for about four hours was tough. I was praying the whole time to be able to contact these people because the sister that was with me was from China and didn't know English very well, nor understand others very well, but she is great! So good! And I forced myself to talk to the people!

So as we got our transfer information, I testify that Heavenly Father really does hear and answer prayers. I am the junior companion to a district leader and my assignment is still Beehive! I prayed to remain junior companion and to stay in Beehive. I am so happy about that! 

The Square has been really dead. There has been next to no one here, but that is okay! I got a lot of good reading done at Beehive House and at desk assignments!  Though in TC there was a day where some one spent an hour putting in fake Book of Mormon requests. Surely they succeeded in wasting our time, but they also wasted their time. They could have done something more productive during that time. Silly people. I will say it wasn't until the 6th one that I realized that something was amiss. \_( ' ' )_/ Oh well!

We gave an amazing quick tour to these two woman, one was investigating the church. She is just waiting until she knows for sure. As we where walking from the Temple model to the Tabernacle, I could hear her explaining things to her friend like she had been a member for years! I could tell she knows this is all true, she is very ready for baptism. She said her children are all baptized! She is the last one!  But it was one of the best quick tours ever! A good end to my companionship with Sister Da Luz. 

We gave a tour last week that I accidentally took from other sisters. I wasn't thinking clearly, and they said they were late, so we took it! We made some mistakes in mentioning some things that made the tour super long. Maybe because I stole the tour. I was even bearing my testimony to conclude the tour, and one woman found something to question and I just dropped a little inside. But one of the families is moving to Lehi so they are going to be visited by missionaries lots! Their Plan of Salvation questions can be answered there.
It hasn't been too cold here much, today I've been walking around without a jacket, but everyone looks at me like I am crazy. 

I know that as it is stated in James Chapter 2 that faith without works, without action, is dead. One can believe all that they want, "the devils also believe and tremble" but it is that action, the doing that helps us build our faith and grow. Because even after we have done all, the grace of God is what saves us, but we have to make sure we are doing. Believing isn't enough. Jesus said “be perfect even as I am,” it is our actions to do so that gets us there. Everyone gets the wonderful gift of resurrection, but our actions determine our Glory.

After this week have those difficult questions to try and answer, that take you off guard, personal studying is all that more rewarding! 

I'll just state it simply, like the testimony that touched Brigham Young's heart, I know The Church of Jesus Christ is the true church of Christ on earth today, and that Joseph Smith saw God the Father and Jesus Christ in person, that he and the men after him are true prophets of God in these latter days!

#1700in2017 #TempleSquareSavesTheWorld #FindTheOne #LightTheWorld 

Sister Glanzer

Everything I own here minus my food and bedding and backpack right here!
The largest print scriptures, it would be hard to misinterpret them when they're that big!
Sister Wu from China. I introduced her to the temple square world to give her to another sister. I was a surrogate "mother", trainer. Can't wait to see who her "mother", trainer is!
Elder Lip has a companion now! Elder Stuff!

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