Thursday, March 2, 2017

Running on the Square, That is a No No

I switched Zones and assignment! I am not training, the exact opposite in fact! I am killing my companion! 

Fourth Transfer 
Zone: West 2
Zone leaders: Albos and Mazalvo 
District Leader: Samamé
Assignment:  West Gate
Companion: DL: Samamé
Roommates: Cavalho and Gemio
Role: district leaders companion 
District: Sookoo and Orellana, Cavalho and Gemio
P-day: Monday 

This is how the whole transfers thing works. You get a text two Sundays before transfers about having an interview with President Risenmay to know where you are going the next day. The Saturday before transfers you know if you are moving. I moved and Sister Nyamdeleg didn't. 😢 We were sad that we weren't going to be companions anymore. The Sunday before transfers you get a text about interviews with President (training or Zone Leader) or the assistants to the President (New District Leader) the next day. Then Monday night is when the "Pyramid" is given to the current, not new, zone leaders, and they call everyone. So then Wednesday is a long slightly hectic day. When Sister Samamé saw me on Tuesday, she said she was glad to be my comp because I am funny. That's good. I had no idea what to expect from her, but she is in her last transfer, so I get to help her stay focused on the work! She is also the Spanish Language Coordinator, I am self-appointed secretary of the Spanish Sister!😉 But really, I am. I'm gonna be on the poster for it. 

The longer I am in my mission the more crazy people I see or talk to on the phone. Sister Samamé is a bit laid back compared to my other various companions. At first, I was more casual in my texting and chat at TC. I actually did an accidental experiment with these obviously two friends texted into the system. I took both of them, one I was so not missionary appropriate with them, I then apologized for my lack of professionalism and ended the text. The other I saved myself, and shared a scripture with them and it ended well. I felt pretty bad about my behavior. 

It was pretty nice here for a few days then for the past week and a half it has been snowing or cold enough for snow. Right now it is snowing. All of us are not pleased with the weather. It came from the EAST! 

Now as for West Gate. In that assignment you text out the tours to the sisters on square. But they have this system down to a fine art! It is amazing! You can text out a tour to the sisters who have square at that time and just those sisters! Then as soon as we text it out, we start to call sisters to say, "Hello this is Sister Glanzer at West Gate, can you take three English at TC desk? No, okay thank you!" After having two shifts there, I am so sorry if I never was more than polite to any sisters at West Gate. Some sisters are on both ends of the phone can be so rude! But there is a whole process to West Gate. When we call for the sisters to take a tour or play a movie, we are crazy busy until someone can take it, then we sit and wait for something to do. It is fun, but I have a lot more Square time now. I went from 5 three-hour shifts at Beehive House to 3 two-hour shifts at West Gate. But it is still good.

We went to a baptism!!!!!! It was someone that came to the square that Sister Samamé took on a tour! We were late because we took a 999999999 minute Spanish Tour right after our West Gate Shift. Then we ran on Square, that is a no no, but we were late. We also took a few detours on the way to the baptism because the road work confused me! We got there though, the Baptism was in Spanish, I got the gist of what was going on. But that was so exciting! I haven't been to a baptism before on my mission, or even Skyped one, it was a good boost up of the work.

And today, on our way to some store called Winco, We took a few detours as well! WHICH, was really frustrating. But we got to see some part of the Salt Lake area that the the places were only semis go! But with my expert city driving and fantastic country driving skills, I was able to cut a few minutes off our arrival time! 

I am sad that I am no longer in Beehive House, but it definitely prepared me for testifying on Square. Everyone should have the chance to serve at Beehive House, so nice there. 

Sister Glanzer

Our view on the way back from the Baptism
There were a lot of sisters at that baptism, but I was pretty much just hopping on the band wagon for it!
Sister Gemio, the short, Birthday! 
My pasta box was upside down in the cupboard. It all went in the dirty water. All of it.
The strangely empty Teaching Center

Our view from West Gate...It is on the West part of the Square, and the West Zones are assigned there.

              Sister Risenmay TOLD us to lock our lockers, so we are helping!

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