Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Happy Birthday To Me!

So now I am 20 years old! 

I am a little sad. This week I didn't have any crazy people to talk with on teaching center. But I did talk with a none member lady. She call in asking where a scripture was that talked about God's protection in the Book of Mormon. So I looked it up for her. It was fun to talk with her because she would start talking about her apartment getting re-floored, then ask me something about being a missionary. Then she talk about how she used to live some place and see her family all the time, then talk about the time she did genealogy with missionaries last year. Then her floors, then ask about missionaries. It was pretty fun! She is in her 60's. I think she just really wanted someone to talk to. I may have been more sensitive to this because just prior to this, Sister Blocker and I spent four hours in West Gate, and we watched the little videos that are on Mormon Channel, and there was one about an elderly woman who just wanted her children to write to her. The ending wasn't happy, it is called "The Mailbox" so give it a gander. 

It has been raining a lot lately, so if you are planning to come to General Conference, bring an umbrella, good raincoat, and good shoes. We had the security training for Conference and one of the head Security men said that he likes rain,"...it keeps the people away." That was very chuckle worthy. Since Conference is going to be super busy, I am told we are going to know every thing a few days before usual, but don't worry, I am not going outbound. Only two sisters are going this round because we need lots of sisters for summer. You can never have too many sister missionaries on Temple Square during the summer. Actually, they tell me that it is like we don't have enough! If my next companion is a Mandarin sister we will never eat and never rest. I am pretty excited! 

But with conference and spring kind of being here, there are beautiful flowers in the planters. They installed brackets to hold flower boxes, and it is super interesting to see all the work that goes into the Square. Sister missionaries do not help at all with Square grounds, we just proselyte there. 

Now, pause the present and go way back to the end on my second transfer. Okay? There? The second transfer service project was at a shelter for youth and we sorted a ton of things, and the location was super close to the Walmart that we go to. 

Now return to the present. We knew our service project was going to be making a meal at a shelter with half of us cooking, and half of us sorting. I got to be the lead car of our caravan of three, Moroni, red van. I love that van. Any who, so we miss a couple of exits, and we are worried we are going to be late. We didn't get a GPS, so we are going by iPad map. I got to flip a U-ie, but also made sure my posse was able to follow me. We got to the place, and were walking fast to the building. Our fearless leader, Sister Albos from the Philippines, asks a man where the place is. "900 W, turn left" or something like that. 

Well, we are all the way in the 3000s so we caravan back towards Temple Square. We kind of are like "Whaaaaat?" as we pass Walmart and the areas we all know very well. As we turn left, I see that all familiar building. We went in a huge circle! But we think it was inspired because even though we got there later than we wanted, they still need another 30 minutes before we could get into the kitchen. It was very fun to prepare a meal for them! We actually made too much and we got to eat some and so did the people that work there too! Volunteer service is always so rewarding when you do it with a willing heart.... and when you get to wear pants!

So the best scripture about service is Mosiah 2:17 "When ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God."

This transfer, since my companion is departing, has a different feel as I come to the end of it. When transfers come, I know I'll get a new companion and never see this one again roaming the Square. Sad. But I am trying my best, I hope, to keep her focused on her mission here as well as help her not feel stressed about the nearing end.

Next P-day I'll know all the new deets of the next six weeks! Exiting! 

Sister Glanzer

Zone working hard
I ran the ovens!
Zone in street clothes
Zone in PJs
Zone in Missionary clothes as well as looking at the "dying" sisters
The piñata they got me!
They threw me my very first surprise party, the first party I've ever attended at 6:45 in the morning!
Flooding at West Gate!
The organ tour! We got to see behind the Tabernacle Organ! 

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