Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Back to Beehive House Zone!

The moment that I know at least mom has been waiting for! I have p-day on Tuesday! My Zone is East 1, aka Beehive House zone. My companion is Sister Tripptree, from Tasmanian, Australia! My Zone leaders are Sisters Seol and Steffensen from South Korea and Norway. I am the only American in the District... And I am round four of district leader companion. I like seeing how different sisters take care of their districts. 

This week has been pretty good! Sister Tripptree went to get a snack one day from the vending machine. She put a $20 bill in the machine, and after about 10 minutes of being confused as to why we didn't get any change, she now has an account on a vending machine. That is in the tunnels under the square. 

This was an exciting transfer day too because a group of sisters came back from outbound. This group was the one I had bonded with the most before leaving..... SISTER TUTTLE AND SKOUSON ARE BACK! Those were the two I was most excited for! I am also glad for the other ones too. 

Beginning of the transfer means exchanges! I went with Sister Halvorson from Japan! I got to learn the Japanese characters a bit... It is actually a tad easy! One day I will be able to read Japanese! I wont understand, but I'll read. there is character that is just "mm".
Sister Tripptree took a call for a lady in the south. She was one of the funnest people I have ever listened too! She was sweet but crazy! It took about five minutes for Sister Tripptree to spell her name so the lady, who insisted on being called Queen Mary, could call her the right name. And now Sister Tripptree has the name Miss Green Tripptree! Queen Mary was so sweet, she gave such the sweetest complement and said very nice things. When she gets back home from Florida, she will have the missionaries over for hot chocolate, because we don't drink tea. 😊

Sister Glanzer, from Eastern Washington, far from any town the common person would know.

 Last day in West Gate. How will it go on without us?
The watcher duck will the others rest.
So they had to cover the summer flowers so they wouldn't freeze. Utah has some weird weather. They look like big dishes of rice
This Bryan on a bike or bikin' Bryan. Sometimes his is biking home at the same we walk home, he is funny. He rides ahead and stops so the cars going right won't hit us.
SISTER TUTTLE! She is back from the NY Utica Mission
Rachael sent me a nice package in the mail!
Everyone needs a place to plan for the day!

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