Friday, May 5, 2017

The Hearts of All Eleven of Us Were Touched

I was on exchanges with Sister Pincock on Sunday while our companions are preparing a training for Spanish meeting. We took the Flagpole Tour. This tour was a magnificent, spirit filled, guided tour. Everyone was attentive, had good relevant questions that weren't difficult, and when the members shared, sometimes we sisters are a little afraid that members will share something that confuses everyone else, it was perfect and simple and testifying. 

Sister Pincock and I had great balance, and in the end, we passed out two copies of the Book of Mormon, and two people referred. Everyone was involved in that tour. A couple in the tour were originally from Vietnam, and I was able to share about missionary work with the woman. She was just awed that 70,000 young people are around the world doing missionary work. Also, that the LDS church was practically worldwide. I still marvel at this tour that Heavenly Father gifted us with. The hearts of all 11 of us and more were touched. In the Christus, a return missionary stood up and bore his testimony of the Savior to the WHOLE room, which was full of people. That is truly the best place on Temple Square that is available for all to go to. The temple would be number one, but not everyone has prepared yet.

We also were able to have a pretty good, long lesson over the phone with a man that had a good knowledge of the Bible. He said something super funny though. He was talking about how he hadn't been on a date for 21 years. He then told us he is 33 years old. I thought that rather odd, so I did some quick math, he hadn't been on a date since he was 12. I am so glad that our phones have mute, I didn't want him to hear me chuckling. Some people just get so into the stories they tell, maybe he was confused on his numbers.

I had a lot of great laughs with the district and with other sisters. I learned how to say wrong in Spanish (equivocado) and wizard (mago). Maybe if my companions for the rest of my mission are Spanish speaking I'll be able bear my testimony in Spanish! I can say some simple, simple, simple not very grammatically correct things I can follow along. The gift of the understanding of tongues is becoming stronger with this one!

Sister Glanzer

Leatherby's, super good!
This Semi really doesn't want other cars near it... 
Sister Poh......... from Canada. Her name is long and difficult to say.
I was quite fatigued, so I rested my eyes only to find this beauty a few hours later!
The shadow is cool!

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