Thursday, May 18, 2017

I am Just Going Along Sowing Sporadic Seeds

For the new transfer this is what I can tell you: I am moving to a different apartment in Brigham and I am NOT a district Leader and I am NOT training a new sister. That's all I know. So who knows when my next p-day will be. 

We had our service project this week! We went to the Spencer's house! We pulled weeds and planted some plants! Super fun! Then they fed us hotdogs that had been grilled. I was hoping we would have something grilled! So the Spencer's have an apartment in Brigham as well, but they have the home home that is 30 minutes away. So they don't have to travel 30 minutes everyday and are more capable to be on the square. When needed they live in Brigham! But they have a daughter that lives in the basement of their house, and her two children (I think) that were very excited for us to come over too! Their daughter is less active in the church, but a different group of sisters had gone before us to do some other things, and her daughter came home early from school because she knocked her head pretty hard. But she recovered pretty fast and was working alongside the first group of sisters. So when we came, the daughter left school early on Thursday so she could come and work with us and socialize with us. Fun, fun.

On Wednesday I am the one dropping Sister Nyamdeleg off at the airport!  Nooooooooooooo. I don't want her to go home! But every mission must come to an end and each missionary needs to return to their own society. I just wish she wasn't so far away!

I got to skype with my family, that was fun. My brother and his wife are gonna have twins! I am now the only without a child, that's okay, I am just 20... and not married... and on a mission... and I don't want to break the Law of Chastity. It was hard to hear at times because my companion was skyping at the same time and they were quite loud. Which made us be loud. But it was good. 

We have really been focusing on remembering to share the gospel with everyone, on square, on the phone. So people will call in for a prayer, and usually they'll hang up right away. This most recent man didn't. I was able to talk to him for a little bit. I think it is so interesting because he didn't believe in God, but he prayed, and wanted a prayer. So then I am pretty much done sharing the usual, and then you hear the sound that really makes your eye twitch when you are in the middle of a sentence. He hung up. But that is okay. Many people hear the message a lot before they accept. I am just going along sowing sporadic seeds for someone to hopefully come along and harvest!

Bart la (mongolian for good bye! but there is a r sound, like a slight roll but not quiet, in there  but don't know how to show it)

Sister Glanzer 

There are a lot of Book of Mormon Languages. Elders Spencer came up with this cool way of making sure we have them behind the desk. 
"What brought you to Temple Square today?" "The Flowers" "Oh"
Playing Ninjas of destruction
This set of departing sisters has a lot of sister that I am going to miss. Tear.
I pulled the bush stomp/root out of the ground! I am so strong!
We were just beginning the work.
The best picture of all the siblings I have, plus Jason! the one you can't really tell is Dana

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