Thursday, March 16, 2017

There Is Nothing Better I Can Be Doing

Another Crazy week filled with, I don't know, it was just a really weird week. Just to call to your remembrance, Sister Samame is the Spanish Coordinator. Because of all she was doing for that she kind of pushed me to the side a bit and was doing things for with other sisters, I was "alone" quite a bit the past few days in Teaching Center, there where other sisters around me of course, but I was flying solo. We honestly didn't spend a lot of time with each other this past week considering we only had one exchange the whole time. Only in Temple Square can this really happen. You can really tell when you aren't doing all you can do verses when you are. 

But that one exchange I referred too, that was with Sister Manzalvo from Mexico! She is one of my zone leaders. The main goal for the exchange was to feel like a normal, regular TSM missionary. And it happened! It was wonderful to follow the schedule completely! There are so many great missionaries here on Temple Square!

On Sunday, my exchange during Spanish Meeting was Sister Tai from Hong Kong. She is such a spirited person. Her testimony is so simple and pure! So, funny Story, she was telling a woman that we took a short tour with, "to pray about the th-all-ogy of God." After the woman went on her way, I asked her what she was saying. Authority, she was saying Authority. Sister Tai has really good English! This is one of those rare cases of her not really knowing a word. The time spent with her was really good for me too! Helped me get over the kind of sadness that came from Sister Samame not being around. To be working, focusing on helping people understand the basics of the Gospel. 

When every conference draws near, TSM sisters have deep cleaning, that is where we don't go to the Square or do any proselyting. We clean the Apartment like it has never been cleaned before (in the last six months that is). Now it is all nice and good, let's hope it stays that way. ;)

I was going to give the training in this last district, but as we started together as a zone, we were down a third of the zone so we had it all together! But then all the missing sisters, except two, showed up! But it was still fun! I didn't have to give the training either, which is good because sister Da Luz and Sister Canda did a great job. It was about being more fervent in sharing the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the Square. 

Also, with people that I've sent to local missionaries from teaching center, one man lives in the boundaries of the Modesto Cali Mission and one lady in the boundaries of the Michigan Lansing Mission. Those were pretty exciting, and one day I am gonna see the name of a missionary I know! I am also still getting the crazy weird, nit picky, trolling, don't-ever-stop-talking people on TC. 

This week was a testimony that there is nothing better I can be doing as a missionary than missionary work. It lifts the spirit and bring happiness to any void that can be in one's soul. I got to put that to the test this week!
Chau for now!
Sister Glanzer

Sister Tai and I
Sister Bowman after dark
         How one feels after a whole ton of crazy!

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