Wednesday, March 8, 2017

This Has Been the Craziest Week Ever!

So far this has been the CRAZIEST week ever! Being the companion of a district leader in a three companion district, it was four straight days of exchanges! Even having temporary exchanges with them during those four days for different meetings, and boy it was just tiring. But It is a great way to get to know other sisters in the mission! Granted I have been changing Zones every single transfer. I am also known for my fun yet spiritual comments in Relief Society. 

Saturday we did MTC contacting, and the sister I was with is going to St. George VC! She is from Ireland. I was so sad to see her go, but she is going to become a great missionary! Sister Condemi and I hope that when I train I get a sister like her. She was so great! I coached her though her first lesson on the teaching center. After she was gone I was calling her my "baby" *sniff*. There are some sister struggling to get along in our district so from 7pm to 9pm on Saturday, I was in the south teaching center cleaning out the music that doesn't play on the computers, while the Zone Leaders and Sister Samamé talked with them. I had started this quest on March 2nd. I have cleaned nine computers, but there are a lot left.

Utterly crazy, on Sunday night we almost had to change buildings! I was half way done packing in about five minutes, then the Zone Leaders call us to stop. So I am still in Brigham! Woot! 

During my exchanges, I get all the weird, odd people, crazy, and not mentally sound people on teaching center. I don't know how, but I do! And it was a week of mostly rejection too, for me, on Square. But oh well! \_( ' ')_/ I take it all in stride! 

Since Sister Samame is leaving at the end of the transfer, we had the finish Strong Meeting. It was a good meeting. Act like your still in the middle of your mission because there is still so much you can improve on even in the last four weeks. Let me tell you, we haven't had time to really think about home in these two week! Exchanges, people having troubles, prepping for Spanish meeting, LDSBC for departing sisters, not wanting to talk with us. There was a day, Thursday (my exchange comp that day was sister Gemio from Bolivia), there was a flock of young antis roaming the Square. They were causing such a ruckus that some sister needed to call security! I was hoping they would come talk with us will we were in the Assembly Hall, but it didn't happen. Which you may think, "Why do you want to talk with antis?" I know that it would be a good testimony building experience!
Even today has been slightly crazy too! 

Ta ta for now Folks!
Sister Glanzer 

Sister Condemi from Ireland
I haven't been able to see out this window my whole mission
After Meet the Mormons
Sister  Carvahlo chatting it up with a recent convert
My name is on everything Spanish Meeting related

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