Friday, March 24, 2017

West Gate, The Notifier of the Whole Mission about Tours and Covers

I have been out for six months! Whoa! During the week I had a four hour shift at West Gate! I rather enjoyed it too! 
One day this past week, I was on exchanges (are we surprised? No.) with Sister Sookhoo. We took three tours, and prior to these, she had a day full of rejection. The first two tours were rejection again. So sad. But the third tour, though they did not refer, they took a Book of Mormon! And they didn't interrupt us as we spoke! Win for us, and for God!

I am feeling that I am getting crazier and crazier people on teaching center.

As for General Conference, you can tell they are getting ready because it is full of beautiful flowers! It smells so nice as we go out. During Conference days, we only go to desk assignments or Square. No teaching center and other sister say that we are going to be exhausted. This sounds like it is going to be a good time. I have been told that it is going to be packed full of people and we offer no tours during these two days.

Let me paint you a picture! You enter the South Visitor Center at Temple Square. A modest young lady says hi and strikes up a very informative conversation with you. She asks you question like, "Where are you from? What brought you here? Skiing?" Some how the topic of a tour gets mentioned and "You would like one?" The young lady, that you now know to be a missionary, that doesn't go to school or work, but is volunteering 18 months of her life completely for her religious belief makes a phone call.

This call goes to West Gate, where two sisters are now in a mad rush to find two sisters to come to you. They text out "3 ENG @ EF" to only the sisters that are assigned to Square for that hour. However, you came near the end of the hour, around one, and there is a meeting happening so they don't know who is actually on Square or who has the phone! They also immediately call sisters. Five minutes pass. Sisters won't answer or they are giving excuses as to why they can't take it. Another phone call came in, "7 Spanish @ MAP." These poor sisters hear rejection after rejection. Then people come up to the windows looking for information. They don't know what is happening behind the windows, but the sisters remain calm and polite, even though minutes have passed since you requested the tour. Too fast it passes to 10 minutes. The sister that you first talked to comes over then, "Sorry for your wait, they are still trying to find some sisters." You keep watching the "I'm a Mormon" videos and they are pretty interesting.

Back at West Gate, sisters at the desk assignments are calling, "Have you found anyone?" Sisters with excuses are getting snippier with you, but then some blessed sister makes that sacrifice of her and her companion's studies to take the "999 3 ENG @ EF." They come to you, seeming just a little rushed, but they are professional in their behavior and very friendly. They take you on a wonderful tour on the grounds, really giving you things to think about.

West Gate has calmed down, the sisters there relax back into their chairs as sisters assigned to Square answer the phone call. The sisters at the desk say, "No, we already found sisters, thank you for calling back, bye."
That is West Gate! The notifier of the whole mission about tours and covers. Lots of fun. 

Sister Glanzer

The view from our window

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