Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Doing My Best to Serve God

In the last three months of being a missionary, I felt myself in a rut. I was stuck in one way and I really couldn't get outside of it. But thanks to Sister Tripptree, who really magnifies her calling as a district leader, has found a great solution to help me get out! I am not allowed to share history! I didn't realize it, but I got in to just saying the same things over and over and over again in tours, especially the history of Temple Square. So now I am only sharing principles and my testimony. I can bring up the history and connect it to the gospel, or if it was just mentioned. It has been super hard, but there are some places in the Beehive House where she'll really make me think. "This is Brigham's bedroom and the hat and the cane on the bed are original to him." Then she gives me this smile of "Good luck." But I know that this will really help me grow as a missionary! Sometimes I flounder for what to say and I just look back at her, "My skills are not developed, help!" 

We gave our first motor coach together for the summer. I was able to share what I know to be true with 44 people in one go! We did a good job! If there are more than 35 people in a tour we have contactors, which are sisters who are going along with us to help answer people's questions because just two of us can't do it all! Sister De Sousa from Sweden and her trainee where the contactors, and they gave really good feed back on what we can to better next time! 

Sister Tripptree is in the last two months of her mission and when sisters here are nearing the end you can tell they are getting worn out physically, especially the sisters that work the hardest. She and I talked about how many people in 18 months that we will talk to here on temple square, not even counting those that we just say hi to and direct them places. We guessed about 4,000 people, if not more, especially in the summer time with motor coaches (15 people or more). That can be up to 50 people sometimes! As I have been told, it gets crazy busy and hectic and you are dead by the end of each day. I know that Temple Square and other Visitor Centers are definitely part of God's plan to bring the Gospel to all nations!

We haven't quite finished exchanges yet. Sister Tripptree really uses me during exchanges! It really makes the exchanges more meaningful and more fun! Sister Tripptree has a thing that I can focus on each individual sister so even being with me they can learn something! They all tell me I am amazing...That is nice of them. I am just average, but doing my best to serve God. 

Because of sickness, I got to be with sister Fernandez for two days! Those were some very very fun exchanges. We traveled through the tunnels on the second day, if people heard us, they we probably like, "sisters." 

Sister Glanzer

Sister Tripptree and me
I got some delicious cookies, containers, and paper towels!
There was a paint project going on around Beehive House, they really wanted people to know

Hiding in the post closet

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