Thursday, June 22, 2017

Same In Purpose

Howdy everyone! During this week the sisters who are going outbound got their calls! Four are going to Tempe, AZ and two are going somewhere in TX, and no, I was not one of them. Maybe within the next two transfers I'll go. But for now, I am roaming the Square! That is all the news I know about next transfer. Oh, and they got us our new name tags earlier than we thought. It was sad to take off the old one and have the traditional one on, but we are the flagship mission, and we need to set the example so all the people will see we are just the same in purpose as other missionaries.

The other day in Teaching Center some guy was calling over and over and over and over... and over and over... and over again. There was nothing for us to do on TC so we picked up his phone call and would talk to him in different languages, or just keep it on mute. He would tell us we are going to hell, that we are wrong, and that the church he made is true. He contradicted himself on what he was trying "teach" us. He was really entertaining us! He was singing some Christian songs that were pretty jazzy songs. I did actually get him to have a civil conversation at one point, telling him that it is wonderful that he has a belief in Christ and he wants to share that with people, but here he is just wasting his time. He started "teaching" fast and getting angry as he spoke. He wasted hours of his life calling into the system. Sister Sookhoo told us that he had been calling in almost non stop since Friday night to Sunday morning. That is really sad. If I had time like that to waste I would take a nap, read a book, or talk to a loved one. Something must have been really upsetting him.

Sister Tripptree and I have been giving really great tours! So now we are trying to focus on individual contacts, which are not my favorite. I would rather give a motor-coach of 100 people than walk up to people on the square. They are good, individual contacts, but I don't really know why I don't like them. 

We took a motor-coach of YSA (young single adults) through Temple Square. It was fun because the majority of them were returned missionaries, and one of the girls served her mission in South Dakota! So I knew where the cities she was talking about were located! 

Sadly I forgot my iPad in the apartment, so no pictures... I didn't have any news anyway. 😁

I almost forgot! Today Sister Tripptree and I picked up the Cooks (Sr. Couple from England) from the home of the daughter of Gordon B. Hinkley! He was the Prophet before our prophet today. That was neat and we got to meet her. They were the Temple President of the Salt Lake Temple, and the Cooks got to hear about a lot of cool things about the temple. There are over 4,000 people that volunteer in the Salt Lake Temple! 

Goodbye Folks!
Sister Glanzer

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