Wednesday, June 14, 2017

I Am Just So Blessed to Serve At Temple Square

This week was more exciting. I had a thought, which is worse? To stand in front of a crowd of people trying to preach the gospel and have them shout and yell, and not let you speak? Or preach to a crowd of people and see them stare at you with blank faces, laugh at you and then leave the tour, but then you see them walking around. I think people yelling at me. I have not been fortunate enough to have someone rudely tell me to stop preaching whilst I have been here, but other sisters have. Wow. I am just so blessed to serve at Temple Square. 

There have been some changes that are going to happen next transfer. Our name tags currently have the Salt Lake Temple on them. Next transfer we can no longer wear those badges and will be wearing traditional name tag. That was the saddest news ever. Also we get to choose when we have square time, teaching center time, and companionship study time....... WE GET THE FREEDOM TO CHOOSE. You don't understand what this means for us! Our schedule, except for assignments, is up to us. This is a whole new ball park of obedience, consecration, and trust. We are free to choose freedom or captivity! WE ARE MORE AND MORE LIKE TRADITIONAL MISSIONS, that is utterly crazy.... but they had to take the name tags away. Gee. What a time to have lived at! 

We had zone conference this past week. One of the things talked about was marriage and family, and how we are able to teach these things to others. Also, at the very end, President Risenmay told us strongly and firmly, and repeatedly, "Don't marry outside the temple. DON'T marry OUTSIDE the temple."

Another thing that was talked about was being happy. We watched a video, TED Talk to be exact, of two monkeys doing the same task. One got a cucumber and the other got a grape. The one getting the cucumber was less than pleased, and would chuck it back because he saw the other monkey getting the grape. That really is how we are sometimes, seeing life as unfair with what we receive, thinking that "I'll be happy when I get a 'grape'" instead of really appreciating what God gives us. I know that he is giving us what we need to grow and progress. I thought to myself, "I like cucumbers just as much as grapes... but is that how I see life? What God has given me?"

After weeks of a dry Teaching Center, we made some changes, and were able to find two new people to teach and send to the local missionaries. I am excited to help them progress and trust in God and learn more about this Good News, the Gospel! So those silent, judging laughing crowds wont throw me for the loop, there are people out there waiting and ready for this message who don't even know it yet! We missionaries just need to pluck away, ask, listen, discern, and follow the spirit! 

Sister Glanzer

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