Wednesday, June 7, 2017

I Am Letting the Mission Mold Me!

Remember to the other week when I told about Sister Halverson from Japan getting sick? Well then a bunch of other sisters in the zone got sick. I got this weird kind of sick, where my body wasn't tired or anything or sore, but my sinus and throat hurt so bad! I have never ever blown my nose so much in my life. I still have some sniffles and it has been a week! I am taking some allergy medicine to see if maybe I have developed allergies here in Utah. Hmmm. I am starting dry up a bit with the mucus! 

I have to say I am become a master chef! I have experimented and dabbled, and I am still chubby. Happy and living! There is a thing I guess the Hispanic sisters ask when you say their food is good, "Can I marry?" The first time I heard that, I chuckled. Now I whisper to myself, "It's good, I can marry." Disclaimer: my thoughts are not filled with marriage. I am more concerned with missionary work, and there are too many fun things to get done! But on that note, at Temple Square there are more and more brides walking around, looking beautiful, being sealed with their eternal companions in the House of the Lord! 

A lady got arrested yesterday! We don't really know why, but from talking with another sister I learned that a man's appendix burst during my time here! Even with the great peace that resides here, crazy stuff happens too! And there was this crazy storm that lasted 15 minutes, but that 15 minutes was the time we had to walk to Beehive House, so we got soaking wet! 

With testifying more often and trying not to share history, I have been told there is a difference in me. I am glad some can see changes in me because I can't. I am letting the mission mold me! 

There have been so many people here at for the summer time, and almost everyone is going to or from national parks. One man was here grading AP tests! Lots of people from Europe, but they just don't come in bus loads as often as the Chinese people. So nothing too exuberant here. 

Sister Glanzer

I wanted to share Jason in action with you all!
The Sharps were one of the senior couples when I first got here, they finished three months ago, but they live really, really close to the square. (this is a picture of my zone)

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