Friday, June 30, 2017

We Had a Surprise Baptism!

Assignment: Welfare Square!
Zone Leaders: Sisters Herr (hair) and Monzalvo (my west 2 zone leader!)
Companion: Sister Leavitt from Orem Utah!
District: Sister Smith (Allyson) and Sister Moses, Sister Calderon and who ever she is training
District leader: Sister Leavitt (you all guessed it, district leader's companion round five! I am a great support, and I have experience to help the first time district leader! My skills have been honed for this moment!) 
Pday: WEDNESDAY! I get another one tomorrow! Woot! Blessings!
Apt: Deseret building, back to one bathroom for four women. 

This week, this week. We had a surprise baptism! We sent this lady to the locals on the 6th, the 24th she was baptized. Now not every mission in the world wants Temple Square sisters to call the missionaries which is fine. We were getting things done before, and we still can. She was in one of the two missions, so we have to call the mission home. We all send a lot of people to both of those missions, so the mission homes must be getting overloaded with sisters calling! But it was through the mission home that we got the date! Fun!

I took a chat one day where this kid was asking about repentance, and saying that his parents would be disappointed in him. Long story short I found out his parents passed four years ago. He and his brother moved to the UK to live with their aunt, and he stopped going to church, but the old brother didn't. The older brother is now just starting his mission in Argentina! This boy knew nothing about what his brother was doing on his mission, and he didn't know anything at all, and he was angry that he left him. He would start to type things (we can see what you type before you send it) things like I miss him, and stuff like that, poor kid. But I encouraged him to email his brother right then and there. He was so dear. I loved seeing how serving a mission can answer a missionaries prayers, because I bet you all, that brand new elder is wondering if his brother would ever write him as he is in a foreign country learning a new language. This is going to be a start of a great thing, I am going to think positive and say that the kid is going to end up serving a mission too! Why not? Missionaries can bless families on both ends of the spectrum! 

We have a ton of new changes that are going to take place over the next few transfers! 

Keep doing good, and serve others!
Sister Glanzer

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