Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Now what on earth does that word mean? Hello in Greek (I hope). I got to announce again in front of the Conference Center (Music and the Spoken word is there for the summer). While we were waiting for everyone to come out of the building, but before the choir of TSM sisters sang, a man comes up to me and asks if his group of 23 people from Greece could join my tour. This was a super tour! They told us there are about 700 LDS in Greece (I looked it up and they were right, 772). There were two highlights of the tour, 1)  the tour guide told us, "Just the beliefs, they don't care about the history." Jaw drop of joy! 2) At the end, we gave out all of the six copies of the Book of Mormon we could find. Woot! Sister Leavitt said that there was a lady who was crying a bit. Never so much had I left a tour knowing that future members of the church were going to come from this tour, whether it was themselves or someone close to them. Amazing.

Another tour, just yesterday, we had the 6pm Flagpole tour (every hour and half hour we offer free English guided tours of Temple Square and Spanish and Mandarin every hour). We had a group of nine and gave three books. We had a French family and the mom wanted a book. Just she came with Sister Leavitt and I to the desk to get one. We shared a bit more with her and she really loved it. She asked us if we felt peace here, because that is what we were giving to her. She cried a little bit too. She loved what we shared about the family. Sadly she didn't refer, but we know that one day missionaries will meet her and she'll accept the Gospel. 😊

As for Teaching Center. TWO PEOPLE I SENT TO LOCALS ARE STILL MEETING WITH THE MISSIONARIES! Sadly, as always, they don't pick up the phone. I am so thankful that we are allowed to call the local missionaries to know how the individual ladies are doing. I am very excited for them! 

It is that time of transfer again where interviews are the day after P-Day! We are actually doing something a bit different starting this transfer. Before companionships would arrive at a time, one would meet with President (spiritual needs and assessment, guidance, the like, checking that we are staying worthy to our promises with God), the other would meet with Sis. Risenmay (physical and mental health and needs), then swap. But now the district will meet with Sis. Risenmay for two hours role playing lessons that we teach as missionaries, all the while President is meeting with us one at time. This will be new. They said that is what they did when they presided over the Utah Salt Lake City South Mission (We think, there are a lot of SLC missions). Remember a Zone is about 20 sisters, and a District is about 6-8 sisters.

Missionary life is still going good. One of the best ways for young adults to prep for life and to be strong disciples of Christ in the real world. Never would I trade this experience for anything that I could have done for 18 months if I hadn't.

"Until next time, God be with you til we meet again" - Lloyd D. Newell, Music and the Spoken Word announcer

Sister Glanzer
PS. We are going on a hike today

This sister is going to another VC, she was here for MTC contacting... She is Sister Allison, How legit is that?!
When you ask me, what did you learn to say in Chinese? Hai Bian Bao Bao (sounds like: hime yen bow bow) Spongebob. That is what we sing in our apartment. Sister Yang Y. (as Patrick Star) has left the apartment, but her memory lives on. Sister Smith M. as Spongebob. art work by Sister Glanzer A. Face warping curtsy of the church allowing us to have Photo Booth on our iPads.

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