Thursday, August 3, 2017

Family Is A Divine Gift Given From God

I want to start off with two phone calls that I took. The first one was in the evening sometime ago between this an last p-day. This man called in about genealogy. Sweet! Just refer him to a local chapel and the ward Family History person will take it away (I do not know much on how it all works). "What gives your church the reason for doing [family history]?" How he said that question, I knew right then, he was looking for a reason to quarrel with me. The conversation goes on and on. He then brings in nation geographic and their DNA thing they do, which is neat. 

"Which do you think I should do?" 
"Both." Because our Family Search services are free for anyone to use, and knowing the names of ancestors is super cool! 

That caught him off guard. He wasn't really letting me explain or speak very much but that was my chance to let him know my purpose. I was glad I could end on a good note with this man, but being aggressive about my beliefs isn't what I want to do over the phone.

The next phone call was two days ago. Another man calls about wanting a Book of Mormon. I would explain about something, then that would lead to a, "In the bible it says this." Funny thing about that, this lead us back to genealogy. He brought up some scripture some where in Titus about, you should avoid genealogy. (Titus 3:9 if y'all are interested)

The people that were given that counsel were people who were vain and proud in their hearts of their ancestors and used that status to gain, praise and power. Today, the genealogy is going to get you nada, zippo, zillich. My favorite thing is when people take scripture out of context, not thinking about the time or the people it was originally written for. Our church does genealogy for various different reasons, but I know that family is a divine gift given from God, and so we would have a natural inclination towards finding about who I am related to in the 1200's. That is why we have temples, for bringing those family ties, and making them forever connected.

We ended on a good note, and he said yes to missionaries! 😊

As for outbound, no I am not going, but I guessed that. Welfare square, I feel like I haven't been there for ages! There was a Leadership meeting on Monday so we had to find a cover. It feels like whenever there was a holiday or a meeting, it was our shift for Welfare Square. Kind of sad, I rather like it there. BUT! This week is when we discover if we move, if we train, if we become district leader or zone leaders! Or if no text other than the moving one, Sister Leavitt will remain a DL, and I a DLC 🤓. So having Wednesday p-day is very dangerous, because my next p-day could potentially be over a week away. Sad, but that's the way of the Temple Square mission!

'Til next p-day! Which no one knows when, except President, his wife, his assistants, and the office assistants and the Temple Square coordinators. So at least eight people. 

Sister Glanzer

Our service project was to disinfect toys and hard surfaces on a daycare for mothers going through rehab for things. This table is designed for the feeding time of the infants! Sooooooo Cute!
We had a sleepover (went to bed on time) of our roommates again
My oldest sister sent me a box of stuff!
My favorite jar I've had for almost 6 month broke

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