Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Saying Goodbye Is Hard

When we got the moving text, in our apartment only Sis. Yang Y. got the text. Which means, either Sis. Leavitt and I will stay together, or Sis. Smith M. will be with one of us. Then we didn't get any texts about any other assignments, so we continued to speculate.  THEN! we thought we could be in a trio and then going to bed on time wouldn't be a problem (wishful thinking)!

Zone: North 1
P-day: Wednesday
District Leader: Sister Leavitt
Zone Leaders: Beltran (Mexico) and Cochain (France)
Assignment: Welfare Square
Companion: Sister Leavitt round 2! She wanted to have a comp for 12 weeks ever since the end of January. (the criteria to be my companion is that the sister needs to be a district leader, just so you know 😉)

So the transfer that just ended was probably the saddest transfer to complete. I had three previous companions go home; Sisters Tripptree, Morales, and Da Luz. Now my companions that are in the mission are my two MTC ones and Sister Leavitt. But also Sister Monzalvo and Herr left. They were my zone leaders last transfer, and Sister Monzalvo was the only one for more that one transfer. That was a hard goodbye. 

That is a sad thing about missions and transfers, every six weeks you say good bye to friends that saw you grow so much. People that you grew pretty close to... And you have no idea if you will ever see each other again. Will I make it to Brazil? Or Mongolia? To Australia or Guatemala? Who knows? There's a maybe for one of the countries. Granted, I will make it to Orem more easily so I have one companion I'll see again! USA companions have their perks.

The unlucky thing about the end of the transfer is that whoever we find and says that we can contact them later, we can't count them as a new investigator unless we have a specific return date. We only have a bunch of potentials. It is great, but tricky because we aren't perfect and they might slip out of sight.

We only have two new sisters in our district, Sis. Fedotova from Ukraine and her trainee (who we called to find out, but she didn't answer). We still have sister Calderon and Trevino.

Sister Glanzer

The last picture of the zone
Sister Herr and Monzalvo are just joining our district, see?
I got to see Rachael and her mom last week! I was able to give them a tour of the square, and then left them to explore the conference center
I left to make departing plans with sister Da Luz, now I have a few gems on my iPad
We just dropped Sister Da Luz off at the airport
Some neat construction

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