Thursday, August 24, 2017

Heavenly Father Listens To Me, No Matter What Age I Am

What happened this week? A lot! We didn't go to Welfare Square because we had interviews with President. Which are always good! Mine doesn't last too long, I never remember what I want to talk about or ask, and my question don't formulate fast enough for me in the short time. But they are always good! 

Sister Leavitt and I only speak English. She has broken French and I have spotty Spanish. The sisters in out district speak Spanish, French, German, Russian, and Ukrainian. I was able to take a German, Russian/English, and French tour!! And I contacted an Italian Motorcoach (49 people). Very exciting! Exchanges are the only way I get to have a companion from Europe! I haven't had one yet. We finished our exchanges with the sisters in the District. They are all doing well, having their own things to grow and improve upon as missionaries, but they'll make it!

The highlight of my week was possibly the eclipse! See waaaaaay back in 6th grade in the space science text book there was a map foretelling the future eclipses that would occur! I remember thinking, "I WILL BE THERE!" Fast forward eight years later, I had completely forgotten until Thursday morning, President announced that the mission bought glasses for us all to have during the eclipse! I now know it was that determination in 6th grade is why I got called to Temple Square, not to preach the Gospel, but to see a 90% eclipse. 😉 Not really, but I bet Heavenly Father remembered how excited I was for that, and thought He would remind me that He does listen to me, no matter what age I am. 😄
I was also kind of hoping some crazy stuff would go down on Square the day of the eclipse, but nope. It was just a regular day just with weird lighting and crescent shaped shadows from the leaves for a bit.

It was pretty cool. We missed the peak because of a man in our flagpole tour talking and talking just to talk. I asked a question of him about his culture and religion that took a long time to explain. He is a nice guy, and his wife too.

 I have been out for 11 months and 2 days! WOW! 

More exciting news, people that I have sent to locals, more of them are being taught! One was even set on date for baptism! Though most of them forget that I will call and follow up with them, so sadly they don't answer the phone. That's okay, if all I can do is add them to my prayers, I will! 

We went on exchanges with our zone leaders yesterday! That is always a good learning exchange for me! Sister Beltran from Mexico! She was with me when Kasey, Sam and LeighAnne came to so square. She was great to have there and to teach with!
That's all!
Sister Glanzer

Sister Tuttle and I got some good bonding time after a long time of brief chats.
My radical eclipse picture. A man had a set of these glasses taped to his fancy camera so he could get some good shots.
Cute little sister missionary sponsored sign.
The trees on Church property just have Christmas light vines.
Sister Ranieri and I always manage to wear these outfits on the same day, more that once.
Yes, I went on a hike dressed exactly like that! I left the med kit in the car, but I was ready. 
President needed to model the glasses for us.
We look like we are ready for school! Lunch boxes and backpacks!
We need a pic with our cool protective glasses!

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